Best Treadmill Under $600 [Budget Treadmills For Smart & Healthy Lifestyle 2023]

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With the desire of leading a smarter and healthier lifestyle, plenty of people, especially during this COVID 19 pandemic, have shifted to having regular home exercises. Looking for which cardio machines burn the most calories, for a home gym, a treadmill is one of the most favorite home gym equipment in that list. Don’t worry if you have financial constrains after you made a choice for a treadmill running machine.

I understand that buying the best treadmill under $1000 looks like an investment at the moment if you are on budget. You don’t need to pay that much money because an affordable treadmill would perfectly fulfill an active and healthy lifestyle you need. My recommendation is that you pick the best treadmill under $600.

There are many affordable and effective treadmills in the market, but picking the one that is right for your budget and gives the best home workout experience isn’t easy. From our analysis of more than 42 treadmills under 600 dollars, we found that Maxkare is the best Folding treadmill for most people walking and running at home.

To lose weight faster, burn the highest calories in a week or toned the most body muscles, expert often recommend a mix of variety of cardio machines. I recommend you should include rowing workout into your cardio training, if you already have a treadmill. Walking on a treadmill and rowing with your arms make a great mix of exercises to lose weight quickly.



Things We checked when choosing the best treadmill under $600

While budget is key to purchase a treadmill for low income people, having a comfortable treadmill workout experience is what most people focus on. There is no point in buying a treadmill under $300 with no warranty, and you never get to enjoy any piece of it in a long run.

The best value treadmill offers a comfortable tread belt, good incline, powerful motor horsepower, an easy to read display, a foldable design for use in small apartments, and a single touch operation. We also made sure to include a mixture of both motorized and manual treadmills for every category of users.

Most of the electric treadmills under 600 dollars in our review also include ones that have workout programs. I thing, you would want to have a low price treadmill that offers a variety of exercise options, for your calories burning spree or cardiovascular strengthening.

While weight and treadmill dimensions are very important, there are many other amazing features for a vigorous workout and safety. So if you are ready, check this quick summary below.

best treadmill under $600

foldable designs are also integrated into some affordable treadmills for home use – it save space


What to expect from the best treadmill under 600 dollars

A budget pick that involves a suitable treadmill under 600 dollars would offer some features often found in expensive options. However, you should never expect more than a handful of feature with good workout benefits Most of these cheaper treadmills are designed to provide benefits of working out but may lack digital display screen, which is eye-catching within advanced machines.

What I mean here is that while shopping for a budget treadmill under 600 bucks, you aren’t going to find any at that price, with interactive video displays. None would possesses a touchscreen interface or pre-programmed workouts similar to settings you would enjoy in treadmills for over $1500.

Don’t get discouraged, at $500 to $600, you get a minimally designed, highly efficient piece of home exercise equipment for running. Again, you should expect a heavy duty machine like the ones in the gym.


Top best treadmill Under $600

Looking for the best cardio machine to lose weight or a home cardio machine that burn the most calories? A treadmill is the best cardio machine to lose weight, cut body fats while running at home. While most re high-paying treadmills, there are affordable options that are cost-friendly priced under 600 dollars. Below, get ready to pick your best treadmill under 600 dollars.


MaxKare Folding Treadmill – best treadmill under $600

 MaxKare Folding Treadmill - best treadmill under $600Best Treadmill Under $600 [Budget Treadmills For Smart & Healthy Lifestyle 2023]

  • Brand : MaxKare
  • Foldable Design: YES
  • Type: Motorized
  • Max Speed: 8.5mph
  • Exercises: 15 workout programs
  • Inclines : 3
  • Max Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • suggested user weight : under 186 Pounds
  • Treadmill Weight: 90 lbs
  • Comfort : Multi-layer running belt
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This MaxKare Treadmill is folding, and our best treadmills under $600. The brand may not sound familiar to you but Maxkare is a reputable brand for high quality home fitness exercise equipments with best value.

If you have been looking for which cardio machines burns the highest calories and lose weight during running exercises, this particular treadmill is a go-to. The machine is a good piece of intensive running equipment for serious athletes.

This treadmill is packed with expensive features, but its available for purchase at a low price under 600 dollars. The 15 pre-set programs, the clear, large and visible LCD display screen re few of the versatile features for your home running workout.

This home Folding Treadmill comes with a 17 inch wide running belt and strong copper motor that delivers a range of running speeds – 0.5 to 8.5mph. The inclines are perfect for full body workout in the downhill of uphill running.

At this giveaway price under $600, another best value that MaxKare Folding Treadmill has is the little-none silent workout. The Powerful copper motor is designed to be surprisingly quiet, so training for marathon at home won’t disturb neighbors with polluted sound(noise from the engine). Its my favorite and best silent treadmill under 600 dollars.

More importantly, and unfortunately for heavy runners and overweight persons, the maximum weight capacity is only 220 lbs. Some obese runners and 300-pounds to 500-pounds users will not enjoy this affordable piece of cardio running equipment. So our suggested user weight to comfortable run on this machine is under 190-pounds.

The folding design is a plus, fantastic for home gym owners and people with limited space in apartment. The budget-friendly treadmill is a good value home exercise equipment that you can push around easily and store in a closet or under your bed. It is my best folding treadmill under $500 since it easily folds up, for a safer carrying and storage.

By trying out the 15 treadmill workout programs, you would easily figure what exercise burns the most calories per minute of treadmill running. Moreover, this budget MaxKare Folding treadmill is not the only best cardio machine to lose weight, so you need to use a mix of different weighloss machines for quicker results.

In addition to this moderately cheaper treadmill, you can try a combination of other weight loss exercises from a mix of workout tools. After you run on treadmill, alternate it with an elliptical trainer, Rowing machines and weight lifting(stepper machine) workouts.

These are good to lose leg and thigh fats quickly, and offers a priceless deal for most buyers, for an unforgettable treadmill running experience. Unfortunately, the lower max weight capacity excludes over weight and obese runners.

interesting value

  • Shock absorbing & Double-Deck running platform – the double-deck and multi shock absorbing layers provide runner a safe
  • Noiseless motor – with noise reduction mat, it will not disturb family or neighbors when they are asleep.
  • LCD Monitor – displays your fitness workout data including time, speed, distance, pulse, calories burned
  • Convenient Phone Stand – easy to hold the iPad, cellphone, Tablet or any other handy gadget that streams and plays music, video, podcasts while working out
  • Great for you walking, jogging and running


ProGear 190 Treadmill  –  best manual treadmill under 600 dollars

cheap manual treadmill for under 500 dollars

  • Brand : ProGear
  • Type: Manual(not Motorized)
  • Inclines : 2
  • Max Weight Capacity: 230 lbs
  • Treadmill Weight: 49 lbs
  • Safety: long Handles
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If you want a treadmill that you have absolute control on its operation and speed, which can offer you breathtaking running workout experience, buying a manual treadmill is best choice.

ProGear 190 is the best manual treadmill under 600 dollars. It is a suitable, awe-inspiring, and low cost manual manual machine for users of up to 230 lbs in weight.

The frame is strong steel with a powder coated finish. This design from strong and sturdy materials, makes this non-electric treadmill is a legend in both durability and ease of use at home.

The treadmill belt comes fitted with some over-sized rollers. This design provide you with smooth and consistent walking or jogging experience.

Furthermore, the handles are also fitted comfortable foam grips to make sure you have a strong hold of yourself when running. This long and safety hands allow users irrespective of the heights and fitness levels, to run toughly and comfortably safe without falling off. At a cost-friendlier price, your treadmill workout is secured.

At a very cheap price bargain, having limited space in your room is not an issue when purchasing this treadmill. The construction is safer, compact and slim, so the cheap manual machine won’t take up too much storage space at home.

Besides being small with a fully foldable frame and easy to fit under table, the ProGear 190 is an affordable lightweight treadmill under 600 dollars in this review. The more reason for its lighter looks, is because the equipment has no electric motor.

You know! electric motors that power up treadmills are big and heavy. But this Pro Gear sub $600 treadmill is motor-less and it is not difficult to carry around quite easily in and out of your room.

Easy to install than motorized treadmills with same price point and size. With little help, the running machine installation is more simple, quicker and safer.

To keep track of fitness data, the console is fitted with an LCD display where you can easily get you distance walked, calories burned, and time elapsed.

The only thing that is arching is the manual speed settings, which is kind of boring to stop and set speed, continue. But that burns more calories in a 30 minute run, than from electric type.

What’s interesting

  • The inexpensive manual treadmill is a good deal for unassisted running
  • it is Compact and foldable
  • Strong and durable frames
  • Comfortable and ergonomic safety handles
  • High quality running belt
  • Easy to read LCD display screen


Merax Treadmill with Bluetooth – best smart treadmill under $600

Best treadmill under $600 with bluetooth connectivityBest Treadmill Under $600 [Budget Treadmills For Smart & Healthy Lifestyle 2023]

  • Type: Motorized
  • Inclines : 3
  • Maximum Speed : 8 mph
  • Treadmill Workout Programs: 15
  • Max Weight Capacity: 264 lbs
  • Treadmill Weight: 103 lbs
  • Smart features: bluetooth, fitShow sync,
  • Smartphone compatible
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Smart home gym fitness equipments aren’t only for the high end side. Luckily, this Merax is a smart, fancy built treadmill you would expect to be a luxury, but it isn’t selling at a high price.

What is amazing is the features it offers at low cost, which are only found in expensive home treadmills. You can never tell this treadmill is affordable for under $600. Its high quality, luxury looking features and design offer the best value that you can never compare to a any cheaper treadmill either.

Because it is an electric model, it speeds up to 8mph, and I am sure, the Bluetooth functionality is a plus for your taste. If you want t see your performance right on your smartphone, you just need to dock your device the on the main dashboard and connect it to the machine.

There, you track your progress in a FitShow Sports App. There is another stunning feature here, unlike other traditional treadmills, this Merax allows you to set running speed on your smart phone, when there is need to adjust.

Exploiting the power of the Merax treadmill is a jaw-dropping experience for home runners. In addition to the smart connectivity, the display is equally easy to read, larger for easy glance on performance metrics.

Where this inexpensive smart cardio machine fits home use, is in the foldable design. The frames can be folded up for easy carrying or pushing around the apartment on its transportation wheels.

Although it advanced features are cash saving, the machine is practically not suitable for heavy person over 300 lbs because the weight capacity is not enough to support overweight or obese runners.

Its a good bargain in terms of

  • smart Bluetooth connectivity
  • phone compatibility for speed adjustment
  • Foldable construction
  • Wide and legible display
  • play MP3 music via speaker, by flash drive but unfortunately the USB port does not support playing music on phone


Exerpeutic TF1000 – best treadmill for heavy people, overweight and obese runners

Exerpeutic TF1000 - best treadmill for heavy people, overweight and obese runnersBest Treadmill Under $600 [Budget Treadmills For Smart & Healthy Lifestyle 2023]

  • Type: Electric treadmill
  • Treadmill Motor : 1.5HP
  • Inclines : 2
  • Maximum Speed : 4 mph
  • Treadmill Workout Programs: –
  • Max Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Treadmill Weight: 142 lbs
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Exerpeutic TF1000 is one best piece of equipment for overweight and heavy users . The most remarkable feature you will instantly notice is the 400 lbs weight capacity. This gives it a premium advantage over other sub-600 dollars treadmill models, for bigger and heavier people.

In addition to being safer to larger users, Exerpeutic comes with flawless features including its super wide 20 inches running treadmill belt and folding construction. This larger treadmill running deck is enough to hold or support variety of body sizes comfortably.

If you ever going to need a larger body and obese adult to stay and lose weight at home, this machine is the best treadmill under $600 that experts recommend for heavy runners. It a nicer piece for multi-users.

Another functionality is the added safety handles which are about 18 inches long. The handlebars makes this under-$600 home gym machine, the greatest gift treadmill for beginners, or the safest treadmill for elderly people.

The 5 year warranty electric motor is rated 1.5 horsepower, which delivers just up to 4mph. The speed is particularly suited for walking and slow jogging. This top speed is Extraordinarily slow for fast runners, so the Exerpeutic TF1000 machine is the best treadmill for seniors walking under 600 dollars.

The console displays treadmill workout metrics including time, distance, calories burned, and speed. With a heart rate monitor, it can tell your pulse rate at any speed. Exerpeutic 100Xl is a high capacity magnetic resistance manual with 325 lbs capacity with heart pulse pads to measure target heart rates.

I think if you want to do sprint and run on the treadmill, this one is not suitable for you. The Exerpeutic TF1000 treadmill is cheaper, but has excellent features that are perfect for walking, and jogging only. The motor is not quite fast for toughest running, fat burning, and weight loss programs,

Unique and uplifting features

  • Foldable and space saving
  • Wheels make it easy to carry for home storage
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Suitable for obese, heavy and overweight runners
  • Wider running belt for every body size
  • Good safety and comfortable handles for seniors


Murtisol 1100W Folding Treadmill best budget treadmill under 600

Murtisol 1100W Folding Treadmill best budget treadmill under 600Best Treadmill Under $600 [Budget Treadmills For Smart & Healthy Lifestyle 2023]

  • Type: Electric
  • Treadmill Motor : –
  • Inclines : 3-
  • Maximum Speed : 6.5mph
  • Treadmill Workout Programs: 12
  • Max Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Treadmill Weight: 51 lbs
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Since not all affordable prices are friendly to everyone, this Murtisol 1100W Folding Treadmill is the best budget Pick under 600 bucks. The model is particularly design for someone with a tight budget plan, who can’t spend plenty of money.

Take a price comparison with other apartment sized treadmills and you will it surprisingly cheaper but packed with high-paying and wealthy features. More to that, the design is reliable, for own home use.

It might not be the most affordable model to buy online or in a local market there are many astounding functions you will get. The Murtisol 1100W is a folding treadmill designed with reduced , super slim and easy to store size.

A tiny room or a smaller home will still accommodate this machine. This cost-friendly machine is a better option if you don’t want the treadmill to be set up permanently in their space.

Other features include comfortable handles, high quality belt that runs smoothly and consistently with little friction. It also integrates an effective, clearer LCD display which tracks general body health and cardio performance.

With just little experience, you can assemble this nobly priced running machine at home with little help from expert. Max 20 minutes is enough time to put together every part of it. One thing, here is that the belt seams to come a little bit too narrow for body shapes, yet it is still best treadmill under $600 for small people.

  • Easy to adjust speed
  • very affordable treadmill
  • Safety: emergency stop switch, safety keys
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Great compact design
  • Simple to assembly
  • Has pad and cup holder


how to choose the best treadmill under $600

Best folding treadmill for home running


How to pick The best treadmill under 600 dollars

To enjoy a comfortable fit conveniently at home without paying a huge price for any privileges, consider these things first before purchasing one unit. A careful consideration can offer you a terrific treadmill for less than $600 with great features and functions most found in high end super expensive machines.

The most basic thing to do when shopping for treadmill under $600 is never forget its purpose and how it will satisfy your needs and budget allocation. Think about your situation before you place an order for treadmill. These things ensures you own the right running machine.

Decide the type – manual or motorized treadmill?

Manual treadmills is operated by the movement of your feet and legs. It has no electric motors as motorized treadmills do. A manual treadmill like ProGear 190 has no automatic features . You feet and legs will drive the belt to get the treadmill running. If you want high speed running to lose thigh fats, its not possible with manual machines.

A motorized treadmill like Maxkare running machine, is automated, with electric power, electric motor, safety switches, media pods on the console. You just need to stand on the running deck and press start button at set speed, and you are on the go. The belt will run on its own until you stop it.

The benefit of manual treadmill exercises is the intensity of the workout. Your body energy powers the machine, since it has not power source. That means manual treadmills burn more calories than motorized at the same speed and incline.

In the same way, advantages of motorized treadmill are many. Easy to start, easy to stop, very high speed settings and media support. Electric treadmill allow you take longer exercise routines than manual types.

Treadmill Max Weight capacity

Never ignore the treadmill weight capacity if you want to pick the right budget treadmill for under $600. A treadmill belt, no matter the size, can’t support every user’s weight.

This means that treadmills are designed to support only some particular runners weight. How much it support differ from brand to brand, model to model. A 350 lbs overweight woman can’t run on a machine marked as having a user weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Before you make the payment to the dealer, check to ensure you aren’t too heavy on the treadmill, else, you are going to break. Our review feature Exerpeutic machine -with the largest user weight capacity, suitable for fat people.

If you do conversion, a 110kg person can run on it. So when buying, if you get worried about your body mass, choose the treadmill with the largest weight carrying capacity.

Treadmill Speed settings

Motorized treadmills have speed settings. You need to check if the model permits you to adjust the belt speed while running. Avoid a treadmill that needs that you must step off the running surface before changing speed.

In practice, the versatility of the equipment depends on the variety of speed settings so that you can experience different levels of treadmill workouts. More speed levels is beneficial for weight loss and calories burned. You can switch from high speed sprint workout to walking speed and vice versa, in a single fitness session.

Our recommendation is you choose a treadmill under 600 bucks, with maximum speed level. MaxKare folding treadmill features about 8.5mph but dome high priced machine support up to 12mph neck breaking speeds.

The speed increment also matter a lot. A very small speed increment like 0.1mph means you can speed up gradually without noticing. In the same way, you can slowly and steadily reduce your speeds to jogging or walking mode.

The treadmill in our review that allows such versatility of gradual increment is Exerpeutic TF1000.

How powerful is the electric motor ?

This is very important if you decide to select a motorized treadmill under 600 dollars. What is the power, the performance ratings of the treadmill motor? A powerful electric treadmill motor is the backbone of stronger speed and intense workout.

A high torque treadmill motor generates high-intensity running workout and remains durable with little maintenance. The max speed of 12mph in some advanced treadmills is thanks to extraordinary electric motor horsepower.

A treadmill motor with horse power rating of 1.5HP to 2.5Hp is super great for home running workouts. Anything ratings less than that is suitable for elderly walking or beginner jogging.

Treadmill Inclines

Another way to toughen your running experience on a treadmill is to alter the incline angle of the treadmill belt. Both manual and electric treadmill feature inclines settings and you are going to just increase the incline angle to mimic uphill running or jogging.

This way gets your cardio running workout more tougher and intense, resulting in more calories burned and more weight loss. This feature is one of the main parameters to check when choosing treadmill for weight loss exercises.

Downhill running is more relaxed, and does not push your thigh muscles and heart, like running up a steeper hill on a treadmill.

Treadmill size

How big is the ideal treadmill? The dimensions are important in helping you see if your apartment house can hold the fitness tools there. If you are limited in space around your apartment, a smaller slim treadmill would save more space.

Consequently, a more compact treadmill under $600 like the Mutrisol treadmill is the best for small rooms at home. If it comes with added foldable design, that machine can even go under bed or table.

Treadmill belt size – running surface

The overall treadmill size plays importance in storage. However, another dimension to check is the size of the running deck. The most frustrating mistake is paying for a treadmill with a narrower belt that can even accommodate your body size.

The best treadmill for fat persons should be wider allow enough or free room round the larger body during working out. Experts recommend at least 20 inches wide belt surface, so the Exerpeutic TF1000 is great for people with bigger body build.

They can run comfortably without hitting themselves on the long handlebars(if there is any).

Treadmill Lightweight design

Except you are building a home gym where most home gym equipment remain almost permanent on their respective places, treadmill weight is important factor.

You will perhaps want to move the treadmill in and out of the storage area. If that is so, lightweight treadmill with slim design offers easy portability, lifting and pushing in and out of apartment. The best lightweight treadmill in our review is ProGear 190

Folding treadmill

Fold-ability is one of the best selling points of compact treadmills. Gym treadmills no need to necessarily be foldable. However, if an affordable treadmill for home running is foldable, it takes a lot less space than non-foldable models.

A folding treadmill is more beneficial for a small home gym owner because it allows easy packing away when not in used. MaxKare is our best folding treadmill under $600. ProForm treadmill are designed this way.



What is the best treadmill for a heavy person?

In our review, Exerpeutic TF1000 is the best treadmill for 300lbs heavy people. It can support fat people whose user weight does not exceed 380 lbs.

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