The Best shock Absorption treadmills for injury free workout 2023.

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Walking and Running are excellent ways you can stay in pretty good shape, active and healthy, but it can be hard on your joints sometimes. To reduce the impact of running on your body, investing in the best shock absorption treadmill is what medical and fitness experts recommend. A Shock absorbing treadmill is designed to absorb some of the impact of each step you take, reducing the strain on your joints.

Looking for a treadmill that is well cushioned for Comfortable Fitness home exercises?

Do treadmills absorb shock really?

Yes. High quality Treadmills, have cushioning systems designed and located beneath the belt and the treadmill deck or the part of the treadmill the belt slides over—that help absorb shock. Treadmill models and brands differ the way they build in their treadmill shock absorption system. Your treadmill manufacturer might have used springs to create the cushioning, but most brands use a durable rubber like the one in car bumpers.


Can Treadmill shock absorption enhance performance?

Enrique Colino conducted a research on the mechanical properties (energy restitution, vertical deformation and shock absorption) of surfaces of different treadmill models, and compared to some overground sports surfaces like athletic tracks, asphalt, concrete and artificial turf.

The result showed that the mechanical properties of treadmills differ significantly from those of overground surfaces. The report says treadmills exhibit the highest Shock Absorption of all the surfaces and that shock absorption differ between treadmill models.

Another similar research has linked the effects, treadmill shock absorbing surface have on users’ psychological and perceived demands when doing endurance running. The study proved that the kind of treadmill cushioning may affect your treadmill walking and running performance, and level of injury risk.


Why buy the best cushioned treadmill?

When it comes to running on a treadmill, shock absorption is key for a comfortable and safe running experience. Shock absorption reduces the amount of stress placed on your joints, muscles, and tendons, helping to prevent injuries.

low-impact fitness and , physical therapists will recommend it for quick recovery from injury.

runners and walkers for for cushioned treadmills – machines high-quality shock absorption systems to reduce the pounding and chance of getting injured.

The shock absorption system in low impact treadmills, is a preventative feature to protect your knees, joints, hips, ankles from pains. The best treadmills for running or walking workouts have well cushioned running surface and you can walk even 10, 000 steps per day without feeling any pains.

Most treadmill studio have padded treadmill, so Getfitsmartly recommends you get a treadmill with quality shock absorption for your home today.

In one of our guides, we highlighted how seniors can benefit treadmill walking. A low impact, well cushioned treadmill is the best get fit equipment an elderly person can ever use.

Today, we will share some incredible luxury looking treadmills with best shock absorption for anyone looking to get fit without strain.

Let us share some recommended exercises friendly machines from fitness and wellness experts, famous athletes, experienced coaches, life saving physical therapists, and certified trainers.


Types of treadmill cushioning

Guide to buying the best shock absorption treadmills. You want a smooth, less stressful, and comfortable workouts, the riding on the best cushioned treadmill is the way out

Treadmills have cushioning systems often located beneath the belt and the deck, and helps absorb shock. Some treadmill manufacturers use springs while others make use of durable rubber, to create that cushioning.


Adjustable Cushioning

Most residential treadmills today come with “adjustable cushioning”, a shock absorbing system that allows users to vary the amount of shock the deck absorbs. This sound interesting if you got bad knees because you can change the level of firmness or softness to suit your taste.

Adjustable Cushioning is designed in such a unique way, that you can easily notice the front of the running deck feels softer. That is exactly where your every foot strike enjoys maximum cushioning and absorption. Towards the rear or the back of the treadmill belt, you discover a firmer and stable cushioning. Midway (transition zone), the belt has moderate cushioning.

Most seniors, and adults with leg injuries like treadmills with adjustable shock absorption because they can often modify the firmness of the running belt and tailor it to their fitness level or experience.

Adjusting impact levels range from a scale of 1 to 8 (with 1 is softest cushioning with highest shock absorption and 8 is the hardest cushioning with less impact absorption.

If you are an athlete, football player or a marathon runner, you are probably going to be training to run outside on a hard surface or pavement. So, you have got to adjust your home treadmill’s running deck cushioning to a harder scale to simulate really impactful road experience.

If you got painful knees, hips or back, adjusting to a softer treadmill deck is going to be easier on your joints. What I find amazing is that soft treadmill belt (soft cushion) still provide adequate walking or running resistance, enough to build up strength in your legs, while aiding offering quick recovery from sore injuries.


Orthopedic treadmill Belt

Another extraordinary shock absorption feature built into some treadmills, is the orthopedic belt. An orthopedic treadmill belt is bult thicker than most conventional belts we find in cheap treadmills. Denser, sturdy and with ripped surfaces, orthopedic belts absorb more shock due to impact of every foot strikes that lands on the deck. The orthopedic treadmill belt with ripped surface, is the most cherished amongs people who wear running shoes on treadmill, because they offer better grip. Moreover, the orthopedic cushioning makes your treadmill workout a lot safee.

The sad part is, the best treadmills that are fully equiped with shock absorbing orthopedic belts are seriously expensive. And if you had a treadmill already, you can often swap the existing belt for an orthopedic shock absorbing one if the rollers are somewhere around 2.4 inches wide.

The fear with thicker belt is, they cause wear on roller bearings easily due to heat from friction. Modern heavy duty treadmills with thicker belts look breathable as they dissipate heart and eliminate regular maintenance.

Other features

How to pick the best shock absorption treadmill you won’t regret. You want to Purchase, note that in the world of fitness, cheaper machines are not always better. The simple reason is, quality and reliability are different between treadmill brands.

While fitness experts recommend you actually go to your local fitness store and test the treadmill deck before buying, you should pick the one with best warranty if you choose to shop from online stores.


The Best Cushioned Treadmills – our Top suggestions

#1 Best Cushioned Treadmill Overall: Sole Fitness F63

#2 Best Budget Cushioned Treadmill: Sunny Health & Fitness Auto-Incline Smart Treadmill

#3 Best Cushioned Treadmill for Walking workouts: Echelon Stride

#4 Best shock absorbing Treadmill for Home: NordicTrack EXP 7i

#5 Best Cushioned Treadmill for Beginners: Horizon Fitness 7.4 AT

#6 Best shock absorption Treadmill Under $1,000: ProForm City L6


How to choose Shock absorbing belt

Nothing affects the level of shock absorption like the quality of material used on the belt. A treadmill belt designed with pretty Cheap rubber will most likely wear down quickly.

1-Ply treadmill belt

This is the thinnest treadmill belt because it is made of just a single piece of rubber. The thin single ply tread belt wears out quickly because it has got no reinforcement. Most very affordable Treadmills have 1-ply belts which offer minimal shock absorption against foot impact.

2-Ply treadmill belt

Most commercial treadmills you use in gyms come with 2-ply running belts. The upper material might be high quality rubber while the bottom is made from a more durable mono-filament material. A treadmill with 2-ply shock absorbing belt offers more comfort than 1-ply belts.

3-Ply treadmill belt

Very few treadmill models have a 3 or 4 ply cushioned running belt. The multiple, layers added for shock absorbency or durability make the treadmills come very expensive to purchase, too heavy (large item weight) and with added maintenance work.



Best shock absorption treadmills reviewed

A treadmill is one of the most popular cardio fitness machines, that offers tons of benefits over outdoor running or walking exercises. One treasmill benefit mist people enjoy over running on pavement is reduced impact on joints and bones. Especially, elderly person’s over 60 years can’t do without low impact treadmills.

Unfortunately, many Treadmill brands available in the market are making noise about having best treadmill with cushioned decks and lot of users get sucked in to the lies.

We have simplify your search for a good treadmill with cushioned belt and nothing will feel overwhelming to you. Pick your favorite machine now – a treadmill with the best shock absorption system.


#1 Best Cushioned Treadmill Overall – Sole Fitness F63

Best Cushioned Treadmill Overall - Sole Fitness F63
Best Cushioned Treadmill Overall – Sole Fitness F63The Best shock Absorption treadmills for injury free workout 2023.


  • Motor: 3.5 hp motor,
  • max speed of 12 mph plus 15 incline
  • Treadmill Dimensions: 35″L x 82″W x 66″H
  • Treadmill running surface:
    Shock absorbing technology: Flex cushion belt
  • Treadmill Weight capacity: 325 lbs.


For an athletes who wants a treadmill that supports their high-intensity workouts without sacrificing comfort of their foot, knees and hips, Sole is a go-to brand.

Sole F80, and Sole Fitness F63  have good Treadmill padding. Their shock absorbing belts assists to relief crushing stress  in joints and spine regardless of how many steps you take.

Regarding impact support, The F63 features Sole’s patented Cushion Flex Whisper Deck which reduces joint stress by a incredible 40%. Although, the cushioning is not overly extensive as in more-expensive treadmills, tje Sole F63 flex cushion 60-inch running surface is significantly better than running outdoors in reducing shocks.

Your walking and running workout on this machine will not require hard effort. And if you’re a runner with hip, back, foot pains, the very cushy and smooth platform reduces users risk of suffering soreness.

Overall, F63 prioritizes user comfort with many perks including flex cushioned belt, integrated tablet holder, Bluetooth audio speakers, USB charging port and water bottle holder.

My take:

Sole Fitness F63 being super comfortable at affordable price. It is designed to balance shock absorption and speed at a humble price tag, which is why if offers the beat value for your money.

When shopping, know that The standard 1-ply belt won’t last longer. Pick your Sole treadmill with 2.3mm premium 2-ply belt and if you see fit, swap it for the commercial 2-ply which is at least 2.5mm thick and can support 5-10 hours daily usage.

Reason to purchase

  • Sole F63 treadmill cushioning system significantly reduces the shock
  • Allows you to Connect your tablet to stream Netflix and online shows.
  • Enjoy your favorite or killer music playlist through built in speakers.
  • Durable and sturdy machine for  home gym – withstands wear and tear.
  • Motor and frame have lifetime warranty protection
  • Folds up to save space at home
  • High quality Treadmills that comes right on budget.

Reasons to avoid

  • Big and heavy to move around
  • Not easy to assemble
  • Really big and might not fit in a small condo.

Check and order Sole Fitness F63 now!


Best Budget-Friendly Cushioned Treadmill – Sunny Health & Fitness Smart Treadmill


Best SHOCK ABSORPTION Treadmill - Reduce joint impact in every step with the shock absorption technology that is embedded on the low deck treadmill.
Best SHOCK ABSORPTION Treadmill under $600-


  • Treadmill Dimensions: 63″L X 26.2″W X 50.2″H
  • Treadmill running surface :49.5L x 16.5W in
  • Treadmill Weight capacity: 220 lbs.


Here is a Premium Folding Auto-Incline Smart Treadmill which won’t cause more strain on your foot. It’shock absorption surrounds the bottom of the deck and passes less impact force on your legs and joints. So you can tiredlessly walk or run more miles for a longer time, with less fatigue, as compared to running outdoor on hard asphalt.

Sunny Health & Fitness is well known for making high quality, but yet affordable fitness equipment. This treadmill model runs smoothly, and quietly thanks to the premium shock absorbing belt that cuts impacts off your joints.

It looks hard to beat the value as the relatively low price and good cushioning keep users walking and running on it with maximum delight. Even certified personal trainer recommend sunny and health smart treadmill for beginners.

My take

This smart machine looks higher end, loaded with smart features, easy on bad knees, and most of all lightweight. A basic cushioned treadmill, like this one is suitable for beginners and people who are tight in budget. The S&F smart treadmill remains my favorite piece if I am looking for the best machine for walking and jogging comfortably without spending too much.

Reason to buy

  • well cushioned and easy on knees and joints
  • Feels very lightweight,
  • Good Smart features: speakers, Bluetooth, phone functions.
  • 15 auto incline levels perfect for uphill exercises
  • It folds up and stores away easily
  • Great option for walkers, joggers and sprinters (max speed 9mph)
  • Compatible with SunnyFit app for performance workouts and fitness tracking
  • Easier and quicker to set up. No complications.
  • The equipment is foldable, and looks like a good narrow treadmill for small spaces.

Reasons to avoid

  • 3 years frame warranty looks limited
  • Not very reliable – home users complain the unit is shaky ( probably not very sturdy)
  • The 9mph is actually a Low top speed, serious runners want more than that number.
  • Not a suitable treadmill for heavy,  overweight or obese runners.

Chexk and buy Sunny Health and fitness premium smart treadmill


#3. Best shock absorption treadmill for bad knees-  ProForm Performance 600i

ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill
ProForm Performance 600i TreadmillThe Best shock Absorption treadmills for injury free workout 2023.


  • Treadmill shock absorption technology: ProShox
  • Treadmill selt size: 60 inches long
  • Treadmill weight capacity:325 lbs pounds
  • Too speed 12 mph + 12 level incline.

Check Price & Ratings

ProForm treadmills are among the highest quality products in fitness business. The customes use The machine forever.

The higher price tag is not something to worry, since the  600i is a treadmill with best shock absorption system, formidable versatility and lot of convenience.

A heavy dose of  comfortable run—and a comfortable walk comes from the ProShox cushioning technology. Walking or running in the ProShox cushioned belt offers max comfort to your feet, ankles, bad knees, and painful joints.

Proform claims that their latest treadmill cushioning system reduces impact by up to 33 percent, than running on the road. Verified Amazon buyers have confirmed that 600i is super easy on knees, hips and back.

After investing heavily on users comfort, The pro-form treadmill brand still has the guts to include built in auxiliary speakers, 50 integrated workouts, and a one-year iFit membership like NordicTrack.

My take

You love to take a recreational treadmill workout without injuries?  The cushioned deck or shock absorbers in the suspension, greatly offer support for back and knees joints even if you are heavier person. The 10% incline option plus a top speed of 10 miles per hour is good for a moderate , safe and comfortable workout at home. It is the best cushioned treadmill for longer workout and faster recovery.

Why pay for this treadmill?

  • Excellent shock absorbing deck
  • good Warranty: Lifetime frame, motor, 2 year parts
  • iFit enabled for interactive fitness classes.
  • Opestes quietly and it’s easy to use
  • Has a Lifetime frame and motor Warranty, 2-year parts Warranty.

What to consider

  • Very heavy and awkward – Lots of work to assemble
  • Fan is noisy
  • Expensive

Order ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill 


#4: Horizon Fitness T101 Folding Treadmill – Best Budget Treadmill for Shock Absorption.

Horizon Fitness T101 Folding Treadmill with Incline for Running and Walking with Bluetooth Connectivity 300 lb Capacity, Running Machine for Home Exercise
Horizon Fitness T101 Folding Treadmill with shock absorbing technology


  • Treadmill user weight limit: 300 lb
  • Treadmill deck size
  • Treadmill cushion: adjustable best Cushioning system 
  • Treadmill horsepower: 2.5HP

Check Price & Rating

Heavy duty treadmill is pretty good for family use, but T101 folding treadmill is more portable and convenient. Their shock absorption system is just incredible and friendly of your ankles.

While the unit is blessed with a pretty long running deck, it is also equipped with a unique three-zone Variable Response Cushioning System under the deck. The padded belt absobes all the shocks and makes you to work out longer, with little fatigue.

This Horizon Fitness T101 model has larger grommets in the front of the deck, to absorb your foot fall. There are also smaller grommets in the rear of the deck that forms a stable or firm push-off point.

Just like a orthopedic or cushioned running shoes, T101 treadmill deck cushioning soften the impact zone and offers firmer support in the rear (push-off zone).

This adjustable shock absorption technology is not a weakness. It gives more flexibility on every walking step you take. Overall, the variably padded long deck system allows customers to reduce joint and knee strain by 30% than exercising on the road.

Other personal touch include the, favorite music support, Bluetooth connectivity,  on demand classes for motivation, phone, tablet and water bottle holders.

Reason to order

  • Powerful motor with Johnson Drive System,
  • Operates seamlessly, silently and responsively
  • Very reliable treadmill with durable frames
  • Has programs for weight loss, calorie burning, race/marathon training, and intervals.

Order Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill with shock absorption system.


Best shock absorption Treadmill for Walking workouts- Echelon Stride

Best shock absorption Treadmill for Walking workouts- Echelon Stride
Best shock absorption Treadmill for Walking workouts- Echelon Stride treadmill.


  • Treadmill Dimensions: 69″L x 31″W X 49″H
  • Treadmill belt size: 20” (W) x 55” (L) (50.8cm x 139.7cm)
  • Shock Absorption technology:
  • Treadmill Weight: 156 lbs.
  • Treadmill max user weight: : 300lb/136kg


Echelon is a compact, affordable smart treadmil well know for it’s versatile design, easy folding, and variety of courses.

For people who want to walk and enjoy max comfort, echelon is one of the best shock absorption treadmills for walking, which cuts impacts of walker’s foot stride to nothing.

In addition to its maximum impact absorption bonus, echelon carries alot of interesting perks that may make you stay confined at at home or walking all day. You can enjoy variety of courses around the world, including awesome adventures like trail hiking, Cycling, Rowing, Running, HIIT, Yoga, and Pilates.

To simulate outdoor uphill walks, Echelon incline setting goes up to a 10% grade. While this is a plus for power walkers, the top speed of 12mph is something serious Runners appreciate in this knee-friendly treadmill.

Echelon saves plenty of space, no trouble if you live in a compact bed sitting room. A majority of users with small spaces, confirmed it fits well in small condos, tiny closest and under bed.

What We Like

  • Plush, impact-absorbing,
  • Many live and on demand fitness classes
  • The models meet the hard-to-pass international safety standards.
  • Has spacious deck for unisex adult walkers
  • Space saver treadmill thanks to auto-fold technology
  • Easy to fold and store away
  • Offers more than 40 daily live workout classes.
  • Integrated handlebar heart rate sensors

What We Don’t Like

  • No touchscreen or TV screen. Use tablet or mount a wall screen
  • You pay monthly fees for Echelon membership
  • Limited warranty (just 1 year)
  • Motor doesn’t support running

Check and BUY Echelon Stride now!


Best Cushioned Treadmill  for runners – NordicTrack EXP 7i


  • Treadmill Dimensions: 77.3″ L x 35.3″ W x 59.6″ H
  • Display: 7 inches touchscreen
  • Commercial plus Motor :3 CHP
  • Treadmill Weight: 222 lbs.
  • Shock absorbion: FlexSelect cushioning
  • Treadmill Weight capacity: 300 lbs.


Another comfortable treadmill which looks sturdy, runs quiet and comes with a lot of bang for your buck, is the NordicTrack EXP 7i.

In addition to the high-definition touchscreen, Nordictrack EXP 7i has a 20″x60″ commercial tread belt that is knee-friendly when walking and running. The design of this studio treadmill deck uses Flex Select cushioning that helps to reduce the impact on your spine, hips and joints.

Although EXP 7i running deck is not as soft as other treadmills within same price range, but the shock absorption is better than running outside. There is no denying that the brand has made a tremendous improvement on it shock impact as compared to asphalt or concrete.

Other awesome feature include iFit membership, from where you can get ready access to plenty interactive workouts and elite runners courses designed and led by elite runners.

What We Like

  • Has a smart 7″ HD touchscreen monitor
  • You can enjoy ifit Studio sessions, trail runs
  • Soft belt for you to get a cushiony ride
  • 12% and 12mph good for serious runners.
  • Runs smoothly and quiet
  • treadmill makes very little noise when in use
  • Running platform fold up easily
  • Has large belt – enough space for workout.

What We Don’t Like

  • Need to pay monthly iFit membership to get workout classes.
  • Not very easy to assemble alone. Needs two people
  • got no tablet holder

BUY: NordicTrack EXP 7i

FAQs About Shock absorption Treadmills

Does exercising on a treadmill damage tour knees?

Running is a high impact exercise that is hard on your knees. Running can completely damage your knees whether you’re running outdoor or indoor on a treadmill. To help preserve the health of your ankles and knees,
Run on a shock absorption treadmill.
Run in moderation on treadmills, don’t get addicted to treadmill workouts.

The Impact on Knees can be too tough if you are overweight or obese. This is because the system of joints in the knees all bear the weight of your body.

In addition to pressure from users weight, running is just another high impact physical activity that adds more stress on the knee joints. Running is actually some sort of repetitive motion and that places extra strain on the knees whether it’s on treadmill deck or road surface.

Treadmill belt padding have shock-absorbent qualities and it is only a proper cushioning treadmill deck that can help protect against knees damage.
To mitigate the risk of stress injuries to the knees, Talk to your doctor before using treadmills, especially if you have had a precious knee injury.


How to Use the Treadmill Without Putting Stress on Knees

How should I use my treadmill in a way that will help to reduce or eliminate knee stress?

  • Pick a cushioned treadmill to reduce the impact on your joints.
  • Take a walk, and not run, as this prevent knee pains.
  • Wear proper walking or running shoes to put pressure off of your knees.
  • Keep your strides to natural level. Don’t shorten them as that can built stress. Making them longer can cause over-stepping.
  • Get good posture through pilates and other stretches. This reduces improper form.


How long does treadmill cushioning last?

“Treadmill cushioning would last for the life of the product …”, according to Greg Law, the director of engineering for Icon Health and Fitness, the company that stands behind some most popular treadmill brands like FreeMotion, NordicTrack, and ProForm.

Actually, the shock absorbers under the deck will last the life of the treadmill u less there is a manufacturing defect somewhere. ow long a treadmill last is averagely 12 years and so it is likely the treadmill cushion under the deck can last 10-15 years. But there are always good reasons to upgrade the treadmill cushion system.


Does my treadmill need shock absorption?

Yea, your treadmill needs built-in shock absorption in order to keep your joints protected against impact during walkior running exercise.


Do all treadmills have shock absorption?

All treadmills should be cushioned for safety reasons. Unfortunately, Some treadmill brands aren’t serious and only skimp out. They are not willing to add enough Shock absorbion system, so that they win the market with lower priced treadmills. As such, you will notice that Shock absorption varies from one treadmill to treadmill.


What is the best treadmill for shock absorption?

There are many Treadmills in the market with powerful shock absorption. The top best treadmills for shock absorption come from Nordictrack, ProForm, Sole, Horizon and that is it.

Horizon fitness shock absorption consist of elastomer or rubber grommets positioned underneath the deck or treadmill running surface.

Some models of Nordictrack treadmills use adjustable FlexSelect cushioning and and other have advanced Reflex Cushioning technology that reduce impact upto 33% than hard road.

Sole treadmill’s Cushion Flex Deck was first designed in 1992 and it is been one of the best cushioning systems ever in the industry. You get minimal impact on your joint, when running on treadmill with the Cushion Flex Suspension System than on asphalt. This Cushion Flex on this treadmill, the Frames and incline settings, all help to lower impact on your ankles, feet, knees to bare minimum.


What is the best treadmill Shock Systems to Avoid?

Cheaper treadmills have pretty limited shock absorption and some have treadmill decks that angle outwards. The danger here is that while working out, every footfall can potentially twist your foot and cause injury later.

My recommendation is that you avoid cheaper treadmill brands because they seriously skimp on treadmill cushioning, as well as belt thickness. That is why the machines look lightweight and with shaky frames, the impact of your feet pounding on the deck isn’t going to be properly absorbed.


Do I need a cushioning system on my treadmill?

Yes you do need a shock absorbing treadmill, if joint pains or knee injury is an issue. A treadmill that has cushioning built-in will significantly limit your joint impact and make things more comfortable and safe.


Can I add cushioning to my treadmill?

You can add a good treadmill mat or install your treadmill on a soft carpet as that gives extra cushioning. And while users can replace thin belt with a thick one, you can’t add or replace your treadmill’s shock absorption system.


How can I make my treadmill more comfortable?

To reduce injuries, stiffness, tightness around your body, make your treadmill comfortable. Here is how to make your treadmill low impact and more comfortable on calves, knees, hips, back, feet and ankles.

  • purchase a treadmill with best shock absorbing deck.
  • Pick a long Treadmill that accommodate your strides and a wide belt treadmill that offers enough space for your arm swing.
  • Wear walking or running shoe before using your treadmill
  • Swap a 1-ply treadmill belt with 2-ply belt.
  • Incline your treadmill at 1% to 3% and limit flat surface treadmill exercises.
  • Choose quiet treadmill – one with smooth motor operation.
  • Install your treadmill on a mat over a carpet, for extra cushioning.
  • Keep your treadmill running sessions under 30 minutes to reduce wear and tear on your knees.
  • Stand in the middle of the treadmill deck so that you make your natural strides. Running Infront of the deck reduces your stride and increases stress on knees.


Is it better to use a treadmill with or without shoes?

Use treadmill with shoes. Doing a high impact exercise on the most cushioned treadmill can still strain your foot and ankles. So you should protect your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back from undue stress by always wearing running shoes on your treadmill.

If you got the cushiest and the most comfortable treadmill , you should still go and get a good pair of walking or running shoes for treadmill workouts. Insoles in shoes offer extra support and cushion, so wear them to keep your joints stronger and healthy.


What treadmill is best for knees?

The best exercise equipment you can bet for bad knees, are treadmills with shock-absorbing cushions and trampoline rebounders. The padded deck in treadmills help in protecting your knees from jolting impact that you might find only on rugged surfaces.


Are treadmills shock absorbent?

Treadmills are one of the top cardio machines that use many ways to absorb shocks due to walking or running impact. That is why cushioned treadmills gives you less strain on ankles, less stress on your joints, than walking over hard surfaces like concrete.

Most athletes combine both outdoor and and indoor (treadmill) running, but if joint pain is an issue, they go for a treadmill with best shock-absorbtion system.

There are many brands and models of treadmills but they share similar anatomy. The have deck, stepping surfaces and more. Most decks are made from particle board or some kind of strong medium density fiberboard, but the belt that rotates have different levels of Cushioning. In more expensive treadmills, you will find springs or runner shock absorbers under the deck.


Why choose cushioned treadmills?

Reaction forces when you step on a treadmill deck, are lower than walking on pavement. The study was conducted on how Treadmill vs Hard Surfaces affect your joints. In what is called “A Kinematics and Kinetic Comparison of Overground and Treadmill Running,” published in 2008, Hard surfaces ( concrete and asphalt) create jarring impacts on your joints than treadmills, which can lead to joint injury after some times. The awesome thing is, a Treadmill has a softer running surface, with shock absorbers that help cushion each step and reduce joint impact.


Types of Shock Absorbers

Thinner (less than 1 inch) decks on treadmills offer less cushioning and places a lot of load on your knees when running, especially if shock absorption isn’t powerful enough.

In super expensive treadmills, belts have more cushioning and some Higher-end machine practically have shock absorbers consisting of carefully placed springs or rubberized cushions, under the deck.


Wrap up best Shock absorption treadmills

While treadmill cushioning helps ease stress on knees, excessive shock absorbance can compromise the weight ofthe treadmill. You need to put more emphasis on functionality if shock absorption is not an issue. But if you are considering buying a treadmill for an elderly adult over 60 years, go for one that has good safety and shock absorption deck.

What if you have a small apartment? If you live in a small house with confined space, try to find the balance between shock absorbance and weight and size of the machine. The truth is, a too much cushioned belt is heavy and makes the treadmill big and weighs more pounds.


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