3g cardio elite runner treadmill Review

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3G cardio is a fitness equipment company that is reputably known for both good customer service and for making machines with heavy construction and well crafted components.

One of the brands popular product that has stunned many customers is the 3g cardio elite runner treadmill. I have listened and read many home fitness enthusiasts talk about great things and testimonials about it.

All these years, I have walked and exercised on a few brands of treadmill, including just one model of 3g cardio treadmills (3G Cardio Pro Runner). I walked on it just once.

Now, I got curious about the Pro Runner cousin – 3g cardio elite runner treadmill. For that reason, I decided to dig deeper to uncover how 3g cardio elite runner treadmill performs and to find out if it is a good walking and running machine, as users claimed.


3g cardio elite runner treadmill Overview

Is 3g cardio elite runner treadmill good? It is expensive, what benefits does it offer?
3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

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How is 3g cardio elite runner treadmill designed and constructed to perform the way it does? What makes the 3g cardio elite runner treadmill so special for many treadmill users?

We will answer these questions, and also highlight some drawbacks, if any. More importantly, we will also see who the 3g cardio elite runner treadmill is suitable for.

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3g cardio elite runner treadmill Design & Construction

Among the many 3G Cardio Series of treadmills we have seen, the Elite Runner model is heavy-duty constructed, with a powerful electric motor–4.0 HP (horsepower). The performance of the high torque motor is surprisingly noiseless, because you would barely hear sounds as the motor drives the 3-inch rollers.

The steel frames are tougher and durable, and I heard the frame has an unmatched lifetime warranty of 10 years. There is no doubt that the other component has commercial-level quality as well.

The treadmill features a longer and wider running platform of about 22 inches in width by 62 inches length. The running deck has some shock absorbing suspension under, which offers some sort of high-level cushioning for a smooth and pain-free workout.

The heavy-duty 4HP motor, the orthopedic thicker belt, and the durable construction frame all combine to support users’ weight up to 400 lbs. This, so far, is the best treadmill, 400 lb weight capacity, from 3G cardio company.

The 3G cardio Elite runner is designed as a high-speed runners dream machine. The max speed is 12mph, and the maximum incline level is as high as 15%. These parameters are excessively good to simulate uphill walking and running for those who like tougher workouts.

The console of the 3G cardio Elite Runner treadmill is loaded with many control features too. The elevation settings, speed buttons, built-in speakers, tablet/mobile phone holder and the display screen.

The console screen includes display for heart rate tracker, and LCD that tracks steps and distance. The walking machine has a workout display where you can find metrics like calories, speed and so on.

Finally, Elite runner treadmill comes with 3 fitness programs, 8-built-in workout programs, and 2 other custom programs.


Quick 3G ELite Runner Treadmill Review



3g cardio elite runner treadmill Technical Information – Key Specs

Let us look at the technical specifications given by the manufacturer of the Elite runner treadmill.

3g Cardio Elite Runner Specifications3g Cardio Elite Runner values
Moto rating4.0 HP
Max User Weight Capacity400 lbs
Top Treadmill Speed0.5 – 12 mph (miles per hour)
DesignFolding, motorized, Unisex
Treadmill belt (length x width) 62” x 22”
Dimension LWH84”x35.5”x58”
Comforthighly cushioned
Incline range0-15 percent
Build In workout Programs8 plus  2 custom programs
warrantyMotor: lifetime, parts : 10 years
Packaging weight‎186.88 Kilograms


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3g cardio elite runner treadmill Review


Pros – What makes 3g cardio elite runner treadmill a good buy?

Why should you purchase Elite Runner treadmill? What makes people so fascinated about this expensive treadmill?


1. High capacity–400 pounds user weight Limit

The treadmill weight capacity is the measure of how much users weight it can carry without breaking. Elite runner treadmill has an impressive high maximum user weight limit of 400 pounds. This beats those average size 300-lb user weight limit treadmills.

Whether you are skinny, underweight, overweight or obese, Elite runner  400 lb high capacity treadmill can easily accommodate your weight. Users have highly rated this heavyweight treadmill for supporting a wide range of runners’ weight.

Since the Elite Treadmill Machine can accommodate way up to 400 pounds of users weight, it is better for home gym or family use. Some commercial grade treadmills like the Nordictract only support up to 350lb, which is not enough for a 320lb person.

From online testimonies, a 350 lb runner can comfortably use the Elite Runner treadmill, instead of a 300-lbs treadmill. Like Exerpeutic TF1000, Elite Runner is the best treadmill for heavy persons–obese, tall and fat people.



2. Suitable for both walking, jogging, and running

3G Elite treadmill is a runner’s dream cardio machine for walking and running. The equipment comes with a wider range of speed, from 0-12mph. Some quick controls can help you change speed to any value to reach your fitness goals.

It does not matter whether you are exercise a leisure walking pace (2mph) or you want to make fast runs(6mph). The Elite runner treadmill has enough speed you need to achieve your usual fitness goals of 3miles to 10 miles per day.

The heavy-duty 4HP motor is highly suitable for high–speed running, sprinting, and high-intensity interval training exercises. You know, HIIT workout is essential to losing weight on a treadmill.

The powerful motor provided a quick belt acceleration. This helps high intensity interval (HIIT) runners to start from 0 to 12 mph in less than 20 seconds.

This is why Elite runner is the best treadmill for running, offering huge value for your money. if you look around, the quick speed feature is only available in a few commercial-level quality treadmills.


3. Great for a challenging workout

The incline of up to 15% offers unlimited possibility of uphill running, to target more muscle groups in your lower body parts.

Moreover, the high-speed limit and the high incline levels are the best settings for simulating outdoor uphill running and enjoy more endurance training (cardiovascular).

Marathon runners and racers use these settings to help walk or run over 10000 steps in just an hour or less. As an athlete, if you want a sweaty exercise, the Elite Runner treadmill is your best choice.

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4. Maximum Comfort – highly cushioned platform

Everybody, me included, wants to experience a smooth, pain-free ride, stable and quieter walking and running experience.  3G cardio Elite has been designed to take care of it.

The oversized 22″ x 62″ running platform is also well cushioned and made comfortable with commercial grade OrthoFlex Shock suspension system. At the privacy of your home, the shock absorbers under your feed offer the best pain-free running experience.

It does not matter whether you got arthritis, painful hips, back or knee joints, your walking and running exercises on 3G cardio Elite runner is unbeatable. I just wonder how it would feel if you run while wearing those new balance or Adidas running shoes with highly cushioned insoles.


5. Good Size – Large running area for slim and fat people

The average treadmill running deck is about 60×20 inches. But Elite treadmill is 62 inches longer and 22 inches wide. The pretty sizable area can accommodate every runner: skinny, obese, fat guys and heavy people.

3G cardio Elite Runner has an incredibly large treadmill belt or running platform, which is suitable for tall and plus size runners. No matter how tall you are, the machine will accommodate your long strides.

When buying a treadmill, avoiding narrower belts will prevent potential risk of tripping over or mis-stepping on the treadmill.

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6. Elite Runner has Durable construction

The alloy steel frames and the corded electric power sources are built to last longer than usual. The silver-colored frames also reduce rust(corrosion), thus helps to extend the life span of the frame material.

The unmatched lifetime warranty on the motor, steel frame and other parts is a certificate of trust in their machine durability and premium construction. Your 3G cardio Elite treadmill would last so many years without breaking.

As for the platform, the soft orthopedic treadmill belt is designed to be thicker than more durable. The belt material is not as cheap as for those budget treadmills.


7. Many treadmill workout variety

One advantage of buying high-quality treadmills like Elite runners and the NordicTrack series is the variety of built-in programs with numerous pre-programmed courses.

Elite runner comes with up to 8 built-in exercise programs, and two other options to create your own custom workout programs.

Even in bad weather, you benefit from working out on Elite treadmill for the next 2 weeks without repeating programs.


8. 3G Cardio Elite Runner vs 3G Cardio Pro Runner

Another model of 3G Cardio is the Pro Runner treadmill. Although these two models all have good cushioning orthoFlex shock absorbing belt, the Elite treadmill has a slightly longer belt than Pro Runner.  You know, a narrower belt can be a problem if you have a really fat body.

Moreover, the Elite Runner treadmill has a high torque motor with 4HP, powerful more that the 3HP of the Pro Runner. Heavy-duty electric motor treadmill is suitable for weight loss running exercises.

Can you believe this? Elite Runner treadmill has a more user weight limit (400 lbs) and can support really heavier or obese users than pro Runner.

The real downside of Elite runner is its high price tag. The Pro runner is really budget friendlier, and about 1500 dollar cheaper than Elite Runner model.


9. 3G Cardio Elite Runner assembly

One noticeable design of 3G cardio is the larger size and heavy weight. Just this feature would make it slightly difficult to assemble the walking fitness equipment alone.

When 3G Elite Runner has been delivered to your door, you would need at least one person to come around and offer some help.

It is best to move the treadmill in parts and assemble it where you would want to set it up for fitness exercises–be it basement, garage or veranda. If you assemble it somewhere else, it would be heavy to pull or push it around to the workout area.

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10. great Console display with best entertainment

The elite runner treadmill console has elevation setting, one touch speed, heart rate controls and built-in speakers and Audio iPhone/MP3 connections. Trust this model, you will never have to become bored again.

You can enjoy your music during walking or running workouts. ALL you need is to connect your tablet or smartphone to the Elite runner’s treadmill audio speakers and MP3 input. Unfortunately, there isn’t any Bluetooth, big tv screen or Netflix streaming support.


11. Best Value – price and warranty

The sales price, around $3500 on this 3G cardio light commercial treadmill, is pretty high compared to the cost of home treadmills. So, if you are going to order a unit, check and make sure your budget is enough to buy a gym-quality treadmill.

The high quality construction, the premium material in motor and frames, and the unusual lifetime warranty may justify why it’s expensive. 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill is built with commercial quality, with light commercial warranty.

The 3G Cardio offers lifetime coverage on the residential Elite Runner treadmill frame and motor, 10 years parts, 2 years in-home labor. For commercial, the coverage comes includes 5 years for motor and frame, 5 years parts, 1 year in-home labor.

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12. Quiet or smooth operation

3G cardio Elite runner treadmill is one of the best treadmills for a quiet workout. Running on it feels safer, more comfortable and surprisingly quiet. In your apartment, the Elite runner treadmill makes no loud pounding noise, no shuddering, and little vibrating. Your neighbors will give no complain, even if you exercise on the Elite Runner treadmill at bedtime and early mornings.

3g cardio elite runner treadmill Review


Cons–What to consider about 3g cardio elite runner treadmill

3G cardio Elite treadmill is perfect for marathon training, as well as home walkouts. But has downsides.

Not very portable.

3G cardio is really sizeable and you would need to keep a dedicated space in your home for storage. Moreover, the larger size – 84” long frame makes it heavy and not very portable. You can’t easily just move it around, so my best suggestion is that you put it where you don’t need to frequently carry off.


Like Technogym, and peloton treads, this home treadmill is not readily affordable, because it has a hefty price on it. If you got a tight budget plan, go for the budget running machines for at-home treadmill workouts.

No smart connectivity

The 3G Elite runner treadmill actual treadmill functions, motor, frame, but lacks all the bells and whistles we find in some light commercial treadmill.

The Elite Runner Treadmill is really lacking in advanced entertainment options – no internet or web-enabled feature, no Wi-Fi, and no Bluetooth enabled console. It is also not a treadmill with cinematic TV 

Because the Elite treadmill for heavy person has less of is fancy entertainment, they suffer some criticisms. The equipment also alcks large smart tv screen, interactive workout programs, touchscreens, iFit membership and all the smart bells and whistles.

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Who is 3g cardio elite runner treadmill suitable for?

3G cardio elite runner treadmill is the best choice for light commercial fitness gyms and home gym. Its impressive features make it particularly useful for some groups of fitness enthusiasts. Including:

1. They designed 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill for serious runners

3G Cardio is best suited for marathon training, because it has everything for a tough workout. Think of the advantages of high-speed limit, the  higher incline settings, and the higher weight capacity. They are all great for a challenging workout.

2. The 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill is best for Walkers

If you are just a walker, 3G cardio is a good cardio machine that can help you walk your way to a higher fitness levels and achieve perfect shape and health.

The incremental speed of 0.5mph is suitable for training for a 5k walk or even 10,000 steps per day workout. Besides, the commercial OrthoFlex Shock suspension system makes Elite Runner perfect for senior walking and for adults with hips, Back and knee pains.

3. The 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill is suitable for Obese and overweight runners

3G cardio is the number one best treadmill for tall runners, and the best treadmill for heavy persons. Whether you’re a fat guy or a chubby woman, your size and weight do not matter.

3G cardio can accommodate even excessive obese and overweight persons. Not even all commercial treadmills can support up to 400lbs user weight, but 3G elite runners do.

4. The 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill is good for Home and commercial gym owners

3G cardio has everything you need in a commercial machine. The heavy weight construction and the heavy duty machine is enough to hold runners of varying body weights. If you have a large family, make 3G cardio one of the main fitness equipment in your family home gym.

3g cardio elite runner treadmill Review

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What do users actually say about 3g cardio elite runner treadmill?

According to business insider, 3G cardio Elite Runner is the best treadmill for a quiet workout at home. In their review, they confirmed that 3G cardio Elite runner treadmill delivers excellent performance and operates quieter than most other treadmills.

Absolutely, 3G  Elite runner treadmill has a good size deck for tall runners and has received decent reviews. One reddit user further stressed that “the only thing holding us back is the price ($3500…)”

The fear of purchasing those big-ticket fitness equipment is bad customer service. Verified users from Amazon have given a high rating to the 3G cardio customer support. Which means you should feel free to buy your Elite Runner Machine.

As some customers suggest, where there is any problem, leave 3G Cardio a message and you will get a surprise call from one of the company’ technician. According to one user, the technician, may help you do some troubleshooting before shipping you repair parts.

Some users suggest you should plan your delivery very carefully because the unit is very heavy and can’t be installed by one person. 3G would send you an installation person if you purchase the treadmill with expert installation.

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How we feel about 3g cardio elite runner treadmill

3G cardio is a no-flimsy-toy treadmill that will offer your family members many years of great workout experience. No matter your fitness level, 3G Cardio Elite runner treadmill is for both beginners, trainees and profession athletes.

The light commercial treadmill is heavy-duty constructed to endure several hours of workouts, even if you are seriously training for marathons or trail running. It is an ultimate high capacity, extra wide walking and running treadmill for everyone.

The high price is really a problem for those with a teacher’s salary. But ordering this solid commercial treadmill would make a great investment. First, the unit is sturdy, and built to last, second, the sturdy frames and motor support wide range of users weight up to 400lbs.

The silent workout, the high speed, the incline, the powerful electric motor, the high quality build makes it our best treadmill for larger people, and the best recommended treadmill for home gym.


What we suggest if you’re on budget!

If Price scares you away, there can be alternatives from ProForm, Schwinn, Nautilus, and Stairmaster, and NordicTrack. You can pick a good home treadmill from these brands far under $2000.

What you must consider is how you will use the machine (heavy or light use, walking or running), how much effort you are willing to put into the treadmill maintenance and whether you have treadmill service providers around.

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Where to check 3g cardio elite runner treadmill

You can buy your Elite Treadmill directly from the company, or contact them at 3G Cardio website. There are other online stores including Walmart, bestbuy.com and Amazon.

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Wrap Up + FAQs

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