how long do treadmills last? (Incredible ways to make your treadmill last longer)

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how long do treadmills last? On average, a treadmill will last between 10 and 12 years with proper maintenance. When it comes to the lifespan of a treadmill, there are a number of factors that can contribute to how long it will last. On average, your treadmill will last between 10 and 12 years if you lube it, well, make repairs and replacement when needed.

If you prefers exercising in the comfort of your own home, treadmills are a great choice. They are not only convenient but can easily be placed in your home, unlike other workout equipment.

Just like every investment cost a lot, treadmills are no exceptions. Even though they are fun and convenient, they also have their issues.

With how expensive a treadmill can be, it will only make sense that they last for a long while. So how long does a treadmill last?

I will take you through to show you what can make your treadmill last long and how long it will probably last.


Do treadmills wear out?

Whether old or new, expensive or cheap, treadmills just like other workout appliances wear out, need maintenance, or a replacement at some point.

Your treadmill needs regular maintenance to last for long periods. This does not necessarily mean your treadmill might only wear out because of lack of maintenance.

For some, the treadmill will wear out because of its low quality or its bad condition at the time of purchase. Your treadmill will eventually wear out if it is very old, of low quality, and lacks proper care.

Every treadmill bought at the same period will likely not wear out at the time. There are a lot more factors that contribute to your treadmill’s damage.

When treadmill parts start wearing out, they can suddenly stop working anytime, even at the middle of your workout. So maintenance and repair are the key to your safe running. For Nordictract machines, some issues can be fixed and this is how to reset Nordictract treadmill to resolve the problems.


What things make a treadmill wear fast?

Man running on a treadmill



A treadmill might be in the best condition but certain things might make your machine wear very fast.

Lack of lubrication

Not lubricating your treadmill properly can cause it to wear very fast. Lubrication causes less friction between the running belt and the platform. When there is too much friction, a treadmill can abruptly stop.

No proper cleaning

If you don’t clean your treadmill often, the accumulation of dirt can easily ruin the internal parts of the treadmill.

Accumulated dirt causes the motor of the treadmill to fail. Dirt particles turn into abrasives that destroy small metallic balls in the treadmill and when this happens, the bearings knock. This will eventually lead to overall damage to the treadmill.


Heat builds up in the motor whenever you use your treadmill. When the engine warms up, the windings can fail and cause problems inside the motor of the treadmill.

To curb this, check ventilation, check lubrication and also reduce continuous running time.


Sweat or water residues during running can easily cause rusting in the long run. Always wipe your treadmill after a workout.

Other factors like a fault during manufacturing might also make your treadmill wear fast. Nonetheless, ensure that you pay attention and follow the instructions manual your appliance comes with.

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What to consider when buying a durable treadmill

There are several things to take into consideration when considering purchasing a treadmill. These considerations enable you to make the right decision when getting one.

Carry out research

Before purchasing a treadmill, make sure you do proper research. With how expensive a treadmill is, it will be a bad investment if you make the wrong purchasing choice.

Make sure to get enough information about the various kinds of treadmills, their specifications, and features to know which one best fits your needs.

Work out frequency

Also, knowing how frequently you are going to use your Treadmill is something to consider to decide how much money is worth spending in purchasing your treadmill. This is to ensure that the treadmill isn’t a wasted investment for you.

The life expectancy of the treadmill

The life expectancy of the appliance and its warranty details are things to consider before purchasing a treadmill. Most times, the higher the price and quality of the treadmill, the longer the warranty period.

You should get a treadmill with at least a 3-year warranty for parts and a 1-year warranty for labor. You can also look for treadmills that have a return policy just in case you want a replacement after purchase.

The type of treadmill

Make sure you know what kind of treadmill will be suitable for your environment. If you’ll be working out at home, make sure to get a home treadmill.

Home treadmills are generally smaller than club treadmills. Home treadmills are manufactured to be able to take daily workouts and have many programming options.

Club treadmills, on the other hand, are more expensive and come with a bigger motor and a better warranty. Make sure the treadmill you are getting should have only features you need or require.

Treadmill’s horsepower

Always check the treadmill’s horsepower. The measure of motor power is horsepower ratings (h.p). The higher the h.p, the stronger the treadmill.

No matter the horsepower (h.p) of a treadmill, make sure it works well with the motor, deck, and running belt. 1.5 h.p is commonly used by most home runners.

Also, check if the Treadmill’s speed can work properly without running the treadmill at full power. In most cases the higher the horsepower, the more expensive the treadmill might be.

Belt size

Treadmill belts take care of the side-by-side movements and are expanded in width and length. Your belt size matters a lot and no treadmill belt should be smaller than 17 inches.

The running area should be at least 50 inches or more in length depending on your height.

Treadmill’s deck construction

Construction of the deck. If your treadmill’s deck coating is smoother, there will be reduced strain on the motor because of the less friction between the belt and deck.

Make sure your deck is coated with lubricants and made up of thin layers of laminated wood.

Price of the treadmill

Keep in mind that if a treadmill is too cheap, you are likely purchasing a very old appliance or one with technical faults.

Most treadmills cost a fortune because of their features and capabilities. Don’t go for cheap, go for the quality. Overall, make sure the treadmill you’ve decided to buy has features that can efficiently work and satisfy your needs.

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How to maintain a treadmill so that it lasts longer

Would you like your treadmill to last long until you are able to reap full benefits of treadmill running? Do you love your equipment enough to care to maintain them? How much you value your treadmill might determine how long it will last.

The life expectancy of your treadmill greatly depends on how well you take care and maintain it. Every part requires different attention and maintenance. There are a couple of things you can do to maintain your treadmill.

Clean, check and replace the belt

Your treadmill’s deck and belt must be cleaned at least once every month. Accumulation of dirt can destroy the internal parts of the treadmill so make sure you clean every exposed part of your treadmill.

Check if the belt needs a replacement every three months to avoid any injury while running. Also, make sure your treadmill’s belt is aligned correctly with the belt running straight down the center of the deck.

After using your treadmill for a while, the belt might stretch out and start slipping while you run, you can adjust the belt tension by tightening the bolts.

Clean your treadmill after every use

Get a treadmill cleaning kit to properly clean your treadmill every time you use it. After running, there will be residuals of sweat or water which can encourage bacteria growth and rust on the metal parts of your treadmill.

Lubricate your treadmill

Properly apply a lubricant to the underside of the treadmill belt. Do this at least once a year and make sure the treadmill is not self-lubricant so you don’t damage it.

Install a treadmill mat

A treadmill mat under your appliance will go a long way in protecting not just your treadmill but also your treadmill’s surroundings.  A treadmill mat will protect your floor from damages and help keep any noise at bay.

Vacuum inside

Make sure you remove the motor and vacuum the motor compartments. Do this at least once a year and make sure the machine is unplugged before vacuuming to avoid electrocution.


How long do treadmills last?

Treadmill manufacturers say the average life expectancy for treadmills is 10 years but generally, the range is between 7 to 12 years.

It all depends on the proper care you give your treadmill. Dust is the number one early destroyer of treadmills, so enable to dust and clean your treadmill at least once a week.

If you properly take care of and maintain your treadmill, it will likely work better and last longer. Make sure you lubricate the belt of the treadmill often so that it won’t eventually get damaged.

Just like any other appliance, parts of a treadmill can wear out and need replacement. Make sure you constantly check to make any replacements if need be.

If you properly take care of and maintain your treadmill, there is no doubt that it’ll likely last longer than expected. The condition of the running belt can also determine how long your treadmill might last. For an average user, a running belt will last for about 3-5 years before you replace it.


When should you replace your treadmill?

When treadmills develop faults, they can be fixed to properly work as they used to. Sometimes it is advisable to let the old treadmill go and start afresh.

The treadmill belt and parts are extremely damaged

Most times, the condition of the belt on a treadmill will determine whether or not your machine may need maintenance or a replacement. Take note of the belt movement when you are using the machine. If the belt is sluggish or slippery then you might need to get a new treadmill.

Your treadmill is outdated

If you’ve had your old treadmill for about a decade, some of the parts might likely be unavailable or too expensive to purchase. Rather than spending a lot of money to repair an outdated machine, you should consider getting a new one.

When you want more features in one

Nowadays, modern treadmills come with features like TV, Wifi, blue tooth and so much more. If you prefer working out and at the same time being entertained, then you might have to consider upgrading your treadmill.

When the machine is recalled

Treadmill manufacturers can always recall a machine. For example, if the recall was because of a dangerous problem, rather than repairing the treadmill, it will be better to just get a new one. If you have a recalled machine, it is possible to negotiate for a new one with the manufacturers.

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Finally,  How long can your treadmill last?

If you are considering getting a new treadmill or replacing your old one, I’m sure this guide has helped you make the right choice that will greatly improve your workouts.

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