Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)

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Having small wrists is very challenging, and picking the best fitness tracker for small wrists is not so easy. If you are engaged in any fitness activity, the best way you can pursue fitness goals effectively and stay motivated is to track your fitness performance.  You have lots of possibilities to choose the best fitness watches and trackers of yourself.

There are lots of fitness wrists wearables out there ranging from smart watches for small wrists, down to fitness tracker for small. However, it gets not so friendly when you’re shopping for the best fitness tracker for small wrists athletes.


What is your wrists size?

Not all small wrists are ‘small’, ‘slim’, ‘skinny’, ‘slender’ literally as many people would label it. There are small wrists and there are also extra small wrists.

A wrist size of 5.3 to 6.5 inches is considered small wrists, 6.5 to 7.5 is a medium, and greater than 7.5 inches is a large size wrist. Any circumference of wrists below 5.24 inches is considered extra small. If you don’t know your wrists size, please watch the video below.

If you have very tiny wrists(5.3 to 6 inches), even the best fitness watch for small wrists may not look great on your arm. If that happens, I suggest you get your wrists measured. If your wrists is within 5 to 5.3-inches, you have very slender wrists;  we recommend you checkout the best fitness trackers for extra small wrists .



How to deal with challenges of having smaller wrist

Besides being labeled as physically weak, people with slim wrists have a lot of social challenges plus difficulty of finding slim wrist wearables.

Many athletes believe their thin wrists aren’t attractive just because they can’t easily find Wearable Tech. That is not true, there many amazing gadgets for small wrists fitness activities.

There are two possible choices to track your outdoor fitness activity if you have slender wrists.

  1.  You wear Small Fitness trackers for small wrists OR
  2. You wear Non-Wrists Wearable Fitness Trackers

Option two is such that you can choose to clip your smallest fitness watch anywhere else on your body. You can carry the smallest fitness tracker in your pocket or just wear it in ankles or neck. Any way you carry your smart watch small wrist tracker, it works just fine.


 Our Suggested Best Activity Tracker For Slender Wrists

Finding the best running watch for small wrists that match your taste and requirements is a daunting task. Though there are many small smart watches and trackers out there.

While the best fitness tracker for small wrists monitor your gym workouts,  they never fail to encourage you to compete against yourself. To help you deal with one of the small wrists challenges, we selected the best activity tracker for slim wrists.


 Suggested Alternatives to Best fitness tracker for skinny wrists

If your wrists are so tiny that you don’t want to wear a best fitness tracker on the wrist, there are alternatives. You can wear your running watches not for small wrists, anywhere else on your body.

Ankle fitness trackers, Pocket Fitness trackers and Non-Wrists wearable fitness tracker would work just fine.  You wouldn’t need to wear it on wrists any more.

You can buy the best fitness tracker for a teenager that fits your slim wrists, if you don’t find suitable smart watch for a small wrists tracker. Don’t mind if it looks kiddy on your wrists. We saved your time with our list of alternatives to the best fitness trackers for small wrists.


Our Best Trackers for Thin wrists – Top Picks

Choosing a suitable fitness tracker for a small wrist is now a less stressful task for you. If you want the best tracker for your money and you are tight on budget, our best activity tracker for small wrists is the Garmin Vivosmart 4. It comes with basic fitness tracking at little cost.

It also has a band which fits very slender wrists. We equally recommend another one of the wrist wearables – Fitbit Inspire as our best fitness wearable device for small wrists.

We also found fitness trackers not for wrist, like the Misfit Shine 2. Another best non-wrist tracking device is the smart fitness ring – Motiv Ring. All you just need to do is wear the smart tracker ring on your finger.

Most of these top running watches and fitness trackers come with an app that helps you monitor everything. You can monitor your favorite activity, like morning coffee, to how well you’re sleeping at night. Some of the favorite fitness watches have heart rate monitor, swim tracking and GPS tracking features that every athlete wants in outdoor activities.


Best Fitness Tracker for Slim Wrists – Reviewed

Our review include high-quality water resistant fitness tracker for 5 inch wrist that can be used throughout the winter seasons and swimming competition. If you are an all weather athlete, don’t border, we have waterproof fitness trackers for small wrists too.

We also included a few small fitness watches for small wrists. They are more advanced and provide daily step count, your calorie intake each day or week. Their heart rate sensors track your heartbeat during running and strength training routines.


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Best Budget-Friendly Fitness Tracker For Thin Wrists


A black MI fitness trackerReview

If you are looking for the best small fitness tracker without breaking the bank in the process, you need to check out Xiaomi Mi Band 4. This cool small fitness watch comes with a color display screen that helps you track your daily activities with its advanced features and technology.

Battery Life

If you want, which fitness tracker has the longest battery life, the good answer is Xiaomi mi Band. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is a great fitness tracker for wrist when you’re traveling as it has a 20-day activity tracker longest battery life.

If you have this fitness tracker watch with a long, good battery life, you wouldn’t charge this small wrists watch every day.

This fitness tracker wristband is great for long distance running, traveling and several hours of strength training exercise. It is a kind of sports watch for skinny wrists with which you can enjoy your journey worry-free.

Swim tracking

Another thing,  this smallest fitness watch is waterproof. With this swim tracking wrist wearable, you wouldn’t remove your watch, whether you’re skateboarding or swimming at the beach.

Moreover, Xiaomi Mi band 4 is one of the slender fitness wrists devices for fitness enthusiast with affordable price.

This slim fitness tracker for a very small wrist can monitor different swim styles such as butterfly, backstroke and freestyle.

With this budget friendly tracker for the wrist, your swimming tracking performance such as your stroke count and swimming pace is tracked.

Heart rate Sensors

One of the astonishing advance technology that comes with this smallest fitness tracker is the heart rate monitor. This heart rate tracker provides you with your real time heart rhythm during your gym workout.

Xiaomi is a very basic fitness tracking device for small wrists, in its design, and if you want a fancy sports watch with smart capabilities, this small tracking watch is not for you.

Our take: Xiaomi Band 4 is one of the best cheap fitness tracker for people with slim wrists. Xiaomi is also our best fitness tracker with longest battery life.

Discover More About Xiaomi 

Why we like it

  • Has an attractive color display
  • super budget-friendly
  • Up to 20 days of battery life
  • It is waterproof small fitness watch for swim tracking
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android Phones
  • Comes with various customization options and smart features
  • Great for accurate fitness tracking

What to consider

  • The heart rate sensor doesn’t work well during high-intensity interval training
  • It doesn’t have an onboard GPS
  • Not compatible with Mi Band 3 charger

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • This affordable sports fitness tracker has helped many users who are looking to lose weight
  • Some users seem to think that they need to add more features
  • Though it is a wrist fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor, heart rhythm tracking isn’t so accurate for intense workout
  • Most users have found this running watch helpful in tracking their daily routine and outdoor activities.



Fitbit Charge 3 – Best Fitbit Watch For Running And Swimming

A fitness tracker for extra small wrists from FitbitBest fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)The Fitbit Charge 3 is an activity band with smart capabilities, just like the cousins – Fitbit Inspire.

Though not the slimmest Fitbit, it is one of the stylish timepieces built for small wrists athletes. When you look at the Fitbit band, it has many slots throughout the length. This is a Fitbit for 5 inch wrist, great for athletes with very tiny wrists bones.

Swim Tracking

Fitbit Charge 3 is one of the best waterproof fitness trackers for small wrists on the market today. While Fitbit can track your strokes when you’re swimming, it can also read your heart rate in the deep water up to a depth of 50 meters.

The better reason is, it is a good water-resistant Fitbit wrists watch. This means you can wear this cool Fitbit charge for small wrists on the beach, in the shower, or even in the swimming pool.

Just like other small smart watches, this Fitbit Charge 3 for small wrist has great features, and it has a responsive easy to read touch display screen.

Battery Life

Another great thing about Fitbit Charge 3 on a small wrist is that it is a fitness tracker with long battery life up to a week. You can use this device battery up to 7 days without recharging.

If you are a fitness enthusiast that likes traveling or taking long hours in strength training workout, Fitbit 3 is a better fitness tracker. You don’t really have to charge it now and then. This is simply because the waterproof fitness tracker comes with a long and good battery life.

Sync Apps

Moreover, this Fitbit charge 3 for small wrist is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android. This means you can connect your small Fitbit watch with your smartphones and tablets easily. Again, the design, styles and looks makes Fitbit a great tracker woman with small wrists.

Other Specific Activities

One last thing, Fitbit charge helps register your active minutes which tells if you’re getting right kind of fitness activity.

Fitbit provides personalized guidance as it tells your Fitbit active minutes. It also tells if you are having enough sleep, light sleep and if you’re in exercise modes or not.

You should expect to have your Fitbit active minutes too high if you are in a neck-breaking , vigorous – intense workout.

Replacement Bands

Fitbit charge 3 has all types of replacement bands and you shouldn’t worry if the straps go bad. Here is how to replace Fitbit charge 3 bands.

Which Fitbit size matches your wrist size? If you don’t know your wrist size, measure it before you buy this slim fitness tracker.

Our Take on Fitbit Charge 3It’s the best Fitbit for tiny wrists when running or swimming and for female health tracking. Fitbit Charge 3 is also best women’s fitness tracker for small wrists.

Learn more about Fibit Charge 3.


Why we like it

  • Ideal for fitness enthusiasts who love to swim
  • Water-resistant: up to 50 meters
  • Lightweight wrist fitness tracker with heart rate monitor
  • Has a long battery life of up to 7-days
  • Has easy to read display screen
  • Improved Smartphone Notifications
  • The extra small Fitbit band can fit very small wrists
  • Tracks heart rate efficiently

What to consider

  • It doesn’t have a color screen display
  • Absence of onboard GPS
  • Has no music controls
  • The side buttons are difficult to use.

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Many users have noted that the design of this Fitbit charge 3 for small wrists is comfortable and thin
  • A handful of swimming athletes have found it great for swimming and it is one of the best fitness tracker for gym workouts
  • Majority of the customers found the screen very crisp and responsive.
  • Great for female health tracking. Its look and feel colours and styles make Fitbit, one of the the best women’s fitness tracker for small wrists.



Garmin Vivosmart 4   – Best Sleep Fitness Tracker For Small Wrists

Garmin Vivosmart fitness trackerBest fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Sleep Tracking

Garmin Vivosmart 4  is truly the best fitness tracker for small wrists for basic tracking. You want to monitor the quality and duration of your sleep? Vivosmart 4 provides accurate sleep tracking. In fact, the Garmin fitness tracker for small wrists is multi-functional.

This slim fitness tracker for small wrist can provide you with complete data of your sleep. Te slender sports watch tells the hours of your sleep and the time you woke up during your sleep. It also tracks your deep sleep and light sleep.

With that said, the best thing about this small fitness watch is that it is not restricted to tracking your sleep only.  With this sleek, swim-friendly, and attractive fitness watch, you can also track your daily routine, location, step counts, distance traveled and heart rate.

This way, tracking a fitness activity with a Garmin for small wrists helps you be more active and motivates you to get rid of your sedentary lifestyle.


The Garmin Vivosmart 4 waterproof nature qualifies it the best tracker for small wrists, in all seasons, wet or hot weather. No worries, the Garmin watch for tiny wrist is safe when you’re swimming and showering.

Battery Life

The Garmin Vivosmart 4 is an attractive fitness tracker with accurate, in-depth metrics and up to a week of battery life. Has quite a good battery life to support long fitness exercises at the gym.

Stress Tracking

If you are suffering from stress, you need something to monitor your stress levels and Garmin v4 provides all-day stress management. This stress-detecting fitness watch uses basic fitness tracking technology to determine the level of intensity of your training.

This wrist fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, is the only best stress tracker for smaller wrist in our lists of small wrist wearables.

Sync Apps

Similar to Garmin VivoFit 3, this Garmin vivosmart 4 has Smartphone compatibility-iPhone, Android. Again, the Garmin Vivosmart 4  can let you know your location in real time if you connect to your compatible smartphone’s GPS.

It is the best fitness tracker with no onboard gps, unlike some gps watches for small wrist in the Garmin watch series.

It might not be the smallest gps watch, but the slender design of Garmin v4 makes thin wrists look pretty big. However, if this accurate sleep tracking device doesn’t sit well on your wrists, check out these smallest gps watches for very tiny wrists.


Our Take: VivoSmart 4 is the best Garmin fitness tracker for small wrists. Best Garmin sleep tracker. Best cheap and affordable fitness tracker for most fitness enthusiast

You may want to Learn More about Garmin VivoSmart 4.

Why we like it

  • Very swim-friendly activity timer
  • Has a slim and sleek design
  • Has Alert Vibrations
  • Monitors heart rate efficiently
  • Comes with a stress tracking feature
  • Ideal for people who want to track their quality of sleep
  • It has a strong 7-days of battery life
  • Great for yoga, strength training, running, cycling

What to consider

  • Doesn’t monitor your sleep score
  • Does not have an onboard GPS
  • The screen is small

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Some users face difficulty to monitor their sleep score
  • Most users experience the issue of battery life after using Garmin for small wrists, for a while
  • A handful of users found this Garmin fitness tracker for small wrists helpful for achieving their fitness goals



Polar M200 GPS Running Watch – Best  GPS Fitness Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate

Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)

Polar M200 is a wrists based waterproof fitness watch that measures heart rate and features integrated GPS that is capable of  24/7 activity tracking. If you want a tracker that can help as trainer that offers personal tracking guidance, the Polar Smart Coaching features can guide and give you feedback.

Free Training Programs, and coaching

This M200 comes with  free running program plan if you are an athletic runner. It also help in goal setting where you can set 5Km, 10Km and half-marathon, the specific date when you’d like to hit the road run. The M200 Program, from your training history, can prepares a personal running program for you  instantly.

You can enjoy lots of training benefits here. Those who have used this tracker confirmed that it gives an immediate motivating feedback after exercises as it works together with Polar Flow. With the combined use of this tracking device and the polar flow, you get a quick overview after each of your training session.

Hear rate tracking

This wrists based device like other polar tracker watch series, can tell your heart rhythm so that you don’t go beyond your heart beat during gym workout.


The polar watch has band which is full of slots, any wrists size can fit into its appropriate slot when tightened. For smaller wrists, you just pull the band tightly to the point where you feel comfortable on your arm. Again,  the wristbands are changeable, you can change it if need be, this makes sure it fits all sizes of wrists.

GPS Tracking

Polar M200 can keep track of your whereabout, road, distance and steps. If you are a long distance runners, you don’t need to border, polar M200 watches keeps an eye on your path and  how much  you are covering as distance.

Similar polar Trackers;  Polar Ignite – Advanced Waterproof Fitness Watch and Polar M600 Sports Smart Watch

Learn More About Polar M200 Fitness tracker

Why we like it

  • Ideal for any wrists size
  • offers personal fitness coaching and personalized guidance
  • free running programs
  • tracks heart rate, calories burnt ans sleep
  • has 180mAh rechargeable battery with long life
  • Its waterproof

What to consider

  • Battery lasts barely 6 hours max during full working gps/HR modes
  • Not easy setting up the watch was possible only via computer or a smart phone app

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Some users are disappointed with this polar small fitness watch as it works great on a shorter run and hikes, but runs out of battery on activities over 2hours contrary to product description of 6hours




Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Best Smart Fitness Tracker for Personalized Guidance

a Samsung smartwatch to replace your fitness trackerBest fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is an upgrade on its predecessor with retained slimmer, minimal  and modern appearance. Unlike its competitors like Apple Watch 5, the extra features of this upgrade come at a higher price. This unfortunately, helps to shrinks the affordability for this smartwatch for small wrist device.

This smartwatch for android users is the best fitness watch for people who are looking to live a healthy and active life. This amazing fitness watch for small wrists comes with an easy to read bright screen display, which helps you monitor your every move.

Its light and sleek design make it super comfortable to wear, and you can literally wear it all day long. You can also use this fitness tracker watch for small wrists to track your night’s sleep and for running.


This wearable tech device is very sleek, and looks great on any wrist. The Pink Gold color keeps the watch looking slim, not bulky on wrist bone.

What is awesome is the new bezel feature which allows you to quickly access other apps and change the volume of music(Audio MP3, M4A, WAV, WMA, AMR, AWB)

Though it’s a smart watch, you can watch the built-in activity tracker count your steps on the Samsung health app.

Stress Level Tracking

Another cool feature of this fitness watch for a small wrist is that it monitors your stress level. So, if you are suffering from depression and anxiety and you don’t want to make it worse from taking extra stress, Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is best smartwatch tracker for you.

This seemingly large wrists watch will surely help you out by monitoring your stress level. Samsung Galaxy 2 is one of the best stress trackers watches for your overall fitness activities.

This way, you can control your stress level easily. It is compatible with all the Galaxy devices, so if you already own one, that’s great news for you.

Battery Life

The Galaxy Watch active 2’s has a good battery life amongst many watch series. Its long-lasting battery can go for more than 5 days on a single charge.

Because the samsung smartwatch for small wrists is a fitness tracker with long battery life,you need no worry about recharging. The battery is recharged, all you need to focus on is to progress in your Fitness Level.


It has good smartphone notifications with vibration alerts. You get automatically alerted if your watch detects a high or a low heart rate.

Auto Coaching

If you want a reliable fitness tracker watch for small wrists that come with coaching features, buy this Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.

Also,  for better insights to attain your fitness goals, the built-in pace coaching in this stylish hybrid smartwatch would help you on every mile you take.

Our Take: Samsung Galaxy 2 is best smartwatch fitness tracker that offers personalized guidance in fitness. It’s a kind of fitness tracker wrist sense device, very intelligent notification, goal settings.

For more, check on Samsung Galaxy Active.

Why we like it

  • Ideal for any wrists including super small wrists
  • Comes with a large beautiful color display screen
  • Has a touch screen interface
  • It has a sleep tracker for overall health of the athlete
  • Comes with an LTE option
  • There is a built-in GPS with good quality tracking
  • Water resistance: up to 50 meters

What to consider

  • It doesn’t have a very good battery life
  • Does not support third-party apps
  • Very expensive
  • A little behind on calories burned tracking

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Most users find this small fitness watch ideal for achieving their fitness goals
  • Some users wish it supported third-party apps
  • According to most users, the calorie counter is not accurate, this smart watch with activity timer is not good in tracking weight loss
  • Most users are satisfied with its quality and performance. Though the wrist tracker doesn’t have all the expected features for Sports Tracking.



Garmin Forerunner 25 – Best GPS Watch For Running, With Basic Fitness Tracking

best fitness watch for small wrists from Garmin

Honestly forerunner 25 is a great watch for slim wrists with few features. It is very minimalist for anyone who is looking for a smart watch for running without too many distracting features. Doesn’t have specific activities like heart rhythm tracking. It is the best Garmin fitness tracker for runners.

GPS Tracking

You want GPS watch that tells you the time of day, how far and how fast you walked and run? Garmin forerunner is a brand that makes the best gps fitness tracker for small wrists.

The built-in GPS tracker makes it one of the best location tracker among other fitness watches with on board gps. If I was a mountain climber, I would definitely buy this one for myself.

Basic Tracking and  Design

Although this watch is quite a bulky, simply, it’s a basic fitness tracker. Instead of a fussy touch display screen, the forerunner comes with a smart button at an affordable price.

Unlike fancy other Garmin for small wrists, these amazing gadgets for fitness freaks do not have a color screen. The numerous attractive fitness features aren’t part of its design. That is why it is a budget friendly tracker for your money.

The looks and stylish design includes this Garmin in the list of best fitness trackers for women athletes.

Basic Fitness tracking features

One good thing about this fitness watch is that it has a calorie counter, an important feature to help you track your calories burned. To cut down too much fat and lose weight, Garmin forerunner tracks how much fats you burn each day. It’s a kind of wrist fit tracker for weight loss.  Its is best fitness tracker for weight loss, involving people with skinny wrists.

This basic and budget-friendly fitness tracker for tiny wrists can monitor your steps, and distance. The very basics of what every fitness enthusiast wants. Garmin Forerunner 25 is the best running watch that will fit your slender wrists comfortably.

Garmin WristBand

This tracker has a wrists fitness band with slot holes at 80% of its length. Both small wrists and extra small wrists can fit into it. For the good reason that ladies usually have slender wrists fits, than men, Garmin forerunner is on the list of best sport watches for women athletes.

Battery Life

Forerunner is a Garmin fitness tracker with a replaceable battery that is perfect, though it drains faster when the GPS is on. I recommend this product as long as you don’t plan on running 24 hours with the GPS on because the battery may run low.

On my opinion, forerunner is the best CrossFit fitness tracker for every runner.

Our Take: Forerunner is the best Garmin fitness tracker for small slim wrists, with onboard gps. It’s in the list of those fitness trackers for small wrists, that can be use for mountain climbing , cycling and other outdoor activities. The slim design make it a good fit for women and kids. Garmin forerunner is one best fitness tracker for teenagers.

Learn More About this Recommended a GPS watch for ladies and kids.

Why we like it

  • Basic tracking, lacks advanced features
  • great activity tracking watch with GPS
  • the fitness wrist tracker provides detailed performance tracking
  • Smartphone notifications feature
  • Great Fitbit for extra tiny wrist
  • Its best budget tracker, with a great price value

What to consider

  • Does not have a gyroscope feature
  • Does not have in-built heart rate tracker
  • The wrist activity tracker has no altimeter
  • Poor quality display
  • Poor sync with Garmin Connect

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • Most users find them ideal for improving athletic performance in Daily Activity
  • A handful of customers find this perfect fitness tracker great for small wrists females and kids
  • Poor sync with Garmin Connect. Garmin models rarely show any problems with their files syncing.
  • Many users experienced that Garmin forerunner 25 takes a little longer to lock on the satellites.



Fitbit Inspire HR Activity tracker (S & L bands) – Best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Heart Rate Sensor

Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Fitbit inspire HR,  in the class of Fitbit for small wrists, is a sleekly designed fitness band. It is quite similar to Fitbit Charge 3 on small wrist width.

Their features are even more suitable for a people with small wrist. The HR(Heart Rate) version of the Fitbit inspire is capable of tracking your heart rhythm so accurately.


Fitbit HR is a waterproof Fitbit for a small wrist and has an ultra-sleek design. The Stylish Design and slimmer structure makes it particularly suitable for thin wrists. Users observed that some skinny wrists appear larger in this narrowest fitness tracker, this removes the embarrassment of having kiddy wrists.

This thinnest fitness tracker comes in two sizes – small and large wrists bands. If you have very slim wrists less than 5.3-inches, this watch is also for you. It has the smallest diameter of the display screen, so slimmest wrists appear bigger in it.

Step tracking, Distance, Time, Sleep

This fitness watch for small wrist is also capable of tracking your all day fitness training activities ranging from step tracking, distance tracking, hourly activity, active minutes and calories burned. Fitbit HR is the most fashionable step tracker you can buy.

Another amazing benefit of this small wrists tracker is the ability to monitor your light and deep sleep due to its heart rate feature.

At a glance, you can see your steps, heart rate, calories burned, notifications from your phone. You can even see your water intake.

Good Battery Life

Fitbit Inspire is a Fitbit with replaceable and rechargeable battery. As a Fitbit with long battery life, you don’t really need constant charging for this device.

Users’ experience shows that the lithium polymer battery can keep up to 5 days without recharge. Amazingly, with this best Fitbit for small wrist, you can go running outdoor, camping and cycling for days if you want.

For swimmers, Fitbit Inspire Hr is a thinnest Fitbit, waterproof fitness tracker with long and good battery life. You can stay out in winter as you wish.

Onboard GPS

If you have been looking for a something with a small band and face with gps and heart rate tracker for hiking, don’t go without buy this amazing fitness tracker.

Fitbit Inspire Hr is one of the best gps watches for small wrists and skinny guys, for outdoor activities. The smallest fitness tracker band is really comfortable on a 5.5 inch wrist.

Our Take: Fitness inspires HR is best fitness tracker watch for small wrists, with heart rate monitor and step counter.

You may want to learn more about Fitbit Inspire Hr – thinnest wearable fitness tracker in our list

Why we like it

What to consider

  • Easy to use
  • Water resistant fitness watch  – great for all seasons
  • Has GPS to track your location everywhere
  • Comes with small and large bands
  • Comfortable slimmest Fitbit on 5.5 inch wrists
[/joomdev-wpc-pros] [joomdev-wpc-cons]
  • The charger cord is short
  • Expensive

Customer Experience with this Product:

  • To some user, the trends are what matters. The consistency of this fitness device’s info from day to day is ultimately more important than ever.
  • The Tracker, according to most users comes with a very engaging and attention grabbing app to sync your fitness tracking data with phone, computer.
  • It is easy to read – “At a glance, I can see my steps, heart rate, calories burned, notifications from my phone, water intake…” confirmed one user.



Alternatives To Best Small Wrists Fitness Trackers – Reviewed

The vast majority of fitness trackers need to be worn on the wrist. But some people have small wrists that these wrists activity tracker look too big on them.

With so many challenges that people with small wrists face, we here provide alternative tracking devices that don’t need to be worn on wrists.  If you don’t want to wear it on the wrist, you can always move the tracking to somewhere or put it in a pocket. A lot of pocket fitness trackers are out there.

Anywhere else on the body is just fine or you can clip the discreet fitness tracker on waistbands, belts, or bras.


Fitbit Inspire – Best Clip-on Fitness Tracker For Walking , Running and Swimming

Many fitness trackers offer the wearing alternative of clipping. This means you have the option to clip the wearable to the waistband of your trousers or jeans. It automatically and conveniently tracks fitness workouts like walks, swimming.

If you distaste fitness trackers for wrists , what you should go shop for is a clip-on fitness tracker. Note that Fitbit Inspires HR does not include a altimeter.

Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers) You would like to check Fitbit Inspire + Fitbit Accessory CLip on Amazon

Where can you wear a Fitbit besides your wrist?

Though it’s a wrists device, all you just need is to take the module out from its strap and  afix to your belt, trouser, bra or anywhere else. It is unlike the heart rate tracking version, as it can only be worn on the wrist.

This Fitbit Inspire is the best cheap and discreet fitness tracker for non wrists wearing. This clip-on tracker has an altimeter to measure elevation, stairs and any climbing you make. Overall, this non wrists fitness racker is suitable for mountain climbers.


Similar to this non wrists tracker is Garmin VivoFit 3 – a Garmin Clip on Fitness Tracker. You can convert this tracker to clip on fitness tracker by removing the module from the wrists band and putting it in activity belt clip which you buy separately. This activity timer provides you the ability to detect walking, running and cycling.



Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker – Best Wearable Fitness Tracker for  Sleep  and Swimming

Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Misfit Shine is a wearable tech device for step tracking as well as sleep tracking. You don’t need to wear it on wrists, just clip it any where on your body and it tracks just fine.

Comes with vibration alerts, smartphone text notifications and alarms. Amazingly, this fitness non wrists wearable device has a smart button to control household gadgets.

It has a very good battery life – replaceable battery lasts up to 6 months.


Motiv Ring – Best Fitness Tracker Ring With Heart Rate Monitor

What is the best fitness tracker ring for people who don’t want Fitbit on wrists? Motiv Ring has a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks steps taken, heart rate, calories burned, and sleep activity (if you woke up, when, and for how long)

Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers) Motiv Ring is fitness ring you wear on fingers. The non-wrist wearables comes in seven sizes to fit both male and female fingers.

This smart ring fitness tracker monitors steps, distance, and active minutes. It has an optical heart rate sensor to track your hear rhythm.

This smart ring for fitness is durable and water-resistant down to 50m, plus the battery life that last up to 3 days. The Motiv fitness ring is also very compatible with with Apple Health and Google Fit apps.

You may check a similar Best Smart Ring: WUTONG NFC CHip Blue Carbon Fibre, Diamond, Titanium Ring


  Fossil hybrids -Best Hybrid SmartWatch With Heart rate Monitor

There are many hybrid fitness trackers that look like analog watches in disguise. I will recommend you choose this  hybrid smart watch if you don’t want to display your fitness tracking tech.

Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)

Fossil hybrid  looks like an analog watch, but acts like a smartwatch with Smartphone notifications. It comes with built-in-activity tracking features.

Fossil Hybrid SmartWatch also provides custom goal setting to keep you motivated towards your fitness goals. The in-built fitness tracker monitors your sleep and exercise modes.

With 16mm leather band size, this seemingly analog watch is water resistant up to 30m. The hybrid activity tracker is compatible with wireless bluetooth headphones, and IOS/Android Smartphones.

Similar Smart Watches are Garmin Vivomove 3, Fossil Hybrid HR, Misfit Command


Bellabeat Leaf Urban – Best bracelets and Smart Jewelry For Fitness Tracking

Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers) This  clip-on device is non wrist fitness tracker distinctly designed for women. Best fitness tracker for female health tracking. It tracks woman’s monthly menstrual cycles.  This smart bracelet tracks the period and ovulation cycles for your reproductive health including Fertility tracking and meditation.

Beside stress management, this non wrists device  tracks your breathing during breathing exercises.

Similar to this Smart Jewelry is : Beellabeat Leaf Amazonite NeckLace


MOOV NOW – Best ankle fitness Tracker for running and swimming

You want a fitness tracker to wear on ankle? If you are interested in heart rate tracking, some fitness tracker on the ankle can still monitor your heart rhythm accurately. Other trackers cannot.

Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Best fitness tracker for small wrists (Top Notch smallest activity trackers)Non Wrist Fitness Tracker For Ankle With Heart Rate Sensor

MOOV NOW is a great fitness tracker that you can wear on your ankle. It is a good step tracking and distance tracking device. This ankle tracker is fairly lightweight and waterproof, so you can use it as best ankle tracker for running and swimming.

This is both wrists and non-wrists device. You can wear it on your wrist when swimming, and your ankle when running and cycling.

Can you wear your Fitbit on the ankle? Not possible. Fitbit is not designed for ankles, they are made for wrists. So you cannot wear a Fitbit tracker on your ankle except the Fitbit Zip which is an advanced clip-on pedometer.

You may also want B-Great Ankle Band for men and women.


Best Fitness Trackers for teenagers

If your wrists are so tiny that you cannot find adult fitness tracking device, an even smaller kiddy tracker can help you get going.

There are so many trackers for teenagers which are smarter than adult fitness trackers.

Check these teenage fitness trackers on Amazon.


Pocket fitness tracker

Wireless fitness trackers like Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker to track steps, sleep and calories burnt. There are also great Pedometer Wrist Band for Women Men Kids of all wrists sizes.



How to choose the best fitness tracker for small wrists

Buying the best fitness tracker for small wrists to track the amount and intensity of your fitness workouts is not an easy task. Here’s what you should know before buying a fitness tracker or a smartwatch.


Tracking Purpose

Whatever your purpose is for tracking your fitness, there is one thing you should know: though all activity trackers help keep your exercise statistics, they are not the same.

A Fitbit tracker for a gym that is used to monitor calories burnt would never accurately serve any great purpose in tracking steps when running.


Wearing Style

How do you want to carry your fitness tracker? Some companies design some fitness trackers for wrist and ankles; others design them so you can clip them to your clothing. Your style should determine which fitness tracker is best for you.

Not that wrist step counter heart rate monitor is more efficient than ankle heart rate devices. A smart watch on the wrist is the best wrist fitness monitor with high efficiency than one on ankle.

Someone used to watch, would prefer activity tracking watch on arm. So if you have tiny wrists, go shop for the best fitness tracker for a small wrist with a heart rate monitor. In our review,   Garmin VivoSmart 4 is the best activity tracker for small wrists with multi-functions.


Display Features

Some tracking device just displays your fitness workout performance data through LED displays. Others have touch screens and the capability to share data with other devices like your smartphone or computer.

Once you install your fitness tracker’s app on your phone, it would help interpret and analyze your fitness performance data coming from the tracking device.

Consumers sometimes label them as smartwatches since some of them have smartwatch features such as GPS, built-in music storage, and email, text, and phone-call notifications. the best fitness tracker with smartwatch features is the Samsung Galaxy Activity 2.


Tracker Compatibility

If you want your fitness tracker to share data with other devices, it must be compatible with computers, phones for data synchronization. Some fitness wrist devices are android compatible while others are compatible with Apple’s iOS.

If you are running on a treadmill or you go running outdoor, tracking your workouts during each training is key to assessing your performance over time, so we recommend you go for a Fitbit charge for small wrists which is compatible with other tech devices to share, analyze and store your fitness data.


Device Accuracy

Many people have noted that fitness trackers are sometimes inaccurate and require frequent troubleshooting. Some fitness wrist devices most people consider as the best sports watch for small wrists still show inaccurate data.

Can a fitness tracker band place on your ankle accurately measure your heart rate more than a heart rate monitor placed to your chest?

In my opinion, except there is a tracking device that you can wear close to your chest (heart), the best choice is to buy a function-specific device like a heart rate monitor.

If you wear two different fitness trackers at the same time during your workout, it is likely they will yield varying measurements. No one of them is at fault; it simply just that each of the sensors has a slightly different reading your movements.


The battery life

The best fitness tracker for the gym come with Wi-Fi,  sensors, radio, MP3, cameras, etc. These multimedia tracking devices need constant power. Because of their advanced features, they consume more power than trackers with few LED displays. This means you have to charge these smart devices more frequently than fitness trackers with LEDs.

Not all fitness wrist devices for tracking are rechargeable. If you want a fitness tracker with a rechargeable battery, buy one with good battery life to avoid the embarrassment in the middle of training.

The best fitness trackers with long battery life are the Fitbit Charge 3 and the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Avoid non-rechargeable coin batteries because a rechargeable smart watch for small wrists is the best option.


Water resistance

Water or rain is an important consideration when buying a fitness watch on your arm. For all-seasons fitness training, buy a waterproof fitness tracker in all your outdoor fitness exercises in winter.

Do you come in contact with water during your workouts? For swimming and winter training, buying a waterproof tracker that can withstand a shower it is a better option.

So for all weathers, waterproof fitness trackers for small wrists make an excellent choice for you.


Size of wrist or ankle

The size of your wrists or ankles determines which fitness wrist device tracker would be a better choice for you. A running watch for small wrists is best for people with skinny wrist. Make sure you don’t get an over-sized fitness band, or you get no use for it.

It might look like most fitness watches are manufactured mainly for average adults, but that is not true. If you don’t know that the size of your wrist or ankle matters, when choosing a wearable Fitbit tracker, you might never come to know what is the best fitness tracker for small wrists.

You can find a fitness tracker for very small wrist in the market,  for people with very skinny wrists. If your wrist is extra small, try a fitness tracker for a very small wrist and a Fitbit for tiny wrist.

Activity trackers come in different sizes –

  • Small wrist : 5.5″–6.7″ 140 mm–170 mm.
  • Large wrists :  6.7″–8.1″ 170 mm–206 mm


Why track your fitness activities?

Is there any reason you shouldn’t track your fitness performance during gym or crossfit workouts?

If you are running on treadmill treadmill for overweight, with the purpose of losing weight, you must track your heart rate and calories burnt. You must track your every fitness exercise activities if you want good results.

Fitness has never been such an intimate part of of human life than it does today. Fitness related products and new diets seem to give a better promise of a healthier life than it had been decades ago. If you’ can’t track your fitness activity because you can’t find a good tracker that fits your tiny wrists, we have a solution. You can find in our review, activity trackers with extra small Fitbit band.

Being involved in fitness training means you have a goal to achieve. Even if it’s just fun, you still need to know how much training you are getting from going to the gym every day. What are the benefits of tracking fitness activity?


To keep track of your progress

Activity trackers help in keeping records of your exercise statistics.  Every athlete would want to know how much they’ve achieved in their fitness training. Importantly, you would want to know how many calories are burnt, how much weight you’ve lost and how many kilometers you cover in a week.

Having a defined fitness goal is key to achieving progress. The most common goal-setting strategy is the  SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Timely) goal setting. A fitness tracker will do this for you besides keeping a record of your exercise statistics and generating reports.


It’s a free workout trainer and tips

It might not be easy for you to subscribe to a gym or hire a personal trainer for your fitness programs. It is not also possible for most people to create, adapt and hold on to an efficient working fitness plan that will satisfy their needs.

Fitness tracker helps eliminate the need for a person in the gym constantly jotting down what you’ve done and what you will do in the course of your training. Sometimes these trainers may bark at you.

I am sure that if you fail in achieving your fitness goals, your fitness tracker can automatically downshift the goals after a set time frame.


To monitor your health

Trackers are becoming an important help to our healths today. Tracking devices can help in health assessments with no need for a health professional besides you.

Some qualified professionals have started to use fitness trackers in surgery recovery checkup of patients.

A fitness tracker can detect weight gains in you. This means excessive fats and lipids and a high BMI can make a fitness tracker for weight loss warn you about the risk of becoming overweight.

When taking a fitness workout like jumping on a mini trampoline, recording your heart rate and monitoring the number of calories burnt can give a lot of information about your health.

A tracker that measures heartbeat can even alert you when it detects a potentially dangerous heart arrhythmia – an atrial fibrillation.


Helps in habit formation

A fitness tracker helps you establish a routine that you enjoy while keeping on with your training. This means a good activity tracker will recommend some changes in your training habits, which can lead to a change in your habits for a lifetime.

Changes that may involve time a shift in time about certain things you do in your daily routines can happen permanently. For example: replacing your coffee break with an afternoon walk can become permanent.

It monitors your diet

Fitness directly relates to your diet and your amount of food intake. If you want to cut calories and fat, start focusing on high-protein foods intake while reducing your fats and oil intake.

This means you make a shift from your regular diets. With a change in your diet, it usually becomes seemingly difficult to adopt a new one, so a fitness tracker can help to track your food intake.


Monitors your stress level

Activity tracking devices can help in Stress Management. The stress-detecting fitness watch works by detecting the presence of physical changes in your body when you get stressed out.

For example, an increased heart rate, faster breathing, and perspiration trigger activity tracker Sensors to measure how much you’re sweating – skin conductance.  This helps determine the level of intensity of your fitness exercise activity.

Garmin Vivosmart 4 is the best fitness tracker for stress monitoring. Samsung galaxy is also the best fitness tracker to track stress.


To track your sleep

Another great feature in the tracker is the sleep monitor which can help to track if you are in light, deep cycle sleep or awake. This is great after you have had a vigorous day at the gym.


How do you know what size Fitbit to get?


Smartwatch Vs Fitness Tracker: What’s the Difference?

When buying the best fitness trackers for small wrists, the choice of getting a smartwatch or fitness tracker creeps in. Which one should you go for, a smartwatch with all its fitness features or a fitness tracker?

Smartwatches have a lot of fitness features incorporated in them with the option of downloading more from the app store. Even with these advanced features, a smartwatch watch is not the same as the best fitness tracker in the market.

The Purpose

Smartwatches can answer your phone call, check a phonebook, read your SMS, etc. In fact, it’s just like a small smartphone on your wrist. A fitness tracker, on the other hand has one main role: fitness activity tracking.

Internal hardware

Smartwatches come with a touch screen display just like smartphones  absent on most fitness trackers. Most of the time fitness wrist devices come with physical buttons to navigate it. Smartwatches are advanced fitness tracker wrist sense devices.

Since smartwatches are like down sized smartphones, they have a processor and internal memory to handle advanced apps. This case differs with fitness bands as they don’t offer a lot of internal memory if they have one.

With fitness bands, you can’t install a native app on them. You can, however, pair them with a smartphone to sync their data.


Most fitness trackers are very affordable than smartwatches. The best small fitness tracker can cost less than $300. This is because they don’t have many features like smartwatches do.


How to connect your activity tracker to phone



Why choose a smartwatch?

If you like multi-functionality when tracking your activities, then a smartwatch should be your pick. Smart trackers sync seamlessly with smartphones, keeping you alert , alarms etc with every notification.

Smartwatches are so intelligent that they also notify you when you have achieved your fitness  goal or attain a new fitness level. Some may send social media messages. They are fitness tracker wrist sense devices.


Where do you put a fitness tracker on your wrist?

Does it matter what wrist you wear your Garmin on? YES. If you’ve purchased a fitness tracker to be worn on your wrist, wear it on your non-dominant hand. If you’re right-handed, wear  activity tracker watch on your left hand (and vice versa)


Can a watch make your wrist hurt?

Are you having pains due to watch or fitness tracker? Are fitness trackers safe for your wrists? If you are having fitness tracker wrist pain, It is either your watch is too tight and may be hitting your wrists pressure point(s).

  • Change fitness tracker wristband to leather
  • Move the fitness tracking device to another wrist, or
  • Wear your fitness tracker on the ankle
  • Switch to non wrists wearables like smart necklace, smart rings, etc


What is the best inexpensive activity tracker for small wrists?

Looking for the best cheap fitness tracker for small wrists at an affordable price is easy. Garmin forerunner is one of the best budget fitness wrist devices with basic requirements. That is why you can get it at an affordable price than some basic trackers for small wrists. 

If you are tight on a budget, another basic tracker for people with skinny wrists is Xiaomi Band 4. It is one of the best cheap smallest fitness tracker that can satisfy your immediate fitness goals.

Finding the best running watches under $100 can still serve a purpose, so you shouldn’t go for a fancy hybrid fitness tracking watches while you’re on a tight budget.

Which fitness tracker is most accurate for calories burned?

According to BBC, The Fitbit Charge 2, in the family of Fitbit, Charge 3 is the best-selling in the market. It reports that Fitbit charge was very accurate when it was tested for calories burnt while running.

How accurate is a Fitbit for calories burned? According to BBC, Fitbit underestimate by 4% when running and overestimate at 50% when walking. This could mean Fitbit charges are the best fitness trackers for calories burnt when running.


Where should Fitbit be worn on wrist?

For easy readings during gym workout, wear the activity tracker band higher up on your wrist, some 2-3 finger widths above your wrist bone. More accurate tracking can be obtained depending whether you’re wearing your tracker on your dominant or non-dominant wrist.


Where do you put a fitness tracker on your wrist?

If you’ve purchased your best fitness tracker for gym workouts, that’s meant to be worn around your wrist, the best thing is you wear it on your non-dominant hand. If you’re right-handed, wear your fitness activity tracker on your left hand and if you are left-handed, put it on your right hand.


What are the best Fitbit alternatives?

Fitbit is quite expensive, there are some best cheap alternatives to Fitbit.

A cheaper alternative to Fitbit Flex 2 is MisFit Shine 2. Another cheap alternative to Fitbit Inspire is Garmin VivoFit 3 , TOOBUR Slim Fitness Tracker Watch.


Do small wrists mean anything?

There are some dressing, social and fitness challenges of having smaller wrists. How do small wrists athletes deal with this problem? There are some ways to how to make my forearms and wrists bigger? Check how to live with skinny wrists or how to  make smaller wrists get thicker.


What is a fitness tracker for big wrists?

Does Fitbit fit large wrists? Athletes with large body builds have large wrists than skinny athletes. So a smart watch for small wrist can’t fit big wrists.

Fortunately, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that there is a fitness tracker for an extra large wrist. This Garmin vívosmart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker is one of the best fitness tracker for large wrists that we can recommend.


What is the best fitness watch with GPS, for small wrists?

Garmin vivosmart 4 is the best fitness band with built-in GPS. Such activity trackers with gps are the Top fitness watches for running and training. A good Smart Fitness Wristband with gps will not only track you whereabout or location but also your direction and distance traveled.

Does a fitness tracker need GPS, really? GPS is great, but only if you really need it for outdoor running, cycling swimming and other trainings. If you are just doing treadmill home running, you wouldn’t have any need for fitness trackers with gps.


Which is the best Fitness Tracker watch for small wrists?

If you have tiny and skinny wrists, you might constantly have been struggling to buy some watches and bracelets all these time to fit your little wrists.

Below, you will find a complete list from where to choose your best activity tracker for small wrists. Do you have very tiny wrists?, you can find the best fitness tracker for extra small wrists in our review.


Wrapping Up

We recommend that your ideal activity tracking device should be the best small fitness tracker that helps you achieve your overall fitness goals. It should include fitness features such as; calorie counter, step counter, distance tracker, speed and heart rate monitor. Trackers with personalized guidance are best options.

So, there you have it — our list of best running watches for small wrists. Now that you know everything about these fitness trackers, you can weigh out your options and choose a smart watch for small wrists that’s best for you.

As the world of fitness trackers keeps growing, manufacturers add more features to them, making them even more capable in their measurements. Over time, we see a convergence between fitness trackers and smartwatches. 

So which activity tracker are you using for your small wrist? If you didn’t find a small fitness tracker for your small wrists, use the comment form below to get to us. ‘, ‘The Best Fitness Tracker For Small Wrists – Top Smallest activity trackers 2022’

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