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GetFit Smartly suggest best treadmills for home workouts. Perfect for getting fit and staying active without going out to the gym.





Getfit smartly does not list any fitness equipment for sale, we offer an objective, unbiased assessment of treadmills for customers, and make comprehensive treadmill reviews  to help you make right fitness choices.

With a single purpose to help visitors find a matching treadmill for their personal fitness, we have many treadmill brands, and other related machines to facilitate your search.

Treadmill Categories

How we suggest the best treadmills

Users purchase treadmills for various needs, and have to balance various constraint to pick the right gear. Our best treadmill is based on first, customer satisfaction, reliability, serviceability, conformance, experts perceptions,  durability, safety, fitness needs, health,   budget and various perks.

Popular Treadmill Brands

In this website, you will meet the most popular treadmill brands including the nordictrack, pro-form, lifefitness, sole, sunny & fitness, Exerpeutic, 3G Cardio, and Bowflex. Many if these treadmill brands are getting competitive in making advanced treadmill features.

Many brands favor senior friendly treadmills, others maximizes user entertainment features, and some focus of giving you real road experience of walking and running.

Treadmill Maintenance at home

There are many things that can damage a treadmill if you don’t give it proper care. Lack of  maintenance can cut the average lifespan of your treadmill from 10 years to less than 3 years.

It is not all about treadmill motor maintenance. One of the common problems with treadmills, is the varying speed, slipping belt, no console display, burning small, hearing belt, squeaking sound, and dust accumulation.

How long your treadmill lasts depends on how often you smoke regular repairs and maintainance. Simply cleaning the treadmill can keep debris out of the moving parts and make the machine last longer.

We will show you how to troubleshoot and fix some common treadmill problems. But you can still check on local professionals or people who can care and service your treadmill, or replace broken parts.

How to get fit with treadmill workouts

Treadmill is a versatile cardio fitness equipment that is widely used to getfit  walking or running. You want how to get fet in 1 week? You want how to get fit as a beginner?  To start your treadmill exercises, check these guides.

Treadmill shopping

There are a lot of treadmills for sale in the market and the number is rising every year and new treadmill brands get in. Choosing the right treadmill for your fitness level, needs, and health status is key to seeing incredible results.

With treadmill prices ranging from $200 to over $4000, you might just not now how to pick the best for your budget, which will satisfy your wall or running needs at home.

You can visit a local treadmill dealer or order your piece from online fitness store. There is   wide selection of the best treadmills at at great prices and discounts.  Note that cheap treadmills aren’t cheap at the end.


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  • Top Treadmills for under $600,
  • Best treadmills under $1000,

You aren’t decided yet?

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How to get fit the smart way

You are getting all inspiration and motivation to lose weight, get in good shape, stay active and healthy for ever , right? Most home treadmill users even  workout five times a week, which is great dedication.

Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t stick with the plan for long. They suddenly lose all enthusiasm.  You don’t want to be all on it the first week and then burn out the second week. So how do you get fet the smart way, until you see results?

What is the SMART way then?

It is about your short-term and long-term get fit goals, irrespective of your fitness level.

S: Specific 

M: Measurable.

A: Attainable

R: Realistic

T: Timely


1) Be specific in setting your fitness goal. You want to run or walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes each day? Or you want to make 10k steps daily? Then stick to the gosl until you get results.

2) Set measurable fitness goals. If your treadmill workout is to lose weight, then shedding 4 pounds flesh and getting a slim body in one month is s measurable achievement.

3) Are your fitness goals attenable? You can choose to run your treadmill every 30 minutes you get up from bed, but can you attain that goal? Would your spouse, or kids or neighbors be comfortable having you use a treadmill while they are still on bed? Think of treadmill noise, and other distractions.

4) Be realistic with your fitness workout goals. Don’t set lofty goals because you can’t achieve them. They might just be on paper . Get the right gear if you plan to train for marathon outdoor and indoor. Pick the right trackers, clothing,  running shoes, or right sneakers that help you run comfortably on pavement as well as at home on treadmills.

5) Be timely in setting the goals. Burning calories, fat and losing 4 lbs per month is a timely goal. If 60 minutis how long you want to walk 3 miles on treadmill, that is timely. You would definitely be concerned, asking what you might be doing wrong if in a month you don’t succeed to trim even 1-pound flesh. Giving a timeline or dateline brings in accountability to your fitness workout plan.


What is the best way to get fit quickly?

Do treadmill HIIT workout

Boost your metabolism  to burn more calories

Add yoga and pilates for strength, flexibility and mental health

Have fun when getting fit. Go do some cooking, after stream Netflix movies. Helps you increase treadmill workout time

Do some aerobic exercises like running outdoor, then add cardio from treadmills

Limit alcohol and cravings for unhealthy foods.

Team up for motivation. Get an exercise partner.

Multitask. While doing your normal daily activities, try to increase your movement or step counts.