How long does it take to walk 3 miles on treadmill?[Unexpected & Reliable Time]

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How long does it take to walk 3 miles on treadmill? If I say 30 minutes, it is not for every treadmill user. If I say 60 minutes, the walking time does not apply to every treadmill walker, young or old. So how long does it take to walk 3 miles on a treadmill then? The walking distance (miles or kilometers km) depends on your walking speed or velocity and steps per minutes.

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Walking three miles on a treadmill?

Considering all the benefits you can get from walking, jogging and running on an apartment treadmill, three miles is more or less a walking distance one can cover. The 3 miles sounds like normal distance for good treadmill runners, if they walk for half an hour. But treadmill beginners, or seniors?

If you are thinking of completing this number of miles on a walking machine, you got to be sprinting at high speed, 5mph-6mph to cover it in 30 minutes.

Don’t think about this walking pace, it may be a near-impossible fitness goal if you are still a new treadmill user beginner, or if you are aged over 60 years living a sedentary life.

If you have good experience running and walking on a treadmill, you have improved your fitness level, and walking 3 miles in 30 minutes is a realistic goal.

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How long does it take to walk a mile on a treadmill?

Athletes and active fitness enthusiasts spend 15 to 20 minutes to walk a mile on a treadmill. This time to walk a mile on treadmill varies from individual to another. No two beginners would walk a mile in the exact number of minutes. If you walk at much less than 1m/s, you are likely to take longer walking time to complete a mile than someone walking at 3m/s (light jog speed).

You can set goals to take 30 minutes and walk a mile on a treadmill every day. That is a perfect treadmill walking workout, but taking longer than 30 minutes is too much for essential health. If you increase the treadmill incline, thirty minutes is even a small time-span for someone to walk a mile uphill.

Also, if you have bad health, arthritic knee, painful joints, weak leg muscles, you will probably walk a bit slow on the treadmill. That will also mean taking too long to cover a single mile walking route. For someone of average fitness level, 15-20 minutes is enough time to walk a mile on a treadmill.


how long does it take to walk 3 miles on treadmill then?

How long does it take to walk 3 miles on a treadmill? At a moderate walking pace (2.5 mph to 4.0 mph)on a treadmill, it will take you from 45 minutes to an hour (60 minutes) to complete a walking distance equivalent to 3 miles. Other factors like your weight also play in.

Treadmill offers life changing benefits much like walking or running in the outdoor. But the incline of the walking machine, and your number of steps per minutes (cadence) as well as stride length count a lot. Most people in good shape will complete a 3 miles walking exercise at a much slower pace if the incline level is increased.

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Is Three miles an hour (3 miles per hour) pace right for you?

Your walking speed is measured in miles per hours. This is quite a fast walking speed for a grandmother(or grandfather) and people with poor health, or a lower overall fitness level.

3 mph can be a running speed for one person, but a jogging speed for an athlete. Not everyone has the aerobic capacity to walk or run 3mph for 30 minutes.

Yet, 3 miles is enough fast-walking speed for someone who wants a challenging treadmill experience, and needs a slightly high intensity cardio walking workout.

How to check the right walking pace

How do you know if this 3 miles per hour walking pace on a treadmill is right walking speed for you? The talking test is the best way to find out your right pace without any math.

  • If you can talk comfortably, with a bit of breathlessness, while walking on a treadmill at 3 miles per hour, then 3 miles is probably your brisk pace.
  • If you feel you’re running out of breath and cannot talk easily while walking at 3 mph, that treadmill speed is too vigorous for your fitness level.
  • If you can be able to sing out loud while pounding the walking machine at 3mph, this speed is probably too low for your ability or is your brisk walk speed. If that is it, you can pick much high pace, like 5mph.

When you are able to identify if 3 miles per hour is lower, higher or normal for your walk, choose to decide to increase (accelerate) or decrease (decelerate) the pace of your treadmill walking exercise. Too much cardio walking exercise is really dangerous.


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How long does it take to walk 3 miles on treadmill?[Unexpected & Reliable Time]
Factors that affect walking distance–miles you log on a treadmill

Many variable seriously determine the number of miles you log while walking on a treadmill. Many of them are even extremely difficult to compute and tell how long it takes you to walk miles on a treadmill.

The time it takes to make 3 mile walk on a treadmill has no one single answer for everyone minutes. Your treadmill walking speed depends on many variables, including.

Your weight, health, sex, walking pace, step length. There are many other factors that affect how long to walk on a treadmill.

As a result, we recommend you rather set your walking time on a treadmill to be 30 minutes every day. Half an hour is a long walking time to reap all the benefits of walking on a treadmill.


How do I increase my walking speed to finish three miles?

To speed up and cut your walking time, you must find ways to long in more steps and improve your fitness regimen. You need these walking tips.

1) Hit the ground with your heels  and roll forward. Don’t walk flat footed or let the ball of your foot strike the ground first.

2) You need to Wear slip resistant shoes. This will provide you with a good traction on the walking route.

3) As soon as your foot strikes the ground, lift it up quickly.

4) Make upper half of your body go forward, before you take your foot forward. This style helps you to gain more momentum. Do not step your foot before dragging your upper body. The advantage is that you engage your muscles correctly.

5) Lean forward and use your glutes/thighs/core to drive your movement with your glutes.

6) Walk with longer strides greater than the normal sized steps. To practice, go out and try to outwalk slow walking people.

7) Practice walking to gain more experience. You can start small with 1 mile, 2 mile in one day before you try walking 3 miles per day. Previous walking workout helps to improve your fitness level , strengthen your glutes, before you engage in more serious walks.

8) Play music as you walk. Put your killer playlist, and listen to the beat as you walk. A song with faster beats makes you walk faster. I love Stolen Dance by Milky Chance. Just keep up to the beat with your footsteps.


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