Pregnancy Treadmill Workout For Expecting Moms [8 Benefits, 7 Safety Tips, FAQs ]

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Pregnancy treadmill workout for women? Am surprised because pregnancies are delicate and working out on a treadmill during gestation period, sounds like a baby killing activity to me.  I agree that Walking is a common prenatal exercise but using a treadmill just seems like a complete torture to the fetus. Somehow, I am wrong, because doctors recommend that moderate walking workouts are generally safe during pregnancy.

That is why most pregnant moms go outside to walk, and do some chores around the house.  Circumstance like extreme weather in winter and summer can prevent an enceinte woman from exercising to maintain their prenatal fitness routines. In that case, having a treadmill at home is often the best solution.

In this article, we are going to talk about benefits and tips of treadmill butt-kicking workout for pregnant women. These will include workouts that would keep mom and baby safe as well as Treadmill Work out that might cause risk of miscarriage for the mother. We will also discuss at what speed an expectant mother should walk or run on treadmill, when a childbearing woman with pregnancy should stop walking or running on a treadmill, and how long a woman carrying an unborn child should exercise. We won’t forget to include what prenatal cardio workout intensity is safe for her and the baby.

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Can I Use a Treadmill when Pregnant

Can pregnant woman walk or run on a treadmill? Yes, doing moderate prenatal exercises on a treadmill is safer for women, especially to improve fitness, and overall the woman and baby’s health. A prenatal physical activity like a treadmill walk, is a therapy that can reduce several pregnancy complications in women. Obstetrical professionals and midwives recommend safe treadmill workouts for pregnant moms at home.

In a journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, a clinical trial research found out that there is a little correlation between exercise and birth weight, pregnancy outcomes, and gestational age. The report also indicated that an earlier exercise intervention pregnancy discomfort.

Midwives during antenatal visits, often recommend expecting mothers to stay active, so as to facilitate labor (contraction or movement of muscles of the woman’s womb) and delivery. But not all exercises are ok. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommend pregnant women should avoid contact sports and activities that pose a risk of falling or injuring the abdomen.

That puts a treadmill on a rejection mode, because the moving belt on a treadmill can make ladies with poor walking or running form to lose balance and fall. That is where the intensity of the treadmill workout when pregnant, really matters. We will see that shortly.

By being with my wife during her first pregnancy, I have noted that active women during childbirth don’t always have a cesarean cut because their baby is born the normal way. But there are still a lot of concerns for most parents at babymoon.


 can I use a treadmill during pregnancy first trimester?

Should you do treadmill workout while pregnant the first trimester? Yes, A woman who has been working out before getting pregnant, can continue to use your treadmill during the early pregnancy months.

can i walk on treadmill during early pregnancy? No, for a pregnant woman with a lot of medical restriction, poor health. A midwife does recommend a light use a treadmill during pregnancy first trimester if you have been inactive for months and years.  because the risk of miscarriage is higher within the first 3 months.

A first trimester is a pregnancy period equal to the first three months. Vigorous use of a treadmill during the first trimester is most dangerous and not recommended for most parents for many reasons.

  • The child is still in embryo stage,
  • the mom-to-be suffers morning sickness,
  • she gets fatigued easily from short stands or walks,
  • she pees too much and does not have enough sleep,
  • pregnant ladies have increased dizziness, headache,

All of these can contribute to many treadmill accidents, and if she lacks of focus and strength, she might just get seriously injured when working out on a treadmill. That is an unacceptably higher risk of miscarriage. Too much treadmill workout when pregnant the first 90 days might make the woman to lose a baby entirely.


can a woman walk or run on a treadmill during pregnancy second trimester?

Should a pregnant woman exercise on her home treadmill during her pregnancy second trimester? YES, a mom carrying unborn child can walk or run on treadmill within 4 to 6 months of her pregnancy. It is trickier and not risk-free for a pregnant woman to get past the nausea stage of her pregnancy. When she is out of the phase, she can engage in a regular treadmill workout routine to keep fit and stay active. NordicTrack offers Fit Mommies for this same purpose.

The intensity of the pregnancy treadmill workout during the second trimester, does not have to be extreme. Although CDC recommends 30-minute workout per day for at least 5 days a week for everyone to gain basic health, a simple 30-minute prenatal treadmill workout for a 3 days a week can make a significant difference more than if she sits inactive for 6 months with pregnancy.


Is it ok to exercise on a treadmill during third trimester?

We have seen there are many possible health benefits a pregnant mom can reap, including cardiovascular, speed and weight management. Why should a pregnant woman perform exercises during third trimester?

The last three months of pregnancy is always tough to the woman and she must have to get tough too. The last trimester of pregnancy is when the baby is already big, grown and playful. The energy demands is huge and the mom need to stay strong in order to provide the needed nutrients, support the pressure as the delivery is approaching. Treadmill walking workouts help her to remain strong and prepared for the childbirth.

Also, the mother’s joints get loose to prepare for labor and the birth of the child. At this time, body balancing becomes challenging.  To keep up with this challenging pregnancy period, only a regular exercises can keep her bones, legs stable and without risk of injury.



Benefits of a Pregnancy Treadmill Workout

What is the safest Prenatal Treadmill Workouts? Check how to do this 30-minute pregnancy treadmill workout at home

A moderate-intensity physical activity like treadmill working can reduce pregnancy-related illnesses like depression by over 25%, the risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and high blood pressure by 40%. (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

One of the topics  most discussed at the Maternity is that expectant mothers should exercise. But don’t judge the prenatal exercises by the name please, because some of the pregnancy exercises can actually kick your booty whether you are pregnant or not.

What benefits of a treadmill workout during pregnancy do Midwives want women, especially in their trimesters to reap? Here are some health benefits of walking on treadmill while pregnant.


1) Health benefit of physical activity while pregnant

  • Maintain healthy body weight of the mother and baby
  • Reduce fatigue , stress and assists in carrying around the baby with ease
  • Get her beautify body physical ready for labor induction and childbirth
  • Reduces the risk of pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes
  • Swelling around the legs, ankles and feet often occurs with pregnancy.  Preventing and reduction of swelling is one little-known importance walking on a treadmill.
  • Reduces risk of woman developing heart or lung disease, high blood pressure during pregnancy
  • A problem with placenta or just weak cervix, may cause bleeding. Walking or running reduces risk of early labor.
  • Reduce using C-section. Every mother-to-me desire to give a natural childbirth. Ultrasound checks might reveal complications with the baby in the womb. Exercises can prevent a woman having cesarean section which is most done when the cervix is too tiny or weak to expand.
  • Induce quick labor.  Health experts recommend women to take moderate walking exercises on treadmill, to put a little pressure on their cervix, and to get the unborn baby in a better position.

maternal health benefits such as decreased risk of pregnancy complications including:

  • preeclampsia
  • excessive amniotic fluid
  • gestational diabetes mellitus
  • Caesarean section (C-Section)
  • gestational hypertension
  • frequent and inconsistent urination


2) Lower risk of childbirth complications

Treadmill exercises throughout pregnancy lowers risk of childbirth complications (source). A smaller, inflexible cervix, heavy baby, stiff womb muscles may complicate delivery. Exercising while pregnant gives your baby a healthy weight, works womb muscles, and strengthens weak cervix. This also lowers the

  • risk of prolong labor,
  • possibility of the baby dying from slow delivery.
  • Surgical or instrumental delivery (C-section)


3) Prenatal treadmill workout promotes bone density

Pregnancy is often associated with general body weakness mostly due to loss of bone strength. My wife used to complain she had weak legs, and I understood that calcium from her bones, was used to make up the baby’s bone structure. The advantage then is that Fitness exercises helps to increase bone density and strength. You might think a treadmill workout is hard for pregnant women and that it is truly butt-kicking, but without any doubt, it makes the women’s bones stronger.


4) Mother and child weight control

CDC says no matter the athletics during your pregnancy, expect a healthy weight gain from 11 to 62 pounds, which depends on your non-pregnancy body weight. This include weight gains if you are pregnant with twins. Yet, it helps to limit excessive weight gain.

Prenatal treadmill workout burns extra calories (NCBI) and keep mother and baby in good shape. You know, one problem a lot of moms face is excessive gestational weight gain during or after birth. I saw one of my school friends and she had a really big ass, large tummy, wide waistline and chunky arms.

I got so much surprised, as she told me she was a nursing mother, having a 4 month old baby girl. To control weight gains during pregnancy and after childbirth, pregnant women take regular fitness exercises. Walking or running on a home treadmill is rather the best alternative in bad weather and when you want to avoid high impact exercises from outdoor walks.


5) Improved cardiovascular system

Exercises help heart and lungs to perform better in delivering blood to the fetus. Increased blood  flow due to exercises also ease constipation. Moreover, the best way to get target heart rate and burn calories is to power walk regularly, covering several miles as you can.

An aerobic workout that can push a woman to reach her target heart rate and burn more calories, is a full-blast cardio using a treadmill. A pregnancy woman who does a 30-minute cardio circuit workout on her treadmill gets better blood circulation, burn more calories and keeps a healthier body weight and shape while pregnant.


6) Help a mom-to-be get better sleep

One of the pregnancy complication we all know is poor sleep quality during the first trimester. Most women have hard times sleeping during pregnancy. I have heard a woman complain of sleeplessness, so what can help her fall asleep while pregnant? A regular fitness physical activity can minimize insomnia. Just a 30-minute treadmill workout per day while pregnant can improve the quality of sleep.

You might want to talk to a maternity health care provider of your pregnancy treadmill exercises aren’t helping you get better sleep.  One question you might not want to ignore is; what makes it hard to sleep during pregnancy? Normal symptoms that might cause sleep disorder during pregnancy include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tender breast and back pain
  • Fetal movements
  • Leg cramps
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Frequent or Irregular urine
  • Low dose/prescription of medication

If you have problem sleeping during pregnancy, do regular treadmill exercises for pregnant women.


7) Reduces swelling

You and I both know that high impact exercises cause soreness but pregnancy does more. it adds swelling around ankles, feet and legs, due to the extra weight of the fetus. While drinking lots of water , getting a massage, going for a swim can help to limit the increased swelling around the legs and feet, taking 5- or 10-minutes to walk on a treadmill a couple of times per day significantly improves circulation and helps to reduce swelling during pregnancy. Stretches during pregnancy also relieve swelling and return your legs to pre-pregnancy size.


8) reduces gestational diabetes

Aerobic exercises are the most beneficial to blood sugar level. One of such type of exercises that recruit large muscles groups, burns more calories and controls blood sugars include walking on a treadmill, swimming and cycling. Walking on a treadmill at easy to moderate intensity has proven to offer optimal comfort and safety as pregnancy progresses

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A 30-minute pregnancy treadmill workout

benefits of prenatal treadmill workouts for expectant moms

A 30-minute treadmill walking is different from strolling to a shopping mall. This workout targets to touch the woman’s overall health. The rule of thumb for a a lady carrying a pregnancy is to start small with a warm up, progress slowly to serious workout and then to cool-down and recover. The level of intensity should remains slow to moderate pace and the exercise should fit her level. Again, she must have to listen to her body or feeling  at every stage.

1. Treadmill Warm up: 2:2:3

She should make a leisurely stroll on the treadmill at easy to moderate pace. Like walking on a flat street,

  •  that will mean setting the treadmill speed level to between 1.5mph and 2.5mph (2.5km/h to 4.5km/h) top.
  •  Adjust the machine to a lower elevation level which is equivalent to a treadmill incline within 0-3%. A minimal gradient or incline of 1% is best for beginners and people with sedentary lifestyle.
  • She should maintain her treadmill warm up session time to maximum of 3 minutes.

A warm up walking pace of 2 miles per hour, at 2 percent gradient and for a time of 3 minutes is a perfect balance.


2. Pregnancy Treadmill walking Workout

Working out at a single incline or speed continuously for 15-30 minutes is crazy. We can make it less boring by modifying the workout to suit your fitness level.  Out warm up pace was 2 mph and warm up inclination was 2%.

Stage 1 of 30-minutes pregnancy Treadmill workout

When you are done with warm up, don’t turn the treadmill off, just continue with this stage.

  • increase the treadmill walking speed to 3mph
  • raise the elevation depending on your fitness level, to an incline 3-4%.
  • Do the prenatal treadmill workout for a period of max 5 minutes,

Stage 2 of 30-minutes pregnancy Treadmill workout

From the last workout stage, make a little change in settings, without pausing the machine if you are comfortable with the previous stage.

  • Increase the previous treadmill speed to 4mph (7.2km/h)
  • Change the treadmill incline by 1mph again
  • Walk or run on the treadmill for another 5 minutes

Stage 3 of 30-minutes pregnancy Treadmill workout

From the previous workout stage, you need to cut down the treadmill speed and increase the incline level.

  • Reduce your treadmill speed back to warm up pace 1.5- 2.5mph (2mph is ok)
  • Increase the treadmill incline setting by 2%
  • Shorten the cool-down exercise time and keep walking for 3 minutes

Stage 4 of 30-minutes pregnancy Treadmill workout

In this session, you maintain the treadmill belt speed and reduce the incline level.

  • Maintain the treadmill running speed to 1.5- 2.5mph ( pick 2mph)
  • Drop the elevation of treadmill incline by 2%
  • Exercise for 2 minutes only

Stage 5 of 30-minute Prenatal treadmill exercise

Here, you vary up the incline setting, without changing the speed.

  • Continue walking at 1.5- 2.5mph (average is 2mph)
  • Skip the treadmill inclination by 3 percent
  • Exercise for another 3 minutes

Stage 6 of 30-minute treadmill workout while pregnant

This is the last session of the 30 minute pregnancy treadmill workout, which is where you have to slightly bring down the incline level .

  • Keep exercising on the treadmill at strolling speed 1.5- 2.5mph (try 2mph)
  • Now, decrease the elevation by 2%
  • Keep working out for the next 2 minutes


3 prenatal treadmill exercise Cool-Down

Just like warm up, you have to cool down to recover your muscles. Decrease both speed and incline

  • Send the speed down to 1-1.5mph
  • Adjust the treadmill incline to flat (zero percent)
  • Workout for the next 5 minutes


Summary – 30-Minute Treadmill Workout For Pregnancy

  • Warm up: 2-3mph and 0-3% incline for 5 minutes.
  • Workout : 3-4.5mph and 4-15% incline for 20 minutes.
  • Cool down: 2mph and 0-3% incline for 5 minutes.



Video: 30 Minutes 3rd Trimester Prenatal Treadmill Walking Workout

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Treadmill workout tips for pregnant women

Fitness instructors do provide expecting mothers with a healthy and safe treadmill workout tips. They may apply even to non-pregnant runners as well. Here is how to workout while pregnant on a treadmill then.

1. Go at your fitness level

You need to set the treadmill speed and incline suitable for your fitness level. The best recommendation is that a soon to be mother should go at a slightly lower or maintain a beginner’s treadmill fitness level. The rule here is that you don’t exceed your pre-pregnancy fitness level.


2. Choose a suitable Workout Intensity

Moderation is often associated with workouts or exercises in delicate situations like being pregnant. Whether you have been active before your pregnancy or not maintain a moderate pace when walking on a treadmill while pregnant. I recommend the soon-to-be-mother should go at a slightly lower intensity, speed and incline level. Which intensity is right for you then? Use your fitness level before you got pregnant, to determine your prenatal workout intensity but let it be lower. If you often walk at 3.5 mph, go at 3mph walking pace.


3. Exercise duration and frequency

If you are just a beginner to treadmill workouts, or you are on your first pregnancy, take a treadmill walk for max 30 minutes per day, three times a week. This is less than CDC recommendation of basic health, but you and your unborn child both need at least one day of rest between workouts. If you have been working out regularly as an active woman before you got pregnant, maintain your workout frequency during the pregnancy trimesters.


4. Warm up before every treadmill exercise

To avoid sprains, and pains, take a 5 minute warm up before your pregnancy treadmill workout and another 5 minutes after the training, so as to cold down. All lower body muscles including muscles on the womb, are recruited when working out on a treadmill. Cold down after the exercise session promotes quick muscle recovery. Stretches are best exercises to get muscles, ligaments, and joints loosened. Beware not to overstretch.


5. Practice a safer treadmill workout technique

As woman’s pregnancy progresses from one trimester to another, the center of gravity changes as her belly grows bigger. It becomes easy for the center of gravity to move out of her base due to front-loading baby weight and cause a lot of imbalances. That is why women with bigger belly during pregnancy can quickly lose balance and risk getting thrown off the track. To maintain herself at equilibrium, she should use a treadmill deigned with handrails. As she holds unto the treadmill handlebars, she would get a comfortable, stable, balanced and normal walking exercise.

Rule: Maintain Your stability or balance at all times


6. Stepping off and on the treadmill deck

Any woman carrying a baby in her womb gets to be extra careful getting on and off a treadmill belt. Pregnancy shifts the center of gravity of the body and it is easier to lose footing on a moving belt when working out. Again, watch out not to step on a non-moving part when the treadmill belt is running.


7. Avoid too much workout!

Things are different if the pregnant woman has led a sedentary lifestyle before she was impregnated. Too much cardio or very high intensity of treadmill workout might lead to increased rate of miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, preterm birth, membrane rupture before labor. Little is known if too much exercises is associated with neonatal hypoglycemia, birth defects, or low birth weight.

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When To Avoid A Treadmill Workout for Mom’s to be

One precaution using a treadmill while pregnant is when to avoid it. Every pregnant woman should always pay attention to her she feels physically. Experts suggests that you have to slow down and trim off sometimes off the prenatal treadmill workout

  • if you start to experience some shortness of breath.
  • when you feel dizzy, fatigued,
  • if fluid leakage from your vagina (amniotic sac breaks occurs)
  • have heart palpitations,
  • feel pains around the pelvis, back or hips
  • Uterine contractions – sudden abdominal pains might signify preterm labor
  • When you see vaginal bleeding
  • You feel headache, chest pains
  • When you feel exhausted and have difficulty standing
  • If there is swelling around the legs
  • If you have been given medical restrictions

When you experience any of these signs, you should also stop, turn off the machine and get a rest, consult your doctor. Now you have seen when not to use a treadmill during pregnancy from first to third trimester.

Doctors recommend pregnant moms should include variety of aerobic and resistance training activities so as to reap even greater benefits. So when you don’t have to workout on a treadmill, add yoga and/or gentle stretching. They will be more beneficial than you can imagine.



how long can a pregnant woman walk on a treadmill?

CDC recommends 150min/week to do physical activity and stay active. This 15o minutes each week might sound like a lot of time for a woman carrying pregnancy, but she must not do the prenatal workout all at once. Fitness experts recommend you break the 150 min weekly into smaller chuck of time per day. In that case 30-minute treadmill workout per day for 5 days is just great for your pregnancy.

Dr. Milena Forte and Dr. Karen Fleming of University of Toronto(Department of Family & Community Medicine) also recommend that pregnant women should do moderate-intensity prenatal physical activity each week for at least 150 minutes. According to Forte a minimum time of three days per week is helpful but encourages expectant women to try variety of ways everyday, to be active.

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Wrap up and FAQ on Pregnancy treadmill workouts

Working out on a home treadmill when pregnant can be a good option if weather is an issue and you cannot get outside.  Whether pregnant or not, try the prenatal treadmill workouts listed above and make them part of your weekly get fit routine and get an intense, increased heart rate plus calorie burns. My wife tried them and that got me laughing all day as she could hide her experience. She said “ Incredible! what you called prenatal workout is a butt-kicking blast which can challenge any woman pregnant or not”

Don’t forget to consult your doctor before engaging in any form of exercise routine. Pregnancy is pretty delicate.


Should I walk or run on treadmill with pregnancy?

Walking is the most preferable pregnancy treadmill workout because it is low impact exercise as compared to running. Everyone can walk, but not everyone can run with pregnancy. A midwife recommends expectant women to focus on walking and running especially in the third trimester.


What speed should I walk on treadmill pregnant?

Pregnancy treadmill workout workout routine starts nice and easy and there is no one-size-fit-all stroll speed. If you are doing it right, you begin with a 3 minute warm up walking slowly at 1 – 2 mph, then you turn the intensity slightly up by varying speeds or incline. A higher treadmill speed or incline will really work your booty. Walking at 3mph to 4.5 mph is truly challenging to a pregnant woman and if she has not been there before, she might come pee’ing on her pants. I think a slower treadmill walking pace of say 2 – 3 miles per hour and a decent incline under 3% is better than strolling to a grocery store. The lower intensity will still work your muscles, belly, cervix and get you in active shape as needed.


what workouts are not safe during pregnancy?

What type of exercise should be avoided in pregnancy? American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that pregnant women should avoid any physical activity that has a high risk of falling or causing abdominal trauma. Those activities include bike riding, skiing, horse riding and more. Treadmill walks and runs does not fall into this category if you exercise on the machine safely.


Can Walking on a Treadmill Induce Labor?

Yes, walking can induce labor for a natural childbirth. Walking is one of the exercises recommended to pregnant women in their third trimester. My wife told me, that Doctors, nurses and those hardworking midwives would ask women with slow labor to walk up and down around the maternity. Interesting right? the advantage is to put a little pressure on the woman’s cervix, and speed up the delivery process.


can i use treadmill while trying to get pregnant

Yes, you can take treadmill exercises while trying to conceive or get pregnant. If the treadmill workouts have been your regular fitness routine, it won’t jeopardize your chances of conceiving a child. But there are special risks. If you make your treadmill workout too vigorous, you will be putting too much strain on yourself, if you ‘re skinny and don’t have enough body fat that can maintain a regular period of pregnancy. Book a visit with a doctor and get their medical suggestions.

If you have been running treadmills before or you are simply planning to start treadmill workouts as a beginner, keep exercising while trying to get pregnant. Check on your obstetrician for more recommendations.


can walking on treadmill cause miscarriage

Center for Disease Control also says the risk of moderate intensity aerobic activity is very low for a healthy pregnant woman and that physical activity does not raise any chance of early pregnancy loss, early delivery or low birth weight.

If you got a massive belly and weak pelvic floor, a serious treadmill accident can cause miscarriage. A high speed treadmill workout is butt-kicking and is risky for a weak and fatigued woman carrying a child in her womb.  For example, a quick butt-moving treadmill workout at 8mph pace for beginner can end up with vaginal bleeding, unlike a mall strolling kind of exercise. We can’t just underestimate the risk of falling off when she is doing cardio treadmill workout.


What other exercises should I do in addition to using treadmill during pregnancy third trimester?

From 7 to 9 moths of the pregnancy, workouts is essential to boosting what is already a healthy baby in the womb. What other exercises are good for this trimester?

Other treadmill exercises for pregnant women

  • Walking is the easiest exercise, it is low impact, need little efforts. Walking on a shock absorbing treadmill offers all the needed comfort while providing most of the benefits.
  • Jogging or light runnier. An athletic woman can jog or run in the last trimester but high speed running is totally something to kick out of your fitness routine. Check on the maternity advice if your pregnancy can endure a high impact jogging exercise.
  • Swimming (water aerobics). Another aerobic workout that works the legs, hips and booty is swimming. Really helps in cardiovascular endurance.
  • Stretches – yoga, Pilates are other forms of exercises for a pregnant woman in the trimester, it helps relief pains, aches, and takes pressure from joints, improves mood, and mindfulness.


What is the best workout while pregnant?

Walking is the best prenatal workout because it is low impact and offers the same level of benefits. Swimming is another aerobic exercise, Pilates, yoga and strength training like weightlifting with dumbbells.


Can you walk on incline on treadmill while pregnant?

Incline treadmill workout is pretty butt-kicking and work the hips, waist and legs. Pregnant women should do incline treadmill as long as they have good stability, have high fitness levels, or experience and hold on the handrails of the treadmills – says a personal trainer at Miami Total Fitness. The reasons is that a combination of long pregnancy, front-loading baby weight can cause imbalanced and sudden fall, so when walking or running on treadmill incline, a mom-to-be should hold to handle bars.


What happens to baby during exercise?

Working out while pregnant decreases utero-placental blood flow if the intensity of the activity is higher. This has been reported that fetal bradycardia is the effect of vigorous intensity exercise in the third trimester of pregnancy. Treadmill exercise while pregnant has a positive effect too. Hitting the treadmill when expecting a baby boost the mental capacity of your unborn babes (Dokuz)


What month should I start exercising during pregnancy?

Anytime during the pregnancy. CDC says if you have been working out before getting pregnant, continue working out but do it at a slightly lower intensity.


Can I lift weight while pregnant?

American college of obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends lifting of weights as one of the safe exercises during pregnancy.


can you do treadmill 12-3-30 workout while pregnant?

A 12-3-30 is a vigorous workout on a high inclined treadmill, set at 12% gradient, at a speed of 3 mph and for a duration of 30 minutes.  The 12 % treadmill incline is a serious elevation and athletes would have to put more efforts to climb. This steep uphill climbing activity gets your heart rate high up, blasts your booty, builds strength, endurance and burns extra calories than walking on a flat surface.


Can a Mom-to-be do 12-3-30 treadmill workout?

No, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends only physical activities that are moderate and safe for pregnant women. CDC says pregnant or postpartum women should do 30 minute per day, and 5 days a week of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity per week. Brisk walking is recommended and this makes 12-3-30 workout harmful to pregnancy.

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