NordicTrack S45i treadmill Review 2023 ( a machine with tons of hikes)

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My friend recently got the S45i treadmill and there are tons of hikes about it. They are very happy with the NordicTrack S45 treadmill, so I decided to review it. Below is my NordicTrack S45i treadmill Review.


NordicTrack S45i treadmill Overview

Reasons to buy NordicTrack S45i - Pros

  • ifit membership & iFit integration is a real plus
  • has wide variety of performance features
  • designed with good build quality
  • S45i beats the S20i for its larger display screen
  • extra speed and incline for high intensity workouts
  • Wide tread belt supports many runners body sizes
  • Runs quietly thanks to the reduced vibration on the floor,
  • Self-cooling Auto breeze fan
  • Good treadmill user weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Music support – motivational boost
  • S45i treadmill is compact – can fold up to save space

Reasons to avoid the S45i treadmill - Cons

  • quite a sizeable and heavy piece of equipment
  • not easy to assemble
  • heavy and not readily portable (item weight = 88kg or 13.85 stone)


NordicTrack S45i treadmill Features

Here are the NordicTrack S45i treadmill specs

  • NordicTrack S45i treadmill motor: 0 CHP DURX™ MOTOR
  • S45i treadmill Speed range: 0-13.7 miles per hour (0-19 kph)
  • Nordic S45i treadmill Incline range: 0-12 %
  • Nordic Track S45i treadmill Display: 10 inches’ full color touchscreen
  • NordicTrack S45i treadmill weight: 194 pounds (88kg)
  • S45i NordicTrack treadmill weight limit: 298 lbs (135 kg)
  • S45i treadmill dimension (folded LWH): 29”x35”x66.5” (98cmx90cmx170cm)
  • S45i treadmill dimension (Unfolded LWH): 74”x35”x63” (187cmx90cmx161cm)
  • NordicTrack S45i treadmill programs: iFit Coach and more
  • NordicTrack S45i treadmill connectivity: Bluetooth, smart wireless receiver

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NordicTrack S45i treadmill Performance

NordicTrack S45i treadmill has an incredible performance as compared to other machines in its price range. S45i NordicTrack is a performance treadmill that keeps up with most experienced and elite runners.

The 3 CHP motor delivers ample power that drives the treadmill’s running belt to a top speed of 13mph. This maximum speed roughly gives 22kph, indicating that NordicTrack S45i treadmill is pretty fast, enough to burn more calories when sprinting.

Moreover, the commercial 3CHP motor is powerful enough for speed training and endurance runs. You can quickly adjust your speed and incline at a touch of a button instead of scrolling through many options.

You can achieve tremendous calories and fat-burning by adjusting to high speed and high incline with less efforts. With only 1-touch responsive control, you can change your walking or running intensity.


NordicTrack S45i treadmill Reliability

S45i treadmill feels very reliable, stable and balanced when you are exercising on it. Overall, NordicTrack S45i treadmill is built to withstand the longest workout.

With an appropriate user’s weight on the belt, the powerful, noiseless electric motor operates for long and efficiently. The auto breeze cooling fan just makes fittest runners enjoy intense training sessions and long workouts.

Moreover, s45i NordicTrack treadmill comes with a large and sturdy frame. So the machine operates with more stability and balance. Also, the heavy duty or  powerful motor plus the 1.9 inches precision and balanced non-flex rollers reduces vibrations.

Another reliable addition is the treadmill’s weight capacity. The maximum user weight limit on s45i treadmill is almost 300 pounds. That means the fitness equipment is allowed for a wide range of users, an all types of runners with body weight from 1 pound to 250 lbs. Reliability will greatly reduce if a 300-lb person runs on the 300 lbs weight capacity treadmill.

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NordicTrack S45i treadmill Conformance

NordicTrack conducted rigorous testing to assure they meet the highest quality standards.


NordicTrack S45i treadmill Durability

You know that NordicTrack has a reputation for making really smart and high-quality gym equipment. S45i treadmill has a 10-year motor warranty, 2 year parts and lifetime steel frame warranty. This protection is the sign of the company trust that their product will last longer.

The NordicTrack S45i treadmill’s self-cooling fan reduces overheating, so it is certain that your treadmill drive system won’t overheat and would remain durable.

The commercial grade treadmill belt is tough enough to allow you stretch your steps or strides as you want. But it is only a 1-ply walking belt, not 2-ply.

Overall NordicTrack S45i treadmill looks rock solid, according to many customer’s reviews and is too heavy. You know, electronic components don’t last longer as the steel frames and motor, right?


NordicTrack S45i treadmill Serviceability

Does this NordicTrack S45i treadmill need to be serviced? All treadmills require periodic maintenance, belt lubrication to reduce wear and tear. So, you have to stick to regular maintenance for your S45i treadmill.

If the warranty is still valid, and your NordicTrack S45i treadmill is broken, you can take it for NordicTrack treadmill repair and equipment services. You also have to call NordicTrack to replace a part.

The local technicians can handle any issue on a broken NordicTrack equipment if its warranty has expired.

As concerns troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs of s45i NordicTrack, please, keep your NordicTrack s45i treadmill’s manual secure. For in home service, you are responsible for minimal trip charge.


NordicTrack S45i treadmill Aesthetics/comfort

NordicTrack s45i treadmill has a commercial gym quality feel and look.

it operates quietly (no loud noise), has a sleek attractive TV screen, Onetouch™ Controls, smooth running motor and a Auto breeze Fan . The machine also comes with a folding SpaceSaver design meaning you can store and run it in smaller apartments and rooms with small spaces.

The console is a nice size full color capacity monitor, and a touchscreen TV. It feels cinematic watching your streaming movies from it, while working out. Again, the screen’s wide viewing angle makes it pretty easier to glance and read feedback and workout stats.

Moreover, if you suffer bad knees and painful hips, the cushioned deck reduces impact of every step you make. The 51 x 140 cm tread belt will endure any type of training you need while giving you a comfortable natural run.


NordicTrack S45i treadmill Safety

You can walk, jog or sprint on this treadmill with little impact on your ankles, hips or knees. The Safety key is a greater part of the overall treadmills ability to safety operate. If it gets missing, a universal safety key is available for all NordicTrack treadmills.

But of you are desperate to work, how do you get your treadmill to work without the safety key? Making your NordicTrack S45i treadmill run without the safety key is possible if you install a jumper bypass at the safety switch.

The NordicTrack S45i treadmill does not recommend it though, because operating the treadmill without the safety feature may lead to potential accidents. If you want it, check how to make treadmill run without a safety key.

I prefer you replace the safety key if the original one goes missing. But some NordicTrack have manual modes, unfortunately, NordicTrack S45i treadmill has no manual mode.


Other perceptions about NordicTrack S45i treadmill

NordicTrack S45i treadmill


NordicTrack S45i treadmill is one of the best machine with entertainment features. The 10” web enabled colored touchscreen brightly display your workout stats, training programs and might stream videos. If you like motivation that counts and improves your fitness performance, there is a way how to stream and watch Netflix and YouTube on the NordicTrack TV screen.

The built in sound system is stunning. The 3 inches high excursion drivers deliver nothing but an incredible clarity in all range of audio music frequencies. The Intermix acoustics 3.0 EQ sound system with digitally amplified dual 2” speakers are the best performance enhancer if you want to enjoy a killer playlist of MP3 songs.


NordicTrack S45i is a foldable treadmill, a good space saver machine for use in a tiny apartment. With the EasyLift Assist technology, you can lift, fold and push the deck up and move it out of the way, into storage with ease.

iFit membership

NordicTrack S45i is iFit enabled treadmill. The iFit technology allows users to get interactive training programs, which means you will always get a new treadmill workout everyday. Some programs are real-life runs with google maps. Although you need to purchase iFit membership, you will custom-tailor your training according to your fitness level and goals.

While iFit gives you the grace to access over 1000 interactive trainer let workouts, you can still create your own scenic routes with the Google maps.  At the time of purchase, iFit-membership is free for 30 days.


NordicTrack S45i treadmill is designed with many programs including Fat Burning, Fitness Test, Incline Interval, Quick Start, Speed Interval, Target Calories, Target Distance, Target Time, Weight Loss.


To have it assembled, NordicTrack S45i treadmill has a lot of parts but you can seek the help of a handyman service.  It can be a bit hard to put together with two people and harder with one person.

But if you decide to put it together yourself, use the NordicTrack S45i treadmill manual. Easy assembly can be a breeze if you use a video online instructions. With you alone, the treadmill can be up and ready in less than an hour.

Check More customers review here.


NordicTrack S45i treadmill Accessories

NordicTrack S45i treadmill additional features

  • NordicTrack S45i manual
  • auto breeze workout fan
  • water bottle folder
  • Accessory tray
  • Digitally amplified speakers
  • 10 inches full color touchscreen tv




NordicTrack S45i treadmill Price

Given the 10″ HD Touch Screen Display, and the 30-Day iFIT Trial Included, what do you think the NordicTrack S45i treadmill Price will be? The price tag is pretty steep and you need to plan your purchase as an investment.

When you see that you can make the most of the HD screen, the extra top speed and the steeper incline (elevation), plus the light commercial gym motor, then you can go ahead and spend the dollars.

What features of S45i treadmill do you find that will make it worth the extra money? Use the comment form below. But while you wait for NordicTrack S45i treadmill promotional purchases, check out the latest price of the machine below.

Check the S45i treadmill’s latest price : here


Summary of NordicTrack S45i treadmill review

NordicTrack S45i treadmill Price

  • Amazon: $$$
  • NordicTrack: $$$

NordicTrack S45i treadmill smart features

  • Screen: color HD display
  • Music: MP3 audio + dual speakers
  • Bluetooth compatible

NordicTrack S45i treadmill feedback

  • Pulse / Heart rate
  • Calories burned
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Incline
  • time

NordicTrack S45i treadmill specs:

  • Motor Size: 0 CHP drive system
  • Speed: 0-19 kph
  • Incline: 0 – 12%
  • Walking Belt : 0 x 140.0 cm

NordicTrack S45i treadmill weight:

  • Item weight: 88 kg
  • Gross Box Weight : 92 kg

NordicTrack S45i treadmill weight limit

  • Treadmill’s Weight capacity (pounds): 298 lbs
  • Max user weight limit (kilograms): 135 kg

NordicTrack S45i treadmill dimensions:

  • Folded dimension LWH: 29”x35”x66.5” (98cmx90cmx170cm)
  • Unfolded dimension LWH: 74”x35”x63” (187cmx90cmx161cm)


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Wrapping up NordicTrack S45i treadmill review

The s45i home gym treadmill will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals at home with ease. The high-quality components and the overall look and feel earn this model a 4-5 star rating. I look at S45i as a gym quality treadmill for home use. I would recommend it as the best treadmill for a more experienced runner, but also it is an ideal machine for people of all fitness levels to improve their cardio health.


Can you take a NordicTrack treadmill part to fold it?

You don’t need to take your NordicTrack treadmill apart to move it. You just need to fold it up and push it on the transportation wheels into the storage closet.

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