Long Stride Treadmills – The best treadmills for tall Person and heavy runners

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Are you a tall person? Tall runners have great height and all treadmills can’t accommodate their long strides, so what’s the best treadmill for tall people?

The quality of your treadmill workout depends not only on the type of treadmill but also on your height, size and your general body build. Overweight runners don’t have the same body build as 6 feet tall runners, so even a 20″ x 52″ wide walking treadmill for overweight people may not be a suitable treadmill for tall runners.

Therefore, it’s important that when shopping, you pick the best commercial treadmill for running that suits your body type. Only a long stride treadmill will do.

It is common to find people who are thin and tall, but some tall persons are heavy, fat and even overweight. You will notice that when tall runners walk, they make long strides which appear even longer when they run.

As a result, it is challenging to have a tall person running on a treadmill. This is because unlike walking, running on a shorter treadmill with long legs doesn’t end well. As a result, tall people need a specific type of treadmill designed for 6 footer runners.

If you are 6 feet tall runner, having a longer stride means that you’re more likely to get injured if you are not on the right running machine. So what is best home treadmill for serious runners 6 feet tall?

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 Best treadmill for tall person : top picks

Are you in a hurry, your quick glance on these best treadmills for tall runners would make your shopping easy and faster. All of them are best long stride treadmills – they are treadmills with expected average stride length for tall runners.

Do not worry much if the treadmills in our review will accommodate your stride length, we have carefully selected them just to suit tall person like you.


Our Treadmill size classification

Here is how we have classified our treadmill sizes. The larger the surface area, the more ample space is created around the runner. The longer the length, the more it accommodates even the tallest person.

  • Extra large treadmill  – 62 inches long by 22 inches in width
  • Large treadmill belt  – 60 inches long by 20-22 inches wide
  • Medium size treadmill – 56-60 inches long by 18-20 inches wide
  • Small treadmill deck size – less than 56 inches long and less than 18 inches

Tips on sizing your treadmill

  • Use your stride length to choose the right treadmill belt size.
  • Know that running strides are longer than walking strides. Same goes with step length
  • To run comfortably on your treadmill, the belt must be longer than your running stride length
  • If you intend to walk only, pick a treadmill whose belt length is just over your walking stride length.
  • tall people tend to be heavier and that weight places strain on the knees and ankles. Choose a treadmill with long well cushioned deck.


Your height and treadmill accommodation

If you are 5 feet 7 inches tall, for example, pick a tread belt at least 52 inches long.

If you are 5 feet 7 inches to 6 inches 4 feet tall, your treadmill belt length should be at least 55 inches long.

And if your height falls between 6 feet 5 inches and 6 feet 11 inches, you need to pick a treadmill with at least 58 inch-belt.


Best treadmills for tall runners – reviewed

What is a good size treadmill for running, for tall people? Most especially, if you are a tall runner, say over 6 feet, you wouldn\’t just run on any kind of treadmill. You need a treadmill whose running surface has a long belt length and is more than 18 inches wide.

Shopping for the best kind of treadmill for tall athletes, is no easy task however, we will help you get the best treadmill for tall person of any size.

If you consider shopping on your own, as a runner, you need a 20 to 22-inch big treadmill with 58 to 62 inch long running surface. Our best long stride treadmill buying tips will guide you choose the best treadmill for running.

So what are the top best treadmills for tall runners?


ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill – treadmill with Tv screen for a skyhigh person

  • Long Stride Treadmills - The best treadmills for tall Person and heavy runners
  • large running surfrace : 60 inches long by 20 inches wide tread belt
  • Proform treadmill weight limit : 325 lbs
  • best fit for people of height : At least 5 feet 7 inches 


The ProForm Performance 600i is a 20 inch by 60-inch treadmill that is incredibly designed for taller runners who need a spacious treadmill to stretch their long legs.

ProForm Performance 600i has ProShox cushioned deck  for low impact running workouts. Probably one of the best treadmills with smoothest surfaces.

ProForm Performance 600i is a space-saving treadmill that can fold up easily and stored in a small apartment or office when not in use. The treadmill 325 lbs weight capacity makes this proForm suitable for not just the tall people, but it’s one of the best treadmill for 300 lbs person.

If you are looking for a good budget treadmill for running, like pro 2000 treadmill, this ProForm 600i is the best treadmill under 1000 dollars for most runners and 6 footer athletes.

Although the machine has built-in exercise programs, Pro-Form will not tell you what the 22 programs are. To keep your exercise at home exciting, this equipment is one of the best treadmills with TV and internet, that combines fitness and entertainment.

Why we recommend it

  • easy to assemble treadmill
  • has a strong motor that is not overly loud – best quiet treadmill for apartment
  • Has easy lift assist – for easy lifting
  • Best low cost treadmill under 1000 for tall guys
  • Lifetime frame and motor Warranty, 2-year parts Warranty and 1-Year Labor Warranty
  • Wide treadmill for fat people and tall runners
  • free one-year IFIT subscription

What to consider

  • To get it started, you are required to activate IFIT

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • The motor is pretty strong and not loud. The suspension on both sides really help with the leg impact as well; so that’s a plus for some users.
  • Most users feel it’s a scam to activate IFIT before you are allowed to start your treadmill. The activation is pretty much a scam to try and pressure you into an iFit membership. Some user first though the treadmill is broken.
  • There are also shortcut keys to both incline/decline and your speed, so there’s no need to hold down any buttons like older machines to get what you want



3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill – best treadmill for 6 feet tall people


Long Stride Treadmills - The best treadmills for tall Person and heavy runnersLong Stride Treadmills - The best treadmills for tall Person and heavy runners

  • User weight limit :  386lbs
  • Treadmill belt length : 62 inches
  • best fit for : 6 footer runners

This is a 386 lbs high weight capacity treadmill , which is absolutely a great treadmill for 350 lbs , 6 feet tall runners.


If you want a treadmill for athletes with all kinds of bodybuild, 3G Cardio Elite runner can fit all, both tall runners and heavy runners. It is a kind of heavy duty walking treadmill for 300lbs person since it has a weight limit of 386lbs.

Not only is 3G cardio elite, a treadmill for fat people, it is also a big treadmill for tall people and 6 footer runners. Since its treadmill belt length for running is 62 inches, it can handle any strides due to long legs.

The commercial Ortho Flex Shock suspension system help you experience a low impact running. This is so much relief if you have a knee injury or mobility problems. But how long does a commercial treadmill last?

ELite Runner has incredibly sturdy design that is made from thick, steel tubing frame to last for long. Elite Runner has an on-board computer system with a variety of pre-programmed workouts you can enjoy at all fitness levels.

Why we recommend it

  • Durable treadmill
  • Quieter treadmill –  prevents noise when running at home.
  • Large motor- 4hp for high speed walking and running
  • 10 years warranty and 2 years in home labor
  • You can custom create your own workouts, you will never become bored with Elite Runner

What to consider

  • Heavy equipment for tall runners
  • Very high end treadmill for running

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Tall people see 3G cardio Elite as runners dream machine. You can use Elite for intense workout for weight loss with its one-touch incline up to 15%; It has ample space for all runners.
  • There is no cool-down button, and running on the “Manual” mode does not launch a cool-down at the end, which most treadmills do once the time expires.
  • The STOP button on the front of the treadmill is a great safety feature, but it’s way too easy to hit with your hands as you run.



Sole Fitness TT8 – best treadmill for average height runners

Long Stride Treadmills - The best treadmills for tall Person and heavy runners

  • treadmill running surface width : 22-inches wide
  • treadmill belt length : 60 inches
  • Fit: heavy duty treadmill for tall runners


Do you want a treadmill for runners that you can use for both home running and for commercial purpose?. Sole Fitness TT8 treadmill for tall person, is one of such Light Commercial treadmills in the market. It is one of the best commercial treadmill for home use in the market.

Just like Sole F80 treadmill, This 425-pound capacity commercial treadmill has a treadmill running surface 22-inches wide and treadmill belt length of 60 inches.

The wider treadmill deck is too spacious for incredibly fat runners and long enough to allow long strides from tall runners, walking on treadmill.

The Cushion Flex shock-absorption system helps reduce impact on your feet, thereby preventing protecting your knees and joints. This home treadmill for tall runners has a 3.5-hp continuous-duty motor for high speed running.

As a sturdy treadmill for home use, the 15 adjustable incline can provide any intense uphill running. It also has 6 declines levels for intense downhill workout cross trainer for tall person.

Why we recommend it

  • Long, spacious, and comfortable running surface
  • Has 6 standard workouts programs and 2 HR controlled programs
  • Good treadmill for 400 lb person –  treadmill for overweight tall runners
  • Has USD port and tablet holder
  • Has 60 inch treadmill length tall runners prefer at the least

What to consider

  • Expensive

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Somes users believe TT8 is amongst the best treadmill for beginner runner without much experience



Norditrack T series – heavy duty treadmill for tall runners


Long Stride Treadmills - The best treadmills for tall Person and heavy runnersLong Stride Treadmills - The best treadmills for tall Person and heavy runners

  • 20-inch wide treadmill deck
  • 60 inch long treadmill running track


Buying a Norditrack T 9.5 S treadmill wouldn’t cause you to break a bank. A 6 footer person with amazing running experience know that T 9.5 S treadmill is one of the best economical treadmill for running, for tall persons.

The treadmill belt length is long enough to accommodate strides from runners with long legs. It can make a suitable treadmill for heavy person because of the spacious 20-inch wide treadmill deck.

It’s 3.6 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor runs with reduced noise and friction that you can use it in small apartments without being a nuisance to neighbors.

The nordictrack runners flex cushioning is great at absorbing shocks due to impact of running. You don”t need to worry if you have got bad knees.

As concerns home use, norditrack t9.5S has an innovative Space-Saver design with EasyLift Assist. This means you can easily fold up your treadmill after use and store it in small space in your apartment. It is one of the best fold up treadmill for running, for use at home or in the office.

If you want to engage in neck cutting speed for very intense running uphill, this treadmill is a good choice. You can turn to run uphill by adjusting to one of its 12 Automatic Incline levels.

This unit is one of the best treadmills with TV screen.  Immersive 14” HD SMART Touchscreen Display provides convenient stats tracking and trainer-led global workout programs.

Why we recommend it

  •  it\’s best home treadmill for tall runners that saves lots of space
  • nordic track runners flex cushioning good for bad joints
  • Lifetime warranty for frame and motor
  • It is a good budget treadmill for running
  • Has on-demand live interactive training – video streaming
  • tall and fat person can use it – it’s 20 inch x 60 inch wide
  • Has a variety of pre-set workout programs from IFIT Library

What to consider

  • Customer service not the best
  • 60 inch belt length is still not enough
  • It comes not assembled, you have to assemble it yourself

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Users with pretty small workout space in their garage where testify that it fits nicely there and can be more compact using the nice hydraulic fold option. According to them, their 8 year old daughter can lower and raise the machine by herself. It is the best small treadmill for apartment and family use.
  • Some customers are disppointed with the IFIT membership ($396 value). According to some norditrack runners, the 1-Year iFit Membership is false and a $396 scam




LifeSpan TR5500i Folding Treadmill – best long stride treadmill for grandiloquent person home workout

LifeSpan TR5500i Folding Treadmill - best long stride treadmill for home exercisesLong Stride Treadmills - The best treadmills for tall Person and heavy runners

LifeSpan TR5500i Folding treadmill – best treadmill long stride treadmill for tall people

  • 22 inch x 60 inch running surface


The TR5500i is a long belt treadmill that has been updated with a touchscreen console so you can easily pre-program your treadmill workout.

The treadmill belt length provides a  22 inch x 60 inch running surface, long enough to accommodate the long strides of a 6 footer runner.

The 22-inch wide treadmill help absorbs your long stride impacts with its cushioned deck. This is a great pain relief for tall runners with bad knees and arthritis.

That console also sits quite low – taller runners have to look down to interact with the console than when running on other machines. However, the low console stays out of the way if you have to watch your favorite TV series while running.

Though LifeSpan TR5500i is a bit slow to respond to speed changes, it\’s 4hp motor can speed as high as 13.5 mph. This is really a neck breaking speed for tall people who love very intense running workouts on its 13 inclines levels.

Why we recommend it

  • good apartment size treadmill for heavy runners with overweight
  • 60 inch belts is good for long strides
  • Easy use touch screen console
  • Lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty; 5 year Parts & 2 years Labor Warranty
  • Has Bluetooth for syncing fitness data

What to consider

  • Low console not suitable for over tall runners
  • Slow to respond to speed change

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • It is a good a treadmill for tall people as well as the best treadmill for over 300 lbs overweight runners.
  • Users confirm that runners who are 6 feet tall have to bend down to interact with the console




LifeSpan Fitness TR7000i Commercial Treadmill – best treadmill for tallest people

best treadmills for tall runners. 22" by 62" makes it suitable for the tallest runners and the fat guys. It can also hold fat guys and people with biggest waistlines


Long Stride Treadmills - The best treadmills for tall Person and heavy runnersLifeSpan TR7000i with extra large running surface

  • Longest treadmill belt: 62 inches
  • largest treadmill belt: 22 inches
  • accommodates the tallest people
  • can hold really fat and obese persons

LifeSpan TR7000i This is the best treadmill for runners with the longest strides. Actually, LifeSpan Fitness TR7000i is one of the top 10 commercial treadmills for running for at least 6 feet tall people, which can be used for home running. This 400 pound capacity treadmill for tall people is also a great treadmill for heavy runners.

This means if  you a 6 foot tall and overweight, this long stride treadmill is for you. Actually, it is the best treadmill for the tallest runners and someone over 300 lbs.

Its 4 Independent Compression Shocks makes running a low-impact exercise. This cushioning provides great health benefits for all runners and for people with arthritis and bad knees.

With a treadmill track length of 62 inches, this 22-inch wide treadmill is long enough to accommodate all athletic strides from long legs, and large enough for fat people.

This heavy duty treadmill can run up to 12mph with 15 levels of incline. At high speed, this best commercial treadmill for runners is great for intense workouts at gym and at home. Summarily, LifeSpan TR7000i is the best residential treadmill for heavy runners, over 200 pounds of weight and 6 feet tall.

Why we recommend it

  • the 22 inch wide treadmill is good treadmill for plus size runners
  • Great  for both light commercial and home use
  • Very Durable with all-steel construction
  • good treadmill for bad knees
  • offers continuous power at high speeds for the elite athlete
  • It’s a quiet treadmill for running – noiseless motor

What to consider

  • Expensive
  • they’re made out of steel and start to rust fairly easily

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • For some users, though it is one of the best quiet treadmill for apartment, data sync is poor as it only syncs partially. Since March 2019, LifeSpan says they have software issues with the App.
  • bogus heart rate numbers – Heart rate shoots up to 180 when walking at 3.5 mph.
  • Users with join pains have confirmed that LifeSpan Fitness TR7000i is one of the best cushioned treadmill that absorbs running shocks. They identify it as the best treadmill for knees for people with knees injury and arthritis.


Benefits of treadmill for tall people

Why buy treadmill for tall people? Not only does using a treadmill for tall runners help you lose weight, when you run on it, your cardiovascular performance is improved. Improved blood circulation into body muscles provide energy to revitalize your muscle cells.

Treadmill also keep your shape healthy and beautiful, with reduced health related stress. Therefore, Walk to Fitness exercises like running on a treadmill can help you lose body fat, relieve stress, tone muscles and keep you in good shape.

Is walking good for diabetes?

One of the ways how to beat diabetes in 30 days is to run on a treadmill. An intense 30 minute walking workout for runners is one way how to remove diabetes permanently. This means treadmill running workouts is one of the best ways how to reduce diabetes without medicine. In particular, the best time to walk for type 2 diabetes is to take 15 minutes walking exercise on a treadmill every day.

We recommend that tall runners with diabetes, should take a treadmill walking program for diabetics. This can help increase insulin sensitivity and reduce your chances of being diabetic.

the best long stride treadmills for walking - the best treadmills for tall people

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How to select the best treadmill for tall runners

There are a lot of treadmills in the market. Going into treadmill shopping unprepared can make things pretty difficult when choosing a long stride treadmill for yourself.

We often choose a space saver treadmill for home, but will your longer stride legs be accommodated? Most treadmill users including tall runner, keep their eyes on best economical treadmill components of the machine. Budget is important, but sizing is the key to buying a suitble treadmill for tall people.

Extending the treadmill belt dimensions is just one of the treadmill adaptations for tall people. Which belt dimension is suitable for your body build? It serves no purpose to buy a treadmill that is NOT spacious enough to hold your body size.


What should I look for when buying a treadmill for tall runners?

When choosing the best treadmill for heavy people, I usually prefer to go for good heavy duty treadmill, which can fit both plus size and a tall person. A long belt-treadmill with the right kind of features will make all the difference.


Your budget

The first step is to understanding what is the best treadmill for the money you have, is knowing the best kind of treadmill for your needs. But how much does a good treadmill cost? With a budget between $200 to $5000, you can find the best treadmill for your money without much time spent bargaining. Some of them are designed for light commercial use, and have larger touch screens,  heart-rate monitors plus workout programs.

But you can still get a good budget treadmill for running from$1000 -$2000. A careful shopping can make easily sport the best treadmill under 1000 dollars which is absolutely durable and efficient for tall heavy person.

You might want to avoid  low cost treadmill for running if you intense to put it t rigorous use. Going less than 500 dollars looks much like a short-term investment.


Treadmill belt

The treadmill belt length for running is incredibly important for tall runners the same way the treadmill belt size for running is important for overweight runners.

When you observe tall people, you find they make larger strides as they run. In effect, this means their long legs need more space to move around. If you think of the best treadmill for tall runners, you need a treadmill that is long enough to accommodate the long strides of tall people.

The best treadmill for a tall person should have atleast a 60-inch treadmill length. This treadmill size dimensions ensures that when tall people run, they don’t accidentally step their foot outside the treadmill running surface. It suffices to note that 62 inch is treadmill length tall runners mostly prefer for home gym.

Generally, if you want the best treadmills for runners of all sizes, your treadmill dimensions inches should be atleast 20-inch by 60-inch.  This means a treadmill with atleast a treadmill 60-inch belt length and a 20-inch wide treadmill belt size, can accommodate any size of a runner.

Even a 22 inch is considered a commercial treadmill belt size, mostly used to make treadmills for heavy guys.


Treadmill Console height

Another thing you shouldn’t ignore to check on the treadmill is the console and all its display features. A treadmill console houses its various treadmill controls and the LCD displays.

For tall runners, the height of the console is particularly very important not to ignore.

The treadmill console should be at a comfortable height so that a tall person shouldn’t have to bend down to manipulate it. A good treadmill for a tall person has adjustable console height so that it can fit every height of treadmill runners.


Treadmill motor horsepower

The very first thing you should check is the electric treadmill motor horsepower.  A treadmill motor needs to be powerful enough to support a runner’s weight without being overstressed. From our experience the best treadmill for taller runners, who are also overweight, should have atleast 2.5 HP motor as the engine.

If you weigh 400 lbs and 6 feet tall, we recommend you shop for treadmills that can hold 400 lbs,  with a treadmill 60+ inch belt, and a 4.0hp horsepower powerful motor.


Treadmill weight limit

Do treadmills have a weight limit? Every treadmill has a max weight capacity. Treadmill user weight capacity tells you how much runners weight it can bear without being overworked.

A treadmill that has a treadmill weight limit 400 lbs is best for overweight and obese people. You don’t need to overload the machine. Your weight must not near or exceed the weight limit of the treadmill for efficient performance. So the 400 pound heavy duty machine looks like the best treadmill for 300 lbs person.

Check your body weight properly and make sure the mass does exceed the treadmill carrying capacity set by the manufacturer. If it does, the treadmill becomes unstable, inefficient and the motor can heat up and burn.


Treadmill workout programs

Some treadmills come with a variety of pre-set workout programs from IFIT Library, like walking, jogging and running programs. Some also have live interactive video training. These programs can be of great relief if you had knee pains.

These programs also help enhance your fitness performance to an extend that you would otherwise, not had experienced.



How to calculate stride length for leg

Depending on your height, you may have a long or short stride that impacts your indoor running on the treadmill. If you know the average running strides for your leg, that can help you easily choose the best treadmill for long stride running.

Your stride length vs treadmill belt length

To avoid potential dangers, measure your average stride length and check if Treadmill with Long Running Deck is suitable for you.

There are  two ways you can use to measure your stride length:

Steps and distance

  • step length = distance in feet/number of step
  • stride length = double distance in feet/number of steps

Leg stride length calculation is based on the number of strides and the distance of an average stride. The average length of each individual’s stride is bound to vary.

When you begin his walk, your leg strides are sure to be different from when you get tired after walking for a while. Your stride length is even longer when you run, however, no matter how much you can run, your stride length may never exceed maximum.

Use pedometer

Some pedometers need to be configured to measure the length of your stride. This way they can calculate the distance you have travelled.


Tip on Walking or running on a long stride treadmill

Some runners have trouble speeding up or just completing a workout on the treadmill. If you are one of them,  your stride might be to blame.

If you take longer strides, for example, it might be painful to  run continuously on a short belt treadmill. However, if your stride is short, you may find that you get out of breath more easily on a long stride treadmill.

On a treadmill with long running bed, it takes more strides to pace with the fast-moving belt. For some tall people, this feels like a harder task(needs lot of effort) to keep up.

You also need to focus on your cadence – the number of strides you run per minute. The average tall runner has a cadence of about 150 to 160 steps per minute. For experienced tall runners, reaching 200 steps per minute at top speed is common.

When doing a long stride treadmill workout, run with music that matches your cadence. Howell says. “Try to run to a music score set for 180 BPM, or steps per minute. In your effort to run faster, do not try to increase your stride length or step.




What is the best manual treadmill for home running?

If you want a treadmill a little different and self-powered, Assault Fitness AirRunner is actually for you. With 62 inches belt length, every tall runner can use it without fear of stepping their feet outside the running surface. This manual long stride treadmill is particularly important for tall heavy people who want to lose weight in an exhaustive workout.


What is NordicTrack treadmill deck height?

The NordicTrack treadmill deck height is about 11-inches. If the incline is set up, the front part of the deck will become elevated by a few extra inches. Therefore, it is recommended to use the machine in a room with a ceiling that is at least 20-inches higher than your own height.


How long does a commercial treadmill last?

How long should a treadmill last depend on its build quality. Treadmill manufacturers divide running machines into home and commercial. Most quality treadmills run on average, 1000 miles per year. A well built light commercial treadmill can take up to 10 years of quality operation with great care and maintenance.


What is the best treadmill for a heavy person?

Are you obese and want to run on a treadmill? A treadmill is the best exercise equipment for morbidly obese runners. These are what you should expect to find the best treadmill for heavy person.

Wide treadmill is great

A good treadmill for overweight people is one that has a wide and big treadmill belt size. While some heavy people can run on 18-inch belt size treadmill, we recommend you get a good treadmill for heavy guy that is spacious enough to accommodate any overweight body build. Treadmill belt size dimensions of 20 to 22 inch is best for all heavy guys.

High treadmill weight capacity

Most heavy duty treadmills for heavy runners have treadmill weight limit in the range 250 lbs to 500 lbs. SOLE Fitness TT8 is best treadmill for someone over 300 lbs. Treadmills that can hold 400 lbs runners are the best choice for most people.


What is a good size treadmill for running?

For running, the treadmill should have at least 48 inch belt length and 18 inches wide belt size. If you are a 6 feet tall runner, you would need at least a 52-inch belt for walking and at least 58-inch belt for running. Also, if you plan on running, get a treadmill that goes up to 10 mph or higher.


What is thee best treadmill for bad knees?

Most of our treadmills for running are cushioned. A treadmill with shock absorbing system can help you enjoy a low impact running. This means you wouldn\’t experience pains and strain on your joints and knees. With bad knees, or arthritis, you would still enjoy a healthy running workout with all these best treadmills for bad knees in our review.


What is thee best treadmill for 60 year old runners?

The best walking treadmill for seniors should have safety long handlebars to provide stability when running. In our review, there is no treadmill with such safety treadmill adaptations for seniors. However, there is one machine for tall and heavy runners, that has safety features for seniors.

LifeSpan TR8000i is 22 inch x 62 inch; great for runners. It is also a 500 lb weight capacity treadmill for overweight runners . Its added feature -long stabilizer bars makes TR8000i, the best treadmill for obese or heavy seniors who may be 6 feet tall.


What is the most durable treadmill for tall people?

How long does a commercial treadmill last? It all depends on its construction. Steel frames construction treadmills for tall person are more durable.  If you also want to know the durable treadmill for tall people, check on the treadmill belt material and warranty. Some belts may wear out in a year but the frames remain for a life time.


Wrapping Up

The quality of a treadmill workout depends not only on the treadmill, but also on your height, size and general body build. Overweight runners don\’t have the same body build as 6 feet tall runners, so a 20″ x 52″ wide heavy duty walking treadmill for overweight beginners may not be a suitable treadmill for tall runners.  Therefore, it’s important that when shopping, you pick the best commercial treadmill for running that suits your body type.

The con of a longer belt is that a treadmill takes up more space. If you’re limited on space then you can consider buying a treadmill with a collapsible frame. Such treadmills for small space  can be folded up to save space.’, ‘Long stride treadmill – The best treadmill for tall runners

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