Why is pilates so expensive? [5 Reasons & How to do pilate on budget]

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Two weeks before I wrote this article, I was looking for the least expensive way to get fit and stay active without fitness equipment, at home. And pilates was the first exercises that came to my thoughts. On digging deeper, I realized that those who commit to pilates aren’t paying it cheap. If you want to commit to a private or a group Pilate workout session with an experienced pilates instructor, please plan your budget well.

Just a Reformer Pilates class is more expensive than some fitness classes. On average, just a non-private introductory pilates class costs $25 to $50.

I am going to tell you why pilates lesson are so expensive, if Pilate is worth your hard-earned money and how you can access pilates lessons at your budget, or perhaps freely at home.

Read on!


Pilates is not yoga!

Most people mistake yoga for Pilate, probably because they are often grouped together since they share fews similarities. Both pilates and yoga sports are done bare footed and participants often wear some colorful leggings.

Pilates , however, does not have much to do with stretching. It absolutely does not involve static stretching, as we see in yoga classes. Pilates is more of flexing the muscles , strengthening and lengthening your body through choreography, layered modifications, and programmed reps.

One advantage of participating in pilates classes is it helps to strengthen your back. The pilates workout feels more gentle, low impact, and easy whereas running on treadmill or doing some kind of cardio workout hurt.

Unfortunately for this body-friendly exercise,  the price per class is expensive. Now you know pilate studios are so pricey, but how much do they really costs?


The Average cost of Pilates training

A Reformer Pilates class is more expensive than cardio fitness training lesson. On average, non-private introductory pilates class costs $25 to $50. Some Pilate studios charge from $20-$35 per person for each group class.

It no surprise to find that other Pilates Reformer leasons costs up to $60 for one person per group class. This is excessively a steeper price than it is for some group exercises.

private Pilate workout session costs somewhere from $50-$150. A dual or semi-private lesson range from $40-$90, while club or group classes start from $15 to 100 dollars. Some studios offer drop-in Pilate classes between $25 and $40 per class depending on your location.

For some Club Pilates Membership, you can buy an all-Access pass for $200 per month. In addition to this expenses, Pilate clubs also charge a fee of around $10 if you get a class cancelled, plus, a no-show fee of $15 on average. These extra charges pays for spots that would have been taken up by another client, if you had not scheduled for training.

The price of Pilates classes vary based on many factors including  the length of the class and the equipment in the studio. Now, why is pilates so expensive when compared to other get fit exercises?


Why is pilates so expensive than fitness classes?

Paying a high price for a Pilate lesson, is actually paying the full time trained and experienced Pilates instructor, whose average wage per hour is never less han $15. Plus, the the cost of maintaining the pilates equipment too, also contribute to making Pilate studios classes very expensive. But there are many factors that decide how much you pay for Pilate studios per day or per month.

1) Professional Pilates instructors training is expensive

One reason why Pilates classes are more expensive than fitness classes, is the cost of becoming a professional pilates instructor.

Professional pilates trainers aren’t average fitness instructors, when compared to training and experience. A certified instructor goes through 500 to 1000 hours of training. A highly qualified Pilate instructor take training Pilate course for

  • At least 7 hours each day
  • On average 2-4 weeks
  • At least a 100 hour Pilate practicing experience with trainee.
  • From my research, an average cost of Pilates instructor training program is about $4000.

In practice, these guys are not just trained to repeat body movement as a sequence, but they are also training on how human bodies move.

Experienced Pilate teachers know how to adapt movement for particular body types. Their knowledge in individualized movements allows them to progress a beginner student with varying abilities in Pilate workouts.

The expensive course is intensive and include studying human body movement as well as anatomy. To train people for MAT, reformer or chair, most instructors undergo 300-400 hours practice and observation hours to be prepared for a Pilate certification. On average, these would cost 4000 dollars and more.

You need strong foundation to teach Pilate exercises. You see that professional pilates instructor have put in more Pilates more effort, money and time, unlike the freelance fitness coaches in gyms.

Some pilates certification courses take 6 months to 2 years with consistent practice, many hours per week.
The higher price tag per pilate class is also due to the high cost of having a good Pilate instructor hired.


2) Expensive to run Pilate studio

If you ask me Why are Pilate studio classes so expensive, the reason is clear. Cleaning and maintenance of Pilate equipment is not cheap. With the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, keeping clients safe from the virus is necessary. Cleaning and sterilization after every training session take time and money for pilate studio owners. They just want all their tools to be disinfected and safe for everyone and they do that at an additional cost to their wallet.

Equipment sanitization is not the only running cost, regular repairs, and maintenance are also done.

Studio pay high, to hire experience Pilate instructors. No Pilate studio wanna higher a freelancer Pilate instructor, because they don’t have the experience yet. So most Pilate studios are really expensive because they pay huge sums to recruit professional pilates trainers.

It takes many months,  up to 5 years, for Pilate instructor to be well equiped with the ability to manage customized Pilate workouts. Only experienced Pilate coaches handle clients with utmost care. They are skilled enough to pick Pilate exercises for each beginner individual in a group class, untill results are visible.

Matching each Pilates workout session to individuals body, strength and fitness level while still making it quite challenging, is not a one year’s experience. Novice Pilate trainers don’t have it. You see, employing an experienced fitness Pilate instructor is excessively costly.


3) Small pilate classes are effective than fitness

Why is pilates lessons so expensive? Pilate lessons are usually very expensive because each session of Pilate exercises takes only a few people. Their small size (a few persons per session) is a big cause for the higher Pilates training fees since instructors charge more dollars to be able to compensate for their time. Generally, the fewer the people in the Pilate studio class, the more expensive it gets.

Things don’t get done in a Pilates studio classes as they are done in fitness gyms. For example, Pilate studio training takes only 5-10 people so that the instructor is able to pay attention to everyone’s body movement, body form and health. That is why you find them move round to correct clients posture during Pilate fitness sessions.

You see, Pilate studio classes don’t follow a crowd method of training as freelance fitness coaches do. Most fitness trainers and teacher stand infront and demonstrate the exercise, then ask over 70-100 participants to mimic it.

Pilate instructors move round to correct trainees to avoid physical injuries and help them target the right muscle group and improve stability & coordination. Without their dedicated help, you would spend the money and get no value (put the right muscle to work) in return.

In some Pilate lessons, if you show up alone, they aren’t going to cancel the classes. The entire session would be dedicated to training you alone. There is much more, to benefit from a one to one Pilate training that comes in small classes. This is one reason why pilates lessons are heavily priced.

Why is pilates so expensive? Pilates Reformers are costly to buy
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Why is pilates so expensive? [5 Reasons & How to do pilate on budget]

4) The Cost of Pilate reformer is high

Why is pilates reformer so expensive? It is true that a reformer as one of pilates equipment, but is legitimately expensive to purchase. For example, a low-cost yoga mat sells for about $12 or less, which is dead cheap.

How Much Does a Pilates Reformer Cost anyway? A good Pilates Reformer can cost anywhere from $1400 to $5,000 while you can get bundle Reformers for as much as 7-8k. A low-end Pilates reformer costs at least $1200. If you want to do your Pilate workout at home and on budget, then you probably purchase a less expensive reformer.

A Pilate reformer is quite a chic, stylish and and user-friendly Pilate tool that every new Pilate reformer studio would want to buy. Often, studio owners don’t just go for one, they order more than one brand-new pilates equipment. If their Pilate reformer class normally takes max 10 trainees, having 10 versatile Pilate reformers would offer customers exceptional experience while learning hundreds of unique moves.

Pilates equipment is expensive, very few people can afford to have it at home.


Why is pilates reformer expensive

Typically, the higher quality Pilate reformer is more expensive. A hardcore Pilates practitioner or most Pilate studio owners often pick reformers that are more robust.

But Why are Pilates equipment like reformers so expensive? It’s the quality build and features. A more expensive Pilate reformer fitness machine has more features and many attachments.

Usually, they are heavy duty designed, with sturdy frame and more springs so that your pilate workout feels far more challenging and effective. Some good pilates Reformers even come with Jumpboard, rebounder, a Pilate Reformer Box, and straps for your legs and arms.


5) Pilates Is Extremely Trendy and in demand

Pilate has come very popular and higher on demand. In economics, what many people want gets expensive, right?

Discovered and started around 1920s by Joseph pilates (a German), Pilate was rarely heard of, some Twenty years ago.

Exercise professionals had discovered the overflowing benefits of Pilate and you can see the significant resurgence in interest within the last decade.

Pilate is trending now, and more people are signing up for Pilates classes, and the studio are filling up fast.

With not enough professional Pilate instructors, Pilate training lessons and clubs are pretty expensive.

Pilate exercises might get a bubble!


6) People pay for great results Pilate gives

One thing is, not everyone is tight on budget and some people actually have the money and are ready to pay for great results. Pilate is an awesome exercise that not just offer you wonderful visible results at low impact, more than cardio.

Pilates exercises offers exceptional full body workout, and also improves your core stability, strength, dynamic body movement, mindfulness and overall fitness performance.

Pilate, while making you stay fit and active, gives relaxation and restoration to your body and Soul. Moreover, Pilate makes you feel better and the end and you find fun mediating d exercising with other people around.

The feeling good after doing pilates makes many people cultivate trong love to go go back regardless of the price they may pay. If pilates was not worth it, no one will recommend it or go back to the studio the next day.

See price of Pilates Reformer resistance bands


Is pilates worth the money?

Is club pilates worth the money? One good advantage of going for an expensive Pilate lessons instead of paying for an expensive CrossFit training, is that Pilate has zero impact on your Joints.

How does this translate to better value? High impact exercise is not healthy or friendly for seniors, obese or overweight people, guys with injuries. Some Pilates exercises uses straps and springs, so the impact that could be absorbed by your body is transfered to the springs.

More importantly, Pilate helps to target and build your core muscles. So you enjoy much flexibility and improved strength, without lifting a single dumbbell or any pound of fitness equipment.

Whatever is your overall strengths and weaknesses, pilates helps engages many muscles, gives you better form and posture, and also contributes to calories burn and weight loss.

CrossFit is expensive and Pilate is expensive. But Pilate is an exceptionally low-impact exercise that does not cause my pain on your joints. Running and walking are CrossFit workouts or high-impact exercises that is potentially dangerous if right the muscles are not activated.

In a Pilate club where your training is fully customized, you will achieve good health in absolute safety. Remember that your own Pilate workouts might not be the same with your friend’s and only a professional pilates trainer can figure out what Pilate exercises are really good for you. Having dedicated personal trainer or pilates, is worth every dollar-value for your money.

To me, as compared to CrossFit, Pilate is relatively cheaper because the risk of injury and pains from doing pilates is pretty low than what you get from crossfit. Just imagine, the risk of hospitalisation is higher when you do unguided outdoor runs and walks on pavement and in treadmills.


Is Reformer Pilates worth your money?

Absolutely yes, reformer pilates workout is expensive but offers more value for your dollar.

Reformer Pilates can help improve and maintain overall physical fitness. While Pilate makes you enjoy greater strength, it gets you lean toned muscles from concentric and essentric contractions.

pilates also offers more flexibility and balance, plus improve your posture, movement and mindfulness (mental health). Treadmill walks or runs do not I’ve full body workout but reformer pilates globally strengths your whole body.

Again, Reformer Pilates machine is low impact and allows users do repetitive movement and would aid quick recovery from injury.

Some fitness benefits of Pilate reformer is he Improved mental health. Mindfulness in movements relieves stress, and makes you gain more relaxation. I lowers stress hormones like cortisol and increases endorphins which boost your mood.

Reformer pilates is tremendously helpful for runners. While it helps hips alignment and staibilises weak muscles, reformer pilates workout improve your breathing. You know, runners need good breathing techniques to increase Oxygen in their blood when running.

The breathing patterns trained in those expensive reformer classes improves the way your diaphragm moves. If you want to be a more more stable runner, participate in reformer pilates classes even if hey are not readily affordable to you. You will grateful you did.

To golfers, reformer pilates is worth more than your money. During gold games, your body requires good stability, posture, flexible roation of he body, core strength and good body alignment, to swing properly.

Know that reformer pilates works your thoracic spine. The largest mobility or body rotation of your body occurs when this spine is well worked and improved. One important observation I have made watching gold is that the game requires you o move your pelvis without moving your legs. Combined with core stability, you will gain every power behind gold club swing.

Dynamic flexibility around a golfer’s spine, hips and shoulders can be obtained in reformer pilates training classes, although they cost money.

You love succer or football? kicking, shooting or passing under pressure can be improved if you use reformer to develop core stability, strength and balance. Although no cheaper, pilates reformer training helps to incorporates movements through all planes. That is what will increase performance of a good footballer.


Why is club pilates so expensive?

Location matters.

Club pilates in expensive cities like New York are not really cheap as in some states. People in High income cities pay more. We have seen the various reasons why club pilates is very expensive. Now, the price for club studio membership is low in some locations in united States and high in others.

But How much does a Club Pilates membership cost? Around $50-$150. Some cities with high rates for club membership include New York, California.

Some Pilate club instructors are also in higher demand and their classes are expensive. Again if you cancel your Club Pilates class you get charged small mount too.


Are there cheaper alternatives?

Would investing in treadmills, ellipticals and other home gym machines be a better option in the long run?


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Why is pilates so expensive? [5 Reasons & How to do pilate on budget]

1. Attend large Pilate classes

Find larger Pilates classes as the overall cost per person will be slightly lower. If 10 person studio classes averages $40 per class, the a mass Pilate training involving 15-30 people will lower the average cost for membership to around $20 to $30. Freelance Pilate instructor classes are very budget friendly, and sometimes they run discounts to their customers.

4. Try online YouTube, or zoom Pilate classes.

One option is you do an online Pilate course. If you can’t afford real Pilate studio classes in your city, look up some instruction videos online and practice some Pilate moves at home. There are Pilate classes that you can do online through Zoom. Thst is cheap right?
Online Pilate courses look cheap in price and time but you’re not likely to get the personal attention as you get from instructirs in Pilate studi.

You definitely want to get the most out of pilates right? Buy a reformer or attend nearby pilate studio classes and pay what they ask.

Pilates demands that the instructor work one-on-one with you quite frequently to correct your form and make sure that you’re getting the most out of the exercise.

3. Practice yoga at home.

You hate paying high costs for club pilates?, you can do Pilates exercises without equipment at home or office. The best alternative close to Pilates is yoga exercises. Grab your yoga mat and get started.

Larger pilates classes have lower prices but it also mean less one-on-one, personal instruction.


How to get started with expensive Pilate classes?

As a beginner, it might be tough making the a long term investment. But you can make the initial investment for just a few classes so that you get your form checked and sorted out. Paying for first few Pilate studio classes is expensive but the goal is to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly. I suggest you buy 3- 5 Pilate classes with experience Pilate teacher, then you go ahead and  do the rest of your pilates exercises at home.


Is Pilates without a reformer still effective?

Pilates on a mat instead of a Reformer is not exciting or challenging according to cloents. However, it makes you quickly get improved strength, posture, agility, flexibility, toned muscles) within just a few mat sessions.

Is Reformer Pilates better than regular?

The hard truth is, Reformer Pilates is superior to regular mat based Pilates. You know, one reason why reformer pilates popular, better and expensive is that the repertoire of exercises available in reformer studio classes is greatly increased and everybody has a variety. So if you want Pilate exercises that seriously work your muscles through a large range of motion, and increases your stability through the joints, you I’ll get it from Pilate reformer.

Does Club Pilates Have an Enrollment Fee?

In some states or locations, certain Club Pilates demand a small enrollment fee may be as a club Pilate membership contract. The fees varies too, but the average enrollment fee around $60 before the cost of the Pilate class package of your want to choose.

Wrap up

Studio owners charge high prices for Pilate lesson and the money people pay for each Pilate training session is well justified, considering the cost of instructors certifications, the small reformer class sizes and not-very affordable reformer machines. so they have to charge more than other fitness classes to break even in their Pilate investment.

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