How fast do treadmills go?

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Treadmill speed is incredible factor in determining your workout intensity, and individual fitness levels. To lose pounds of weight and stay in shape, most runners increase increase treadmill speed.

So it is important to understand the range of speeds available on treadmills and what speed you should be aiming for. Treadmills come in a variety of speeds, different models have their own top speed and if you don’t it, consult the treadmill manual for maximum speed.


How Fast Can A Treadmill Go?

Generally, speeds can range from a slow 0.50 mph to over 15mph. With these speed options, a standard home treadmill runs at top speed of 12 miles per hour.

The undeniable fact is that the maximum speed of a treadmill machine depends on the treadmill model. Treadmills for beginners often come with small speed range, 0.25-10mph and their top speed feature within 8 – 10 mph.

Away from entry level treadmill, other machines have treadmill max speed of 12 mph, other up to 13.5mph. The max speed does depend of the kind of treadmill type and that is what we will explore here.


How Fast do Treadmills Go? – Treadmill top speed

Let us go check the average maximum treadmill speed by brand. Most standard treadmills can reach maximum speeds of around 10-12 mph. Some advanced, well built models can speed to max 15-16 mph.


How fast can a Nordictrack treadmill go?

We analysed 15 nordictrack treadmills and This brand had about 40% walking treadmill and 50% running treadmill in their collections. Combined, about 60% of models here have top speed within 10-12mph while a few come with slow to moderate belt speed of 7-9mph. None of the machines had 15mph, which means the brand has no treadmill that goes faster than 12mph.

Horizon Fitness
Life fitness


What factors affect how fast treadmills go?

How fast do Treadmills go when working out?


1. Treadmill type

Commercial treadmills are build to endure heavy usage for runners of various body sizes, weights and shapes, and fitness levels. So their top speeds are high enough to support all kind of users. Most commercial treadmill hand maximum speed in the range 10 -13.5 mph.

A Manual treadmill belt only goes when your legs move, so they can only allow light jogging pace, which depends on your ability to run.

2. Treadmill Motor horsepower

The Treadmills motor horsepower decides how fast a treadmill belt runs and that can be adjusted up to a max value. A 1.5HP motor delivers low performance speed than a 4HP treadmill motor. If you force a small electric treadmill motor rates 1.75HP to drive the belt and user up to 12mph, it would heat up fast and burn out. So considering a treadmill operating at normal performance, a high horsepower motor offers high speed than those in low profile treadmills.

So How fast is a 1.5 hp treadmill? The 1.5 HP motor can power a treadmill up to 12 km/hr, or about 7.5 mph. Moreover, lower horsepower produces less speed consistency and a have shorter overall lifespan if forced to drive at too speed.

3. Your Running form

Does your running mechanics, and foot strike pattern really matter on how fast you go on treadmill? Yes, Improving your treadmill running form can help you go faster. Most serious runners with correct form and posture walk and run at higher pace, efficiently and more comfortably, with pretty less stress on their body. Proper form also reduce injury risk on treadmill. Guys with poor running form usually go slowly, hold into handrails and may lean forward, taking load off their leg muscles.

4. Your Fitness level

You can sprint quicker if you have been working out several months than if it is your first time jogging in 5 years. An experienced sprinter can touch the peak of 25-28mph while a marathon runner can hit average of 6.5 mph running for 4 hours. The treadmill will really go at lower speed for a first time user.

While you can adjust your pace from a walk, to a jog, run or sprint, beginners often go at a snail pace than serious runners. But what can be the optimal treadmill speed for beginners or people with low fitness levels? Seniors and entry level walkers often go at less than 5km/h doing treadmill walks. This could vary, but athletes with higher fitness levels usual work at a much faster pace than individuals who are still starting out.

5. Treadmill’s Top speed range

If your treadmill speed range is smaller, the running deck can’t go faster than the maximum speed. Take Exerpeutic TF1000, which has a max speed of 4mph. With this machine, you can’t go past this 4 miles per hour, and you can’t even jog at 5mph. Some treadmills like 3G cardio elite come with wide speed range of 0.1-12mph, so you can always pace out your treadmill workout at any speed up to 12mph if you are well fit.

6. Gender

How fast your treadmill goes, depends on the user. Men usually walk and run at higher pace than women even if they have same fitness level. On average, men pound the treadmill at about 8 miles per hour, while women tend to work at approximate speed of 6 mph.

7. Treadmill Price/quality

How fast each treadmill goes also varies depending on the treadmill quality, treadmill price, and overall purpose. Cheap treadmills don’t really have neck-breaking top speeds while higher end, heavy duty treadmills comes with impressively powerful motors operating at higher speeds close to 15-16 mph. If you have been to the gym, you must noticed that automatic home treadmills are a little bit slower than automatic commercial treadmills as they’re less expensive and smaller.

8. Exercise programs

There is no one-fit-all speed for all treadmill exercise programs. It is no doubt that a treadmill walking programs would allow you to set a lower speed while a running workout would expect you adjust treadmill speed to high values. Jogging and spring might require the treadmill belt to move at completely different speeds.

9. Users weight

Heavy runners tend to place too much load on treadmill belt. you will often see the treadmill motor run slowly and make stalling sounds when an overweight person steps on the deck. The fact is, if you are obese weighing 300lbs, you can be too heavy for a treadmill with max weight limit of just 250 pounds powered by a small motor.


Treadmill speed calculator

Treadmill speed = distance/time

You can quickly determine the treadmill speed using distance / time formulae. The distance is obtained from belt length x number of revolutions.

If Your treadmill belt length was 3 meters, and it took 20 seconds for it to do 24 revolutions, then the speed is (3×24) / 20 = 3.6 meters/second (or 13 km/hr or 7.8 mph).

The quick way to see how fast you run in km and miles per hour Is:

1 kilometer per hour (kph) = 0.621371192 mile per hour (mph)


How fast can a treadmill go? Matrix Fitness T75 can go up or accelerate up to a maximum speed of 12mph
How fast can a treadmill go? Matrix fitness t75 treadmill can accelerate up to 12mph.

How fast do treadmills go?

Measuring how fast can treadmills go

You can calibrate or measure how fast your treadmill is moving, in different units. For simple understanding , here are a few.

Miles per hour (mph)

Most treadmill speeds are measured in miles per hour (mph) imperial unit. Look at your treadmill console, and you’ll find speed in mph. The higher the mph number, the faster the belt of the treadmill goes. Typically, 1-3 mph is walking speed mph, 3.5-4.5 are brisk or fast walk or light jog pace while serious jogging or running goes at over 5mph.

Kilometers per hour

Meters per second is metric unit of speed. Kilometers per hour is often used to tell treadmill speed in Britain and Other parts of Europe.

Pace per mile or pace per km

Pace = Time / Distance
Some runners prefer to computer their treadmill speed in terms of Pace, which is time per unit of distance. A treadmill pace is the time it would take you to walk or run 1 mile or 1 kilometer on a treadmill. The pace is expressed as minutes per mile or minutes per kilometer. We can do treadmill speed to pace conversions.

On a treadmill, pace per mile = 60 ÷ Treadmill Speed Setting. You just divide 60 by your treadmill speed to get your pace per mile.

pace = time / distance
pace time per unit distance = time / distance

speed = distance / time
speed distance per unit time = distance / time


How fast do Treadmills go?

How fast do Treadmills go? A model like the Precor TRM 885 Treadmill goes from 0.5mph to 16mph - an impressive speed range
How fast do Treadmills go? A model like the Precor TRM 885 Treadmill goes from 0.5mph to 16mph – an impressive speed range

Treadmills have come a long way since they were first invented, and now they are capable of reaching speeds that can accommodate any jogger or runner. But just how fast can a treadmill go? The answer to this question depends on the type of treadmill and its power capabilities as you saw above. To be specific:

How fast do motorized electric treadmills go?

An engine system of a motorized treadmill is an electric motor. It drives the belt on treadmills. If you are not aware, know that an electric treadmill’s maximum speeds depends so much on the motor’s output performance.
Most home treadmills, commercial treadmills and those exceptional curved treadmills are motor powered.

You can distinguish these machines easily. A majority of Treadmills for home use are a foldable, have small footprint, and doesn’t cost so much money. The commercial treadmills are use in fitness clubs, look bigger, heavyweight and built to last longer. They care robust , expensive and can handle extreme daily abuse from all sort of runners sizes and weight.

How fast do gym or Commercial Treadmill go?

To handle regorous exercises including High-intensity interval training (HIIT) , sprinting, fast runs and heavy user weights, commercial treadmills come with a top speed of around 14 mph.

At what speed do home treadmill go?

You have probably used Home Treadmills to keep fit, but how fast can they go? The average speed of an apartment treadmill for home running can reach between 8mph and 12mph from a 2.75 to 4.0 CHP motor drive. What is amazing is that the fastest home treadmill is still readily affordable as you can get one for under $2500.

How fast can Manual Treadmills go?

Manually operated treadmills are considered space saver treadmills because they look compact and lighter. They have no electric motor since the belt is driven by the runners feet. They run at a super slow pace, the speed at which the user is walking or running.

One more thing, manual treadmill go slowly but burn most energy from users effort. The manual treadmill speed of the belt totally depends oo your abilities to drive it with your feet.

Since the runner is the one to dive or press the belt, how fast can a manual treadmill go? , what ever velocity your feet can create to overcome resistance is the manual treadmill top speed.

Surprisingly, a manual curved treadmill has been recorded to reach up to 24 mph and you can go up to 15-20 mph on the AssaultRunner Elite treadmill.

How fast do treadmills go for beginners

Many armateurs don’t work out as fast as they often start small, to avoid stress from strenuous exercise. But most beginners have reached treadmill speeds of around 5 mph light jogging.

This looks much more than a brisk walking pace on a treadmill but it is possible with a lower incline treadmill than at higher deck elevation. As they make minor improvement, they increase the speed in smaller increments, say 0.1 to 0.5 mph.

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How fast do treadmills go when walking?

Treadmill walking workout don’t really need more speed. Usually, treadmill walking speed often range from 0.1mph to 4mph(fast walk) depending on the individuals fitness level. Those who do brisk walks go at roughly 3-4 miles per hour.


How fast does your treadmill go when jogging?

How fast will you go when jogging on a treadmill? Fitness experts and coaches say Jogging speeds range from 4 mph to 6 mph, which is right midway between walking and running.

According to CDC, Jogging is a kind of vigorous physical activity and they recommend about 10 minute per day(75 mins per week) to maintain basic fitness and healthy lifestyle.


How fast do treadmills go when running?

What are the Treadmill Speeds for Running exercises? A majority of Treadmill running have speed typically over 6 mph. If you are tall and have longer strides, you are more likely to jog slowly while as short person’s might start fast running at 6mph. Your body height and many other factors will significantly affect how fast you work out on a treadmill.


How fast do treadmills go when sprinting

Sprinting is a short burst of high intensity exercises done at about 90-100% maximum heart rate. If you go with maximum efforts, you can sprint as high as 10miles per hour treadmill speed. At more moderate pace, some people sprint at 8 mph on the treadmill.

Here is no one fit all Speed for Sprinting on a treadmill because sprint speed is affected by your aerobic ability or threshold. One thing to note is that high speed sprinting can lead to fatal accident, so consult your doctor first if your heart health and fitness level can support it.

How fast do treadmills go for weight loss?

What Speeds should my treadmill go for burning fat and calories? If you want to maintain your shape and weight, you can walk moderately on a treadmill at a pace of 3.5 miles per hour for at least 150 minutes per week. To burn more calories and lose weight, walk at a vigorous pace of 4.5 miles per hour for 10-20 minutes daily or at least 75 minutes per week. Walking at this fast pace for a longer time would burn more fat and slim your thighs and belly pretty quickly.

Another Treadmill walking speed to lose weight is 3 mph.  At this 3mph normal pace on a treadmill incline of 3% for 30minutes everyday for 5 days, a 170 lbs person will burn 259 calories per workout.

You can take Treadmill jogging or running speed to lose weight 5.0 mph, for as long as you’re physically fit. If you are 170 lbs and jog at 5 mph on a home treadmill with zero incline for 30 minutes, you’ll burn 351cals.

Some obsessed people just always choose long runs speed over 8mph, that will enable them, work out at 55-65% of their maximum heart rate so they can burn significant amounts of calories. A 15 mph top-speed on a treadmill gives pretty fast weight loss. Some overweight athletes maintain a moderate speed and climb or hike at 15% incline on the treadmill to quicken weight loss.

Overall, treadmill speeds for weight loss depends on your fitness levels, body weight, speed, intensity of workout, and time. Whatever treadmill speed you choose to walk or run, Consistency is the key to losing weight at any treadmill speed you set.


How Fast should People Go On A Treadmill?

A treadmill speed of 3mph is good to go for walking, 5mph is great for jogging and 7 mph for running, for people of average fitness levels.

Most active men tend to go on a treadmill at average speed around 8 mph while women workout speed comes approximately 6.5 mph.

You must not drive your treadmill belt to too speed during exercises. Some motors may not support running at too speed for an hour.

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Top fast treadmills

Treadmills are some of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment and for good reason. They provide a great cardiovascular workout, are easy to use, and can be adjusted to fit any level of fitness. You now can figure out how fast do treadmills go, now what are the best fast Treadmills available?

The best fastest treadmill

The Athletic Republic had made some claims to have manufactureres the fastest treadmill with a top speed of 28 mph. If that is it, the machine must be built for , because 28 mph is excessive pace for most athletes. But Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill runs up to top speed of 16 mph.


Best 15 mph top speed treadmills

These machines can go up to 14 mph to 15mph.

  • Life Fitness Elevation Series max speed 14mph
  • Integrity Series Treadmills top speed 14mph
  • Matrix T7xi and T5x Treadmills go up to 15 mph
  • FreeMotion 22.9 Reflex Treadmill goes at top speed of 15 mph


Best 12 mph top speed treadmills

  • Life Fitness Active Series Treadmill speed 12 mph
  • Matrix Endurance treadmill top speed: 12mph
  • Matrix Fitness T75 Treadmill accelerates from 0.1mph to 12mph 
  • Lifestyle Treadmills max speed 12 mph
  • FreeMotion i11.9 incline trainer
  • FreeMotion t10.9 Reflex Treadmill can speed up to 12 mph
  • The Peloton Treadmill goes up to 12.5 mph
  • NordicTrack Commercial X32i max speed :12mph
  • Nordictrack X22i Incline Treadmills speed : 12 mph
  • NordicTrack Commercial 2950, nordictrack Commercial 2450, and nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmills all speed up to 12 mph.
  • NordicTrack Exp 10i maximum speed:12 mph
  • Nordictrack Exp 7i Treadmills both go up to 12 mph
  • ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill top speed:12mph
  • Pro 2000 Treadmills goes up to 12 mph
  • Sole TT8 treadmill goes up to 12mph
  • Sole F85 treadmill max speed
  • Sole F63 Treadmill max speed 12 mph
  • Horizon 7.8AT treadmill can go up to 12mph
  • Horizon T202 Treadmills runs up to 12 mph

Best treadmills with maximum speed 10mph.

  • ProForm Carbon T10 treadmill top speed 10mph
  • Pro-form carbon T7 Treadmill offers 10 mph top speed
  • Horizon T101 Treadmill goes up to 10 mph


Best treadmill with 8moh max speed



Wrap up how fast do Treadmills go

So how fast do most treadmills go? The answer depends on the type of treadmill you have and the settings you use. Most treadmill speed up from 0.1mph to 12 miles per hour for standard treadmills and up to 16 miles per hour for heavy duty commercial treadmills. Some exceptional treadmills for Olympic runners can go up to highest speed of 25mph. As to how much speed a treadmill runs when you’re working out on it, depends on a number of factors including your weight, model, treadmill type and motor horsepower and more.


How fast do planet fitness treadmills go?

What is the highest speed of a treadmill from Planet Fitness? A majority of the planet fitness treadmills come with 4.0 CHP motor, which may go up from speed of 10 to 18 mph or even faster.


What is the best Treadmill that goes faster than 12 mph?

Do you know of any good commercial treadmills that runs or go faster than 12 mph, with treasmill speed between 13 to 16 mph powered by a 4.0 CHP motor?

Here are some treadmills with 13-16 mph too speed, so they can comfortably handle high volume running.

  • Star Trac 8TRx Treadmil – Speed Range: 0.5 to 15 MPH in 0.1 MPH Increments
  • Lifespan TR5500iM treadmill top speed : 13.5 miles per hour
  • Lifespan TR6000i speed range : 0.5 – 13.5 MPH
  • Precor TRM835 – Speed Range: 0.5 to 16 MPH in 0.1 MPH Increments
  • Matrix T7xe

How fast is 7.0 on treadmill in KM?

7 miles per hour on a treadmill equals 11.27km/h.

What speed on a treadmill is 20 minutes?

About 3 miles per hour

Is 12 km/h fast on treadmill?

The 12 kilometres per hour is around 8.3 miles per hour, which is moderate optimum speed for a beginner treadmill user.

Hos fast do precor treadmills go?

A Majority of the precor brand of treadmill machines runs from 0.5mph to 16mph (0.8km/h to 26km/h). The precor treadmill models with 16mph top speed include Precor 956i and 965i experience, Precor TRM 823, TRM 833, TRM 835, and TRM 885. A few of them like precor 932i, 946i, 954i run from 1-12 mph or 1.6km/h to 19km/h

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