How We Started Getfit Smartly

There is more than one way to stay active and fitness is one.
I remember watching my elderly brother Flex, spend thousands in hospital bills for health issues that only physical activity could help. I discovered he would get out of breath after he makes a flight up the stairs. He was never walking or running enough to meet his aerobic exercise target. When I read around online that improving his fitness was the best way to getting fit fast, I never wanted to delay creating this blog.

I and my friend went to experts in some most popular sports, gym owners, physiotherapists, and they were overly helpful to us. They suggested physical activities that could producce results and keep Flex active.

“Fitness is natural medicine. If you don’t eat and exercise to stay active, you will soon be feeding on medicine to stay alive” _ TASi



The mission for Getfit Smartly 

GetFit Smartly is a fitness blog born out of strong desire you guide friends get fit me for ever. 

We passionately created getfitsmartly to guide a lot of people to get moving when live gets on the way. Get fit SMARTLY aims to uncover every equipment, the important workouts that would make adults and seniors stay active forever.

We have as mission, to not leave any stone unturned. We will guide our audience from home fitness to outdoor fitness, exploiting every experience and experts views as we can

A lot of people do it on their own. The issue is not about starting out an exercise. The problem is in maintaining it untill results show up.

Many american adults are getting out of shape and many are not getting the recommendwd.daily or weekly exercises. A majority don’t even hit their aerobic exercise target. Veryfew of them do strength activities even. WHO has reported the 32% UK men and 40% UK women are the least active.

In fear, many people jump into cutting their diets, stop smoking, quit drinking start exercising for reasons based only on their body appearance (overweights). When the results are visible in few weeks, they lose motivation and get tired. Getting in good shape takes time.

If you are inactive, and a beginner to fitness, our guide will make you Get fit smartly both at home and in the outdoor.

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