Health Benefits of Rebounding For Seniors over 50 Years in Age – Quick Elderly Health Improvement

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It is without doubt that health professional recommend body exercising to seniors for physical therapy, in addition to medical treatments. You may be surprised to find that they recommend exercises like brain exercises for seniors, rebounding exercises for seniors, and walking exercises for older adults. The health professionals have understood the health benefits of rebounding for seniors, especially to help them stay balanced and in good shape.

While walking, jogging and brain exercises for seniors are some recommended ways seniors can exercise and stay healthy, another one of the simple core exercises for elderly is rebounding or walking on a mini trampoline. If you know little about the great effects of trampoline exercises for seniors, you’ll find more benefits of rebounding for seniors over 50 years old.


What is rebounding exercise?

Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is a low-impact exercise mixed with fun and it is good for all age groups, including seniors. Rebounding is also a balance and stability exercise for seniors that involves jogging trampoline workout and jumping.

Perfect rebounding exercises for seniors wouldn’t just bring them fun, it would ease if not reduce,  their many health challenges that come with aging.

But is trampolining good exercise for fun? What is the best mini trampoline for seniors, that can provide both fun and health benefits? We will find answers to these questions in this article.

NASA Research confirmed:

“…for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for the design of remedial procedures to avert deconditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness“


Is trampoline good for older people?

The benefits of rebounding trampoline exercise are many. If you have ever been engaged in mini trampoline exercises for seniors where you find old people jumping, you will notice the double benefits it provides. Fun first, then health, that is why you find older people keep coming back to enjoy exercise trampoline workout.

Rebounding, which involves low-impact jumping on a mini trampoline, can increase flexibility, reduce joint pressure. There are many benefits of a using rebounder associated with seniors over 50, for walking, running and jumping, as you will find out in this article.

If you are over 50 years, and you want to suit your life with fun you’ve experienced nowhere, you look into getting a rebounder. The next section of this article will help you get the best rebounder trampoline for adults over 50.




The benefits of rebounding for seniors

why do low impact trampoline exercises for old people - mini trampoline exercises for elders have many benefits - Health Benefits of Rebounding For Seniors  bring Quick Elderly Health Improvement

Nobody wants to grow old, even you and this is because aging comes with lower endurance in bones and muscles and some health-related issues including stress. As a result, adults become less physically active as they get older.

So there is need for walking, jogging and some basic stretches for seniors that can help them keep fit and stay healthily in good shape. However, there’s limited exercises available as adults get older and walking, the most common exercise for seniors, gets pretty boring each passing day.

Therefore, many adults turn to rebounding – one of the trampoline exercises for seniors with great fun and health benefits. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is a low-impact exercise that provides all the healthful benefits of traditional exercises for seniors.

The advantage is, there no stress on joints and muscles to be concerned about. Sometimes, just walking on a mini trampoline is enough to provide memorably great fun and health benefits of rebounding for seniors.

Bellicon Mini Rebounder For Seniors – The Virginia’s Story

Check out the experience of rebounding with bellicon rebounder by this senior woman over 70 years. Kill your fears and get started with enjoying the benefits that  trampoline bouncing has for seniors . Choose you own bellicon with handle bar for better balance: Bellicon bounder for seniors with stability bar



What are the mini trampoline health benefits of rebounding for seniors?

Fitness workout on a mini-trampoline helps seniors in many ways, but, is it worth shopping for the best trampoline? If you consider buying a mini trampoline for seniors, with safety considerations in mind,  a trampoline with stability bars is the best mini trampoline for seniors. So is there any reason why  you shouldn’t get a mini trampoline for an adult like your grandmother?

Before you make your final decision to buy a mini trampoline for seniors, please checkout some of these health benefits. You should evaluate if they are worth the price of the best mini trampoline rebounder for seniors in the market.


1. Rebounding Improves body balance

Jumping up and down causes the body to react with every rebound. Rebounding is a physically challenging balancing exercise which helps seniors improve their sense of balance as it forces their body to compensate for its location in space.

Jumping is also a coordination exercises for seniors as it helps your body to compensate for its location in space by coordinating many muscles in your body while your’re off the trampoline surface.

Increased stability in walking is one of the trampoline health benefits for seniors as they engage in a daily tasks of rebounding. A balanced stability helps seniors gain an improved sense of security when moving around, improved self esteem and strength. This also gives them a boost of confidence that they’re still in control of their health.

2. Rebounding workouts Improve blood circulation

Those who don’t do senior citizen balance exercises would sometime face challenges due to waste accumulation in the body. This affects mood, hormonal function and insulin and results in stagnancy.

During rebounds, seniors get pushed upward by the trampoline mat with every rebounds. This forces every muscle in the body to compensate for gravity by requesting more energy provided by blood. The end result is new, fresh oxygenated blood that flows into different areas of the body, including parts that would otherwise not get real blood circulation.

As this fresh blood gets in to muscles, soreness and pains subsides almost immediately. As time goes, blood circulation pathways increase in more permanently, helping your body recover from years of stagnation.

3. trampoline Rebounding Improves cardiovascular performance

Is trampolining good exercise for the heart? Is jumping on trampoline a good cardio exercise for seniors? The benefits trampoline exercise routines provide go beyond just having fun.

A mini trampoline exercises for seniors contributes to improve cardiac system functioning. As you take on rebounder senior fitness exercises, you indirectly reduce effects of heart diseases, given that heart related failures is the main cause of death in USA. Rebounding is a low-impact exercise for elderly which helps seniors to increase their heart rates without running.

Mini trampoline cardiovascular exercise for adults helps prevent heart diseases. If you want to improve the cardiovascular health of your grandmother, finding the best mini trampoline for seniors in our review or on amazon.

4. Trampoline rebounder exercises. Lowers blood pressure

Is jogging on a rebounder good exercise to reduce blood pressure? As you grow older into a senior person, your heart becomes weaker, losing strength to keep up blood circulation. This creates high blood pressure.

One of the benefits of rebounding for seniors is that jumping on an exercise trampoline results in increased blood flow which helps break apart stuck-together blood cells due to blood clots and reduce the risk of hardening arteries, thus lowering blood pressure. Rebounding helps separate sticky blood cells from each other, facilitating its passage through veins and decreasing blood pressure.

Since a mini trampoline workout strengthens the heart muscles for most elderly persons, buying best mini trampoline for seniors is a good way to keep them exercising at the comfort of their home, except you want to give your grandmother enough trouble of going to the gym every day.

5. Rebounder workout helps to improve digestion

Your digestive system relies on intestinal muscle movement, to digest nutrients, but muscle strength slowdown with age. This makes it difficult to eliminate waste from the body. Rebounder senior fitness exercising helps regulate intestinal muscle movements, allowing your body to continue to pass waste with little or no difficulty.

Another benefit of mini trampoline exercises for seniors is that rebounding causes a high demand for calories (energy). This helps in engaging the body muscles to absorb more glucose from the blood, thus increasing body sensitivity to energy nutrients like protein and carbohydrates.

6. Elders rebounding Reduces risk of diabetes

Reduced diabetes is one of the many mini trampoline health benefits for older people. High insulin resistance contributes to weight gain and diabetes. A stress free exercising like rebounding on a mini trampoline helps elderly persons to lower blood sugar level and improve the work of insulin in their bodies.

7. Senior jumping on trampoline reduces excess weight

Many doubt if jogging trampoline benefits include weight loss. It may be difficult to see the direct effect, but it is possible to lose weight by taking rebounding exercise. Many users have confirmed that rebounding helps burn those calories quickly than is burnt.

There is a high demand for energy when jumping on a trampoline. The more calories burnt during rebounders’ workout, the more the reduction of stored lipids, in a slow and steady manner. This demand for energy engages your body muscles to absorb more glucose from the blood.

And what is the end result?, You eat well; you exercise well, and more of that food goes into your muscles as calories to be burnt. This eliminates storing excess food as fats & lipid in body muscles, which might cause weight gain and diabetes.

8. Rebounding Reduces stress in senior adults

Stress is a common feeling among most seniors today. A continuous and a gentle rebounding exercising is enough to eliminate stress on body joints and muscles. Just to note, a little stress can enable a senior person to enjoy lasting benefits of mini trampoline exercise without pain or stress.

9. Trampoline exercises Increases stamina and strength

One of the benefits of rebounding is increased strength and stamina in elders. Seniors who keep regular rebounding on a mini trampoline help strengthen their tendons, ligaments, and muscles that support their joints. In addition to these health benefits of rebounding, taking low impact exercises for seniors also helps release pressure on joints.

10. Humping on mini rebounder Stimulates metabolism

It is common to see adults suffer from metabolic disorder as they grow older. Taking a mini trampoline exercise for seniors can improve metabolism in these ways:

11. Mini rebounder exercises Improve digestion: Using an urban rebounder mini trampoline to exercise demands more energy and more calories than running.

12. Rebounding Eliminates waste: Increased blood circulation facilitates transfer of toxin to parts of the body where they are discharged.

13. Seniors rebounding create Mood regulation: Rebounder senior fitness exercising can help regulate your eating mood with the rush of feel-good hormones you get when jumping on trampoline.

14. Regular rebounding Improves lymphatic drainage

Does rebounding really help the lymphatic system? One mini trampoline’s health benefits is efficient stimulation of anti-inflammatory effects in muscles and other parts of your body. It stimulates the one-way valves in your lymphatic system to remove toxins without stressing your joints.

15. Rebounding reduces sciatica

Sciatic nerve pain is body pain that runs from the back, to the hip, to the legs, that makes sleep uncomfortable. When you use a rebounder, it can reduce sciatica by improving muscle tone, serves to increase blood circulation. It also provides rehabilitation for the damaged nerve through resistance exercises like rebounding.

16. Rebounder exercises Creates fun, youthfulness and Independence

One of the most important health benefits of mini trampoline exercise is the lot of fun old people enjoy from it. The playful feeling of floating weightlessly in the air is so challenging and so enjoying. This gives older adult feel a good sense of youthfulness and independence.

For most seniors, jumping on trampoline is like recapturing a bit of their youth. It is the best way to maintain optimum health to maximize good quality of life. This is why most seniors keep coming back to a small trampoline workout after their first try.

17. Overall, trampolining exercises improves Anti Aging

What are the benefits of rebounding exercise for anti aging? Rebounding is one of the best mini trampoline exercises for seniors over 50 years for anti aging. Each bounce rejuvenates every living cell in your body as  you get a feeling of flying under gravity.


elderly person taking a mini trampoline exercise - benefits of rebounding for seniors

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The best rebounder for seniors, with stability bars

To enjoy full mini trampoline benefits of rebounding, as an older adult, you need the best mini trampoline with handles. You must ensure there is a minimum safety before you engage in any rebounding exercises for seniors. But what is the best trampoline for seniors with good safety features? In our review, we recommend you buy the best rebounder with stability bars to ensure safety while you reap the benefits of rebounding for seniors.

One of the important risks for seniors jumping on a trampoline rebounder is the possibility of falling over. It becomes easier to lose control of muscles and balance as adults get older. That is why they need to hold on to something while jumping on the trampoline rebounder.

If you are a busy person, you may not have time to go exercising at gym, get the best rebounder trampoline exercise for home. To make it easier for you to buy the best exercise rebounder trampoline with a stabilizer bar for seniors, we have created a list for you to choose the best rebounder trampoline that suits your needs.



Exercise Fitness Trampoline


mini trampoline workout for seniors - trampoline workout benefitsHealth Benefits of Rebounding For Seniors over 50 Years in Age - Quick Elderly Health Improvement



Exercise Fitness trampoline is a home cardio exercise rebounder with handle, for stabilizing during trampoline workout. It offers a very low impact bounce when seniors jump on it; they suffer less strain on joints. This indoor trampoline with bar has an exercise jumping mat held by wear-resistant and scratch-resistant springs and metal frames for maximum durability and stability.

This foldable mini trampoline is protectively designed such that the rubber cover on the legs helps to reduce noise and also protect your floor from scratching. It also has an adjustable armrest for older adults to keep balance when doing rebounder exercises.

If you want to enjoy home jogging trampoline benefits and you have a problem of Iittle space, this exercise rebounder with handle saves space. It can easily fit a room in a small apartment, office, gym and small garden.

It is a better trampoline with many benefits of rebounding for seniors without missing your favorite TV series.

Maximum 770lbs user weight.


  • Foldable and easily stored
  • Not noisy
  • Durable and Safer
  • Adjustable handle bar
  • Great for both indoors and outdoor rebounder exercises for seniors
  • Perfect for rebounding exercises for seniors at home
  • One of the best the best rebounder trampoline for adults of heavy weight


Customers Experience

  • Users believe this is the best quality rebounder.
  • Great for both kids and older adults above 50,




Mini Sport Fitness Trampoline

benefits of rebounding for seniors - exercises you can do on a mini trampoline - Mini Trampoline Indoor Fitness Trampoline: 40" Recreational Trampoline Foldable Small Exercise Trampoline with Adjustable Handle Anti Skid Super Quiet Rebounder Trampoline for Kid Adults
Mini Trampoline Indoor Fitness Foldable Small Exercise Trampoline with Adjustable Handle ts

Health Benefits of Rebounding For Seniors over 50 Years in Age - Quick Elderly Health Improvement Health Benefits of Rebounding For Seniors over 50 Years in Age - Quick Elderly Health Improvement


Mini sport fitness trampoline is one of the affordable, foldable exercise rebounder with handle for cardio, balance, and weight loss. With its elastic bungee cords and stability bars, one of the benefits of this exercise mini trampoline is that it gives less strain and pains on legs. Jumping on this trampoline rebounder without springs is a good exercise for the elderly with bad knees.

This rebounder with “T” bar an adjustable armrest to keep seniors well balanced during aerobic rebounding exercise. To provide more trampoline health benefits for adults over 50 years, the tubed legs are covered with rubber to minimize noise pollution.

This keep fit mini trampoline, has 40 inch jumping pad surface large enough for fat people. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble in less than 20 minutes. This low-impact rebounder is also foldable to save space at home or office. The oxford mat provides safer jump surface for seniors.


  • You may use this rebounder safely with or without shoes.
  • Foldable and easily stored
  • Durable
  • Armrest is adjustable to fit any height of user


  • overly squeaky, which can be annoying during workouts
  • It is difficult to put together, even with the manual, and requires multiple people

Customers Experience

  • Great for both kids and older adults above 50 of all heights.



David Hall’s Cellerciser Rebounder


rebounder senior fitness - why do mini trampoline exercises for seniors? Check these benefits of rebounding for seniors over 60 yearsHealth Benefits of Rebounding For Seniors over 50 Years in Age - Quick Elderly Health Improvement



David Hall’s Cellerciser rebounder is one of the best exercise rebounder trampoline  for old people over 50 years. If you ever want to enjoy safe walking on  a mini trampoline, buy cellerciser rebounder. It is designed with seniors safety in mind, durability and longevity. It is more effective than ordinary exercise rebounders for adults. This indoor trampoline with bar has a 40inch steel frame and 28inch rebounding mat, small enough for home use.

This folding rebounder has a stability bar that can be set to 3 different heights to suit the adult. It is a suitable mini trampoline with bar for adults of various heights. The Celleciser is rated for users up to 300 pounds. That means you get the best bounce available irrespective of your weight.

When you buy this folding rebounder for seniors, you gain some accessories. The balance bar trampoline kids come with a Carrying Bag, Stabilizing Bar, exercise dvds for seniors and 2 extra springs. These accessories help boost your mini trampoline health benefits.


  • You may use this rebounder safely with or without shoes.
  • Foldable and easily stored
  • Comes with best workout dvd for 50-year-old
  • Durable
  • Armrest is adjustable to 3 height of user


  • Height adjustment is limited to just 3
  • Takes much time to set up
  • Jumping mat surface not large enough

Customers Experience

  • Customers feel an increase of the weight of gravity on every cell of their body every minute of bounce they take. It is enough to say that with a few minutes of Cellerciser mini trampoline workout, you will experience it revitalizing all your cells and internal organs.
  • Many users say its neither hard nor soft its firm and easy on your joints
  • After 4 months, users can do a lot without its stability bar, but still use it occasionally. This depends on your core and your balance



Needak Platinum Soft Bounce Folding Rebounder


mini trampoline with bar for adults - benefits of mini trampoline workout for seniorsHealth Benefits of Rebounding For Seniors over 50 Years in Age - Quick Elderly Health Improvement



Needak Folding Soft-Bounce rebounder is a miniature trampoline that is designed with 36 soft-bounce springs on a 40″ diameter steel frame. This urban rebounder mini trampoline is manufactured entirely in the USA. When you try this trampoline for rebounding exercises for seniors, you’ll notice it provides an incredibly efficient low impact mini trampoline exercises for seniors. This is because the soft bounce spring absorbs as much as 85% of the impact of each bounce.

This Needak rebound fit trampoline comes with an optional stabilizing bar for a safe mini trampoline exercises for beginners, seniors, or people with infirmities. The Needak Stabilizing Bar is designed to adjust to three different levels and easily fits on the Rebounder. It is also durable, for all weather exercises for seniors at home or office.

When you buy this indoor trampoline with bar, there are accessories that help you reap full benefits of rebounding for seniors. You get a carrying bag, a free copy of the book, Jumping For Health by Dr. Morton Walker. Another accessory that comes with this urban rebounder mini trampoline is the Immune System DVD video by Albert Carter and a free copy of Dr. Tina Wellman’s “Aerobic Resistance Rebounding”.


  • Rubber legs reduce noise and floor scratching.
  • Come with a lifetime warranty for frame, 2 years warranty for matt.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and great for all weather exercises for seniors
  • Great for low-impact exercises for elderly


  • quite painful if a senior happens to land on a spring
  • not the bounciest rebounder

Customers Experience

  • The product itself is excellent, but the booklet and the video are of very poor quality.
  • Provides amazing trampoline health benefits for circulation and lymph stimulation.
  • It’s the best exercise rebounder trampoline for disabled seniors. They rebound on it without pains.

How to start rebounding-best exercise videos for seniors

If you are still starting out or you have never done rebounder exercise, watch this video rebounding for beginners. It will give you an idea of what beginner exercises for mini trampoline really are.



What do you need f to start beginner exercises for mini trampoline?
  • You need this great shoes for women jumping on trampolines.
  • You also need to buy a foldable indoor exercise trampoline with a handle that you can use at home, office and outdoor.
  • Based on your health status, check from your health adviser if mini trampoline exercises for seniors is good for you.
  • You may also need this fitness activity tracker with monitors to keep track of your rebounding performance and heart rate.



Wrapping Up

There are a lot of benefits of rebounding for seniors that we may not exhaust a full list of them here. However, according to NASA research, rebounding is a great help to our health when we take it as a serious routine.

In combination with medical treatment, health specialist recommend physical or brain exercises for the elderly. Trampolining exercise is very special as it is a low-impact exercise that creates fun. Even adults on wheelchairs can rebound, so why should you not buy this best mini trampoline for seniors and start rebounding today?

If trampolining is not the best exercise for you or if you are advised to walk only, we recommend you use this treadmill for senior walking.

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