how to watch Netflix on Peloton tread 2023

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Peloton machines have many fitness workout enhancing programs including fitness mini-games and entertainment features. You can’t do without them, if you want to have a wonderful and interactive treadmill exercise at the comfort of your home or office.

But I think playing games while exercising on your treadmill might distract or divert your mind rather than focus. Streaming entertainment videos, movies and music from Netflix while working out can significantly boost your fitness performance.

A few people have been asking how to install and watch Netflix and other streaming apps on a peloton tablet, so I wrote this rough description. It works, and you will soon be enjoying Netflix, chrome YouTube watching and Prime video on your peloton bike or tread.  Use the comment form below to let me know if it works or doesn’t work for you.

So can you stream Netflix while on your peloton treadmill with TV screen?


can you watch Netflix on peloton tread treadmill?

Officially no, but with a little tweak, you can watch Netflix movies on a Peloton tread. The fact is, Peloton tread has features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Smart TV screens, that makes it the best treadmill with Netflix capability.

However, Peloton does not have native support for any streaming services.  Their screens do not officially support third party media streaming services. So peloton treadmills that stream Netflix do so indirectly via a hack.

With helps from techy users, today, you can jailbreak Peloton screen and watch Netflix videos while walking on your peloton tread treadmill at home gym. The peloton tread models with displays that use Android OS which can allow you access into admin panel, giving you the privilege to install Netflix app from the browser.

Keep reading, we will show you how to watch not only Netflix, but YouTube, Hulu, amazon prime, and even Disney media platforms from your peloton hidden internet browser.

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Can I watch Netflix direct, on my peloton?

No. peloton does not allow you to watch Netflix directly, or use anything apart from the built-in peloton software with iFit. Cyber security and fear of equipment malfunctioning are some of the reasons they don’t allow uses have direct access to third-party online apps.

Peloton tread machine is equipped with an iPad size (over 20 inches) HD TV screen making it the best treadmill with Netflix and Bluetooth compatibility. It is different from other exercise equipment’s, peloton tread treadmills, and bikes have modern screens with touchscreen functionality in addition to the treadmill’s big TV screen size, good resolution (pixels). With this nice screen (high-definition, touch-responsive), anyone would like to access all app from it.

Unfortunately, peloton does not allow you to get such a privilege. That is why the peloton screen display has only the built-in peloton app, configured to serve only peloton contents. You can even access an online website, YouTube and other third-party video streaming sites like Netflix.

No body really wants to stick to some guided workout, even you. You’ll also want an option to watch your Netflix video streaming YouTube, news, and sport highlights while you exercise. Because the peloton treadmill screen has limited these features, some users with techie ideas have gone-far to hacking the platform on the peloton treadmill and bikes.

We have seen the list of treadmills on which you can watch Netflix movies and series, and peloton is one of them. So, how can you watch Netflix on peloton tread treadmill, peloton bikes then?

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Peloton tread – the best treadmill with Netflix capability, internet, Bluetooth

Can you want Netflix on peloton tread treadmill? Officially no, but with risky workaround, you can make your peloton treadmill stream Netflix videos and movies. Here is how to watch Netflix on a peloton tread treadmill in few steps

  • TV screen size,
  • resolution, pixels
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, compatibility
  • Accessories: Speakers, audio output, holder for smartphone

Peloton makes the best smart treadmill with Netflix capability, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,

Peloton is a well-build treadmill, with sleek screen and a wide speed range you can crank up on your runs. Unlike those that have wobbly screen, this tread comes with a safer design, stable footprint and lot of interactive content to watch.

Despite being too expensive to an average wage earner, peloton tread plus is a well made and smart and can withstand your hard sprints. The unit has a floor-shaking weight, making it heavy duty and can support users with wide variety of body weight – tall runners, obese runners and more.

Fat guys can enjoy the extra wide running deck, which measures 63 inches by 33 inches wide. The good thing is, the machine has everything you would need to stream any media content while exercising. Plus, lot of interactive workout programs and classes.

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Disclaimer :

To jailbreak peloton tread, you are going to be entering Peloton admin panel which may void your treadmill warranty if something goes wrong. Beware of malware when you force your treadmill TV to access Netflix and other internet platforms. Gear smartly declines all responsibility. We are doing this for informative purposes. Choose to jailbreak peloton tablet at your own risk!

My Advice!:

To protect warranty, access admin panel to install Netflix on Peloton treadmill only when the warranty period has expired.

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How to watch Netflix on Peloton

Some trainees have learn to bypass the peloton treadmill exercise software and install a third-party browser or app. This is the workaround people have obtained, although it is not officially allowed by the fitness brand. You can install an app or use internet Netflix web version.

Be cautions: You may lose your peloton warranty if anything goes wrong.


How to watch Netflix on Peloton through a browser?

What you have to know is that your peloton machine comes with a built-in, hidden browser. Some techy-savvy users have bypassed the peloton display interface, use this browser to load Netflix while working out.

I will share you the steps on how to maximizing your peloton treadmill workout with Netflix, Via the internal hidden browser. Many users claimed this guide worked out well for them. They just used a few taps to unlock the hidden menu and that is how they reached their fitness goals with Peloton treadmill and Netflix.


How to unlock your peloton treadmill to stream Netflix?

  1. Turn on your peloton treadmill HD screen
  2. Tap on the user profile in the device
  3. tap the 3-dot icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the home screen
  4. Tap on “About” at the lower part of the menu
  5. Wait for a pop up menu to appear.
  6. Tap the bottom right-hand corner of the pop-up screen seven-times
  7. a menu opens, tap on “Web View Browser Tester” icon to load the browser
  8. On it, type in in the address bar

When the Netflix website loads, sign in to your Netflix account and enjoy every favorite movie (I love John Wick), music, shows and you walk or run on the treadmill or ride the bike.

Here is the inconvenience watching Netflix online through the peloton.  The Android browser has its limitations and might not support all video players.

Again, the hidden web browser does not save or keep any history of your online browsing.  This means, every time you want to use the peloton treadmill to enjoy the Netflix video streaming service, you have to repeat the process above.

If you consider exercising on regular basis, and hacking the browser every time, you are putting your equipment at great risk.

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How to set up peloton treadmill to stream Netflix via app?

Yeah, the hidden browser does not save your activities, a better alternative is to install the Netflix app. How would you make your peloton tread or bike to stream Netflix videos using the Netflix app?

How to install Netflix on your Peloton?

Here are instructions on how to use a peloton treadmill with Netflix streaming service app.

  1. Turn on your peloton display HD screen
  2. Tap “settings’ button at the top right corner of the home screen to enable admin settings
  3. Select “device settings” from the drop-down menu showing Wi-Fi, screen brightness, account information,
  4. find “About Tablet” button
  5. Tap on the “Build Number” until you see “You are now a developer”
  6. Go back to the “Settings” page and choose “Security”
  7. Tap to activate “Enable Unknown Source”. This enables installation of apps from unknown sources.
  8. Now, go back to step 5 above and access the web browser
  9. Type “ApkMirror website – into the address bar
  10. Type “NetFlix” on the search bar of the ApkMirror home pages. You’ll see several version of Netflix
  11. Look for the latest build of Netflix app and download it (you won’t be seeing the download happening). It should support at least Android 5.0 Lollipop
  12. When Netflix app download is done, it will pop up and bottom right corner of the screen
  13. Tap to install the Netflix app file
  14. As you did in step 4, open the hidden menu by tapping on the Build number until it says “you’re now a developer”
  15. Tap on the Netflix app and wait for the application to open.
  16. Sign in and enjoy your video streaming while working out.

Will all these steps, you will see an Android browser opening up and you can search and you can install all the apps you want. It functions just like a mobile phone browser.


Video Instructions for Netflix, YouTube streaming on peloton tread



Installing a third-party application into your peloton tread treadmill TV screen can void your warranty. If the processes above makes your peloton have complications – unstable, you can reset the device and restore it to factory settings. Resetting will wipe out the newly installed Netflix app, and bring the tread treadmill to where it was.


How to factory reset peloton treadmill to clear Netflix app


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What to expect from a peloton treadmill with Netflix app

It should not surprise when you find Netflix display error message when you want to watch an episode of your favorite movie.

The source of the error message will probably be coming from pelotons efforts to update its programming and crack down on users resetting the treadmill’s user interface. Peloton just want everyone to  be accessing no other app except the iFit and won’t sleep to stop you going into the admin mode and taking advantage of the third-party software.


#1 Cyber Attack – virus, malwar, spyware

Cybersecurity is another biggest concern peloton has for blocking you from using the third-party apps to watch online Netflix.

Come to think of it, hackers can easily seize or take control of your smart fitness tool like a peloton treadmill. You know what that means?

They can hack and monitor or collect your health, and fitness data plus access your camera, and microphone while at home. Even if you can use McAfee to scan and flush out viruses, and malwares from bad guys, the performance of the machine can be compromised if you make mistake bypassing the treadmills display.

#2 Void warranty

One bit of a concern here, however is warranty. If you jail-break the peloton smart screen to watch Netflix on your treadmill, a software glitch may impact the physical safety of the equipment. Your warranty may be void.  So, if you are hacking the peloton to stream netflix, make sure your warranty has expired.

#3 Ruin overall comfort and performance

But should peloton consumers not have full access to their fitness machine they purchased with their hard-earned dollars? While it absolutely makes sense to ask this question, it is not like also saying, you can buy your car, and change every part to suit your desire. That is possible, but it might just ruin the overall comfort, safety and performance the company had built into the machine.

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Wrap Up & FAQs

Can you watch movies on peloton treadmill?

Peloton treadmills do not natively support movie streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime, Spotify and more. The peloton proprietary software does not allow watching any other programs.

Some, if you got a peloton treadmill, you can only jailbreak into the admin mode to install Netflix app, or load the web-based Netflix on the hidden browser.


Do you stream TV on peloton tread?

It is possible to watch TV on your peloton but streaming Television apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, are not available on the peloton treadmill and bikes. The best possible way to watch TV on a peloton is to use the web browser to access the television website in question.


What treadmills lets you watch Netflix?

Looking for a treadmill that streams Netflix directly? BowFlex treadmill 10 and Reebok Jet 300 not only allow Netflix video streaming service but you can also watch Amazon prime video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO and more during your sweaty fitness workout.


Can you cast from Peloton tread treadmill?

Casting with chromecast is allow with the peloton App for iOS. You just have to log into your Peloton fitness account. There you select the Chromecast/Airplay icon at the right bottom corner of the screen. You can also choose the TV you want to stream your workout to.


Can you watch Netflix on peloton without subscription?

Can you cast to peloton screen a Netflix movie without subscription? Peloton does not allow you to install apps on peloton machines with or without a subscription. But if you have recently purchased your peloton, you can cancel the subscription and jailbreak your peloton tread or bike to load Netflix and other android apps.

You must have a little techy knowledge to get into the peloton’s developer mode and load apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and other sites hat stream TV shows, movies and music. People still bypass the peloton app with an active subscription. So it depends on how eager you are to watch some entertainment on the tablet during your structured riding or treadmill walks.

Does watching Netflix on peloton void warranty?

Yes. The danger with tweaking the peloton app to stream Netflix, prime video, and YouTube is, you can void the machine’s warranty. SO I often recommend that owners of peloton who want to install Netflix and other apps to catch up on various shows, should wait until their warranty protection expires.

Can you watch YouTube on peloton without subscription?

You can watch YouTube on peloton with you subscribe. But do you wonder if it possible to watch YouTube on a peloton machine while you ride without subscription? it is not possible to watch YouTube on peloton when riding, without subscription. Besides, it is not officially allowed to install apps on peloton, like YouTube, Netflix and more.

To watch peloton YouTube full screen during workouts, you will have to jailbreak the peloton tablet. The risk with trying to get ways to pull out the YouTube videos from peloton screen voiding the warranty. Except the warranty has expired, I wouldn’t recommend it.


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