How to watch Netflix on ProForm Treadmills ( Quick Steps for Proform 9000, Proform 5000)

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How to watch Netflix on Proform treadmills? Is it even possible? Streaming Netflix movies, YouTube videos, Disney+, Amazon Prime during workout is the dream of most home treadmill users. Very few treadmills with streaming apps exist in the market, nevertheless, we were able to a few of the best treadmills with Netflix capabilities.

Did you purchase a treadmill model from ProForm (Proform 9000 treadmill, proform 5000 or proform 2000)? That is just ok, Like NordicTrack and the pelotons, some of these Proform treadmills models have a large TV screen, where users expect to want to watch Netflix or YouTube during exercises.

We have seen how you can modify or jailbreak into admin section and run netflix on the NordicTrack. Does this also work for the ProForm. Can you watch YouTube/Netflix on Proform?



Proform treadmill entertainment

Many Proform machines have consoles with touch screen TV, which allow access to thousands of interesting interactive iFIT workouts. You can also watch live classes, get perfonal coaching and more. That is all what the smart screen, with a cinematic design is made to offer.

But you can play your own favorite MP3 audio on the treadmills’ speakers. It all seam like you cannot open or use any third-party entertainment apps. Some smart treadmills models like the Pro 5000 does offers an optional tablet holder.

Most preform treadmill users place their tablets on the holder attachment, to watch their favorite Netflix thrillers while walking or running. But that does not still make it worthwhile. Users want more from the Proform treadmill purchase and that includes streaming Netflix directly in the treadmill Tv screen.

The question now is, can you really watch netflix on preform treadmill while you are working out.? If no, how can you watch Netflix on the display of your treadmill’s TV screen?


 How to watch Netflix on ProForm Treadmills - If you recently purchased proform smart treadmills oike proform 9000 and proform pro 5000, here is how to get netflix on a proform treadmill machine
ProForm PRO-9000 smart Treadmill with netflix capability

How to watch Netflix on ProForm Treadmills ( Quick Steps for Proform 9000, Proform 5000)

How to get Netflix on a ProForm Treadmill? If you bought Proform Pro 5000 smart treadmill, check how to watch netflix on proform 9000 and proform 5000
ProForm – Pro 5000 Smart Treadmill with 14” HD Touchscreen Display and 30-day iFIT Family Membership – Black


These machines come with Trainer-Led Workouts and 1-year iFit family membership included. But do they have netflix streaming capability?


can i watch Netflix tv on my proform 9000 treadmill?

Officially No, you can’t stream Netflix directly, on a Proform 9000 treadmill HD screen. Like iFit NordicTrack treadmills, ProForm does not allow you to directly have access to install Netflix streaming app on the monitor. The preform, actually lock usage of the treadmill’s console to run no other software except the iFit workout app.


can you watch netflix on proform 9000 treadmill by any means?

Technically YES, it is possible to install or load Netflix app on a Proform treadmill screen browser. Proform 9000 treadmill users with techy skills were able to find this little-known workaround. So I am going to show how to get Netflix run on a ProForm 9000 Treadmill despite the brands restrictions. The whole objective is to tweak and bypass the iFit platform. When you get into the proform 9000 privilege mode, you can use large 22 inch screen to watch Netflix online shows.


How to watch Netflix on ProForm Treadmills

Finally, I can watch Netflix on my ProForm just by following these steps to install the Netflix App.

Steps on How to watch Netflix on a ProForm 9000 Treadmill

  1. factory reset proform 9000 treadmill screen or console. Look into your ProForm 9000 User’s Manual and you will revert your machine console settings to factory default.
  2. Don’t update the software. When you are done with the Proform treadmill screen reset, don’t update anything.
  3. Without logging into your iFit membership account, Tap on the user icon. That would load the maintenance screen on the app.
  4. Tap on a spot 10 times, then wait for7 seconds. Tap again on the same spot 10 times. The makes you to enter the proform 9000 privilege mode.
  5. From the bottom of the screen, swipe upward and press the circle icon. Wait as this takes you straight to the Android home screen.
  6. To connect the screen to internet, go to Android Wifi settings and connect to any nearby WiFi network.
  7. To install Netflix apk, Open the built-in android browser. Type “Netflix APK” and search on google.
  8. Follow the instructions given at the Netflix Help Centre to install Netflix app on the Proform treadmill.
  9. Load the Netflix and if the treadmill stops, press the treadmill’s start button.

Congratulations, enjoy your Netflix streaming TV series while exercising.


Watch out, its very important!

Since the smart treadmill screen is locked through the iFIT app, the machine will pause or stop when you browse away from the iFit app. This means, instead of loading iFit, if you browse and load Netflix, your machine will stop working (not broken).

If that happens, press the physical treadmill start button and the treadmill will continue running while you are enjoying your now active Netflix streaming services.

If you can’t load android desktop by accessing privilege mode, it is likely that your treadmill’s brand has sent an update and block any access to the android screen.

Your Proform Warranty may be void. Proform makes good treadmills for the money and if you alter the software, you are likely making the warranty protection void. If you are not tech savy enough, wait until the warranty expires and you will feel free to install whatever you like on the machine.


Video how to factory reset proform 9000

To get an entertained workout experience, do fun rides on treadmill while watching Netflix streaming videos. If you make a mistake breaking anything, please fell free to reset the treadmill to default. Here is a video.



Users comments

Most users get stuck with ifit, especially as the treadmill manufacturers are blocking access to admin mode, with updates. If you are tech savvy enough, you can try disabling updates. Users still find it frustrating while a TV screen mounted on a treadmill should stream Netflix online.

I wish we had taken this into account when we bought the treadmill. The iFit programs are nice, but often you want to watch something entertaining, and the screen is then useless and you are balancing the phone. Shame on this manufacturer for not including at least an HDMI input (which would cost almost nothing and is found on an $89 television), solely to try to force users to use iFit. Plenty of other options for other treadmills that allow BOTH programs AND streaming. Wish I had bought a different brand, even though the treadmill otherwise is good.”





Wrap up – how to watch Netflix on Proform treadmills screen

You now know that Unfortunately, you cannot connect to your Netflix account directly on a Proform treadmill, as it is with Nordictrack and Peloton treadmills. You follow the step by step guide and you will be lucky to jailbreak ProForm treadmill screen to watch Netflix and YouTube.

can you watch netflix on proform 2000 treadmill

You cannot watch Netflix on the ProForm Pro 2000. As a foldable treadmill with premium features, one might think it allows online streaming apps. No, the only content available for streaming on this Proform, is iFit if you buy the subscription. There are also preloaded workouts to watch from the large console screen, but you can’t watch Netflix on your preform, directly.

Can you watch Netflix on ProForm 5000 treadmill?

Can I install Netflix on proform 5000 treadmill? Netflix is not allowed. No. Proform has blocked all streaming capabilities on the 5000 treadmill model. You can only access to ifit exercise program.

What is the best Treadmill with Streaming Apps?

The only treadmill you don’t need a workaround to install and watch Netflix on, is the Bowflex T22. In the market of treadmill, you can do light running and get in better shape on Bowflex while watching streaming services like Netflix/Hulu directly. Bowfex uses their their JRNY subscription services and you can use the built-in (paid) services to “explore the world”.

Any alternative ways to watch Netflix at home while walking or running on treadmill?

Get a all mounted smart TV in the room where you placed your preform treadmill. Separate screen might be pricy but regular TV are cheaper to get. An older LCD on a wall with chromcast works just fine.


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