Got No Treadmill Safety key? – Check 2 incredible Hacks on how to Turn On treadmill without key

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Running on a treadmill without a safety key is extremely dangerous as you can suddenly fall while your tread belt keeps moving. Such accidents have thrown people off and killed other users. If you have lost your treadmill safety key, no worries. We will show you incredible workaround on how to get a treadmill to work without the key. Actually,  there are rather 2 little-known ways how to use treadmill without safety key.

When we share the little hack, it will always help you return to your treadmill walking or running exercises sooner, after you lost your safety key. Even if you have not misplaced your treadmill safety key, it might probably get broken or damaged some day.

Even if you have no electrical skills, this article will guide you how to bypass the treadmill safety switch. It will also guide you on how to make a new treadmill safety key by yourself at home.

Keep reading!

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Why do treadmills have safety keys?

Why do treadmills need keys? Treadmill keys are designed for safety purposes. The treadmill key serves as a circuit breaker – it opens or closes a connection that delivers electric power to the treadmill motor.

Without the treadmill key inside the slot, the fitness equipment is shut down and can’t operate. If you are a beginner, you can’t use some treadmills without the key.

Magnetic safety key : A magnetic treadmill safety key uses a powerful magnet to attract or repel a metal strip(magnetic material) that allows electric current into the motor. If it gets bad, you can simply insert a new powerful magnet.

Insertion safety key: This is a plastic made treadmill key with bumps on the surface. It works by triggering a switch inside the treadmill. The bumps on the key surface are usually not easy to replicate, so in case it breaks, you only have to replace or buy a new insertion safety key.

Bar treadmill keys:  This is a metal bar with two electrodes that complete the circuit and deliver energy to the treadmill motor. To avoid electric shocks, it is advisable to replace bar keys(treadmill safety key with pins) instead of fixing them.

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Lost Your Treadmill Safety key So how do I start my treadmill without a treadmill safety key? If you have to power on your treadmill after you lost the treadmill safety key, here are 2 incredible Hacks how to Turn On treadmill without key




Here’s how the treadmill safety key works

Usually, the key is attached to one end of a cord, and clipped to the user’s clothing. If the treadmill runners slips and fall, the treadmill’s safety comes out of the slot and the treadmill stops moving.

When the key is removed from the slot, it cuts current from passing into the electric motor. This helps to stop the treadmill belt from moving any further, thus preventing a user from suffering fatal injuries if she gets an accidental fall.

This is technically the best way to prevent children and elders from danger when operating the machine.

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What happens if you lose the treadmill key?

If you misplaced your treadmill key, your treadmill may not operate. Without your treadmill key, the fitness equipment is dead and won’t start or run.

This is a safety procedure that most treadmill manufacturers use. Remember, a treadmill can turn out to be a killer machine if wrongly used. It has killed many users in united states, and let other runners with deadly injuries.

Few years ago, my friend had a Weslo Candence treadmill, and he too lost his safety key.  He could use the walking machine for about 2 weeks. And without the key,  without a magnet and no replacement, he was able to start the treadmill with no problem.

YEAH! How did he turn on his treadmill without the safety key? This is the one question many treadmill users who lost safety keys often ask: can you use a treadmill without the safety key?

It is possible. You would learn ways how to start NordicTrack treadmill without a key.

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Lost Your Treadmill Safety key? - 2 incredible Hacks how to Turn On treadmill without keyGot No Treadmill Safety key? - Check 2 incredible Hacks on how to Turn On treadmill without key






can you use a treadmill without the safety key?

Yes. There is a life hack method that you can try to turn on the treadmill, and that is by bypassing the treadmill key.

If you lost the safety key to an expensive fitness machine like the NordicTrack Treadmill, you may fear hacking may void the warranty.  It is a simple process how to turn on a NordicTrack treadmill but it can still work without key.

If there is a magnetic object around the slot in the console, you can quickly make your running machine workout even without the safety key. There, you can use a small magnet instead of the treadmill safety key.

If there is no magnetic material around the key slot, you’re gonna need some guidance on how to repair or replace your treadmill’s safety key.

A treadmill can work without the key.

You must bypass the wiring of your treadmill switch.

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how to use treadmill without safety key?

It is awesome how some things as tiny as a key can render your treadmill inactive and inoperable. As small as the brakes of a heavy duty truck, they can protect you from life-threatening accidents.

About how to make a treadmill run without a key, there are many work around and you’ll be back walking and running on the treadmill very soon.

All electric treadmills are designed to run with a safety key inside the slot in the console. If you have a treadmill parked at home but no safety key then, how can you start it without the key?

We need to trick the treadmill to thinking you got a safety key in the slot hole. A bypass is the best way to activate the internal electrical circuit and let current flow into the treadmill motor.

Beware, your treadmill comes with a warranty protection. Installing a jumper bypass at the safety switch may make the warranty void. Moreover, your owner’s manual may not recommend operating the treadmills without the safety features.

Here is how to get a treadmill to work without the key.

  1. Turn on treadmill with a magnet
  2. Make a treadmill key bypass
  3. Immediately replace the treadmill key


Tools you need to bypass the safety switch

Call for an electrician if you don’t know how to bypass the treadmill safety key. AN electrician knows how the safety key works.

But if you can do it, you need some tools to complete the task. Here are a few things you need to buy from a local electrical dealer:

  • Screw driver
  • Insulated wire
  • Wire stripper
  • Insulating tape
  • Crimp connectors
  • Allen Wrench



 How to turn on treadmill without key

Here are a few steps how to turn on a treadmill without safety key.

Step 1: Open console cover

Disconnect the treadmill power cord from the wall outlet or socket. With a spanner or an Allen Wrench, remove the bolts holding the console cover.

Step 2: Locate treadmill switch

Locate your treadmill safety switch. Look around the slot area. Some treadmill machines come with their safety key attached to the console cover.

Step 3: Identify treadmill switch wires

Identify a pair of wire leads coming out from the treadmill safety switch. Probably, some tiny screws are holding the cable to the terminal posts. Use a little screwdriver and unscrew them off. In some case, users just strip the lead wires, close to the switch case (housing).

Step 4: Strip the leads

Remove about ¼  inch of the insulator from the current-carrying wires. Be careful as you strip the cables to expose the bare wires. When done, twist the bare wires tightly with your fingers.

Step 5: bypass the treadmill safety switch

Cut out one piece of insulating wire and use it for bypass. To make a jumper bypass, strip the 1/4 inch insulators off the ends, twist and connect the wire to or between the ends of the switch leads.

Step 6: Insulate the switch leads

Put each end of the treadmill switch lead into insulated connector. When done, crimp the connectors with strippers and secure the wires. Insert the humper bypass ends into the exposed ends of the crimp.

Step 7: Replace the treadmill console cover

For more protection, wrap an insulating tape over the jumper bypass wire, crimp connectors and switch leads. Install back the cover of the treadmill control panel and tighten the bolts.

Step 8: Press treadmill start button

Plug in the treadmill to power source and press the start button on the console of the machine.

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Video How to Make a Treadmill work if you Lost the Key – YouTube

Watch how to turn on a treadmill using actual magnet pieces. So guys, if you lose your magnetic key for your treadmill, it is simple to use the treadmill without key.

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Make a Treadmill Safety Key replacement

Can you get a replacement key for a treadmill?

If you’ve lost your treadmill safety key or it doesn’t work anymore, there are no worries. A simple alternative is to make a treadmill key replacement.

Treadmill safety keys are really very cheap. With less than $10, you can quickly get a replacement and go back to treadmill exercises soon.

Having more than one treadmill safety key at home is going to be more helpful, especially if you have children or pets around the house.

Never undermine the importance for safety key. It is better to have more than one key than making a purchase for a replacement key.

It can take time to be shipped to your door or may even void an equipment warranty. Where can I get a replacement treadmill safety key then?



Make a different treadmill safety key

Bypassing the treadmill switch by connecting electrical leads permanently can turn on your treadmill to function properly, but it is an unsafe solution.

If you got the treadmill key lost or damaged, buying a new treadmill safety key is another choice. If you can’t afford to order the key, why not just build a new safety key for your running treadmill?

Tools you need to make a different treadmill safety key

  • Fine flat file
  • A Poster board
  • An Electric drill
  • A Utility knife
  • A 3/16-inch braided cord
  • One Plastic spring clip
  • A Plastic file box
  • One Hacksaw
  • A 1/4-inch drill bit

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How to Make a Treadmill Safety Key

Step 1:

  • Plug in your treadmill into electric power source
  • With a utility knife, cut out a piece of poster board to the same size as the safety key slot, but 3-5 inches long.
  • Insert the poster board price into the safety key slot.
  • Press start button. Does the console display illuminate? If it does not, try step 2 because the treadmill safety key is not working. if the console turns on, that’s good, skip to step 3.

Step 2:

  • If step one failed, cut another piece of poster board paper. Make it the same size as the first.
  • Double the two pieces evenly and insert them into they treadmill key slot
  • Press start button and check if the display panel comes on.
  • If it illuminates, remove the poster pieces and check if the display goes off.

Step 3:

  • Pick another poster board piece.
  • Mark and cut a similar size piece from a plastic file box using a hacksaw.
  • Use a flat file to smoothen the edges of the plastic safety key.

Step 4:

  • Use the electric drill to make a hole at one end of the plastic safety key you just made.
  • Attach the right diameter braised cord via the hole and tie a small knot.
  • Cut the cord to the length of about 30-40 inches.
  • fix the loose end of the cord to a spring clip. Attach the spring clip on your clothing when working out on the treadmill.
  • Check if the key pulls out of the key slot. Pretend that you miss-stepped outside the treadmill running surface and see if the cord pulls the plastic key from the slot.

Congratulation, you just made a new treadmill key by yourself.

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Can you use any magnet to start a treadmill?

Can you use any magnet to turn on your treadmill? YES any magnet will work as a treadmill key in a treadwheel machine that uses a magnetic key to control power to the electric motor.

If your treadmill model uses a magnetic key to controls, the power of the control panel and you have misplaced it, any other magnet can turn it on.

Essentially, any type of magnet that fits into the slot or keyway can run the treadmill motor. If you got none, look around and purchase a good one from a local hardware store.

Remember, these can affect the validity of your treadmill warranty.

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Do all treadmills have safety keys?

No. Manual treadmills don’t use an electric motor. You only have to power them by your movement. They don’t have safety keys. When you stop moving, the manual treadmill belt stops too.

When you slow down, the tread belt slows down. Motorized treadmills drive the treadmill belt via electric motor.  They have safety keys to provide power control, automatically turning on and off of the treadmill.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that users should keep to the manufacturer’s general instructions when using a cross trainer machine. Having a safety key for your fitness device can prevent you from injuries while exercising. But unfortunately, not all treadmills are built to have keys.

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Does any safety key work on a treadmill?

No!. Some treadmill safety keys are magnetic, other are just bar keys with conducting pins. You can’t use a bar key on a treadmill with magnetic safety key.

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